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October 15, 2018

Interesting Games Being Played in the Middle East

High on the list is Pastor Brunson has been freed from his sentence. But, here is what really happened behind the curtains.

Brunson was arrested for spying, and for organizing and helping the FETO cleric during the 2015 coup in Turkey. Brunson was also charged for helping the terrorist group PKK inside Turkey. The Turkish government has evidence of how Brunson spent his weekends flying from Izmir to Sanliurfa and back on Mondays.

September 20, 2018

If Turkey Can’t be Stopped, the Ottoman Empire Will Wake Up

The following article is a compilation of an essay written by Bumin Kagan and a speech given by Ergun Diler.

Translated by Behcet Kaya

On January 11, 2018, before Turkey’s “Olive Branch Operation” in Afrin, there was a special meeting held in Washington attended by the US, the UK, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and France, but not Turkey. The meeting was organized by the Pentagon.

The American Ambassador to Turkey explained that Turkey was not invited to this meeting and Turkey should not be at this meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to find a solution to peace in the Middle East. Ironically, the Ambassador also revealed that if peace is to be obtained, we should have knocked on the door of Ankara first. Without Turkey the Middle East peace process is impossible. The American Ambassador has been outspoken regarding this meeting which was supposed to be top secret.

There were three subjects discussed at this meeting:
To stop Turkey’s influence in the Middle East
Divide Syria in three segments
To take Russia out of Syria

At this meeting it was discussed that if Ankara invaded Afrin, the result would be that Turkey would encounter heavy casualties. Afrin was a trap, due to the fact that the US, France, the UK and Saudis all contributed to the YPG/PKK in Afrin. There were 450 kilometer tunnels built and American heavy weapons were installed under the bunkers of the mountainous Afrin.

The cement was supplied by France, the tunnel system planned by the UK, and the money come from the Saudis. In the meeting everybody was confident that the Turks would encounter dramatic casualties and TSK, Turkish Arm Forces, would not be effective in Northern Syria because the July 15, 2016 coup had finished off the Turkish Arm Forces.

Turkey was facing a shortage of both generals and fighter pilots due to the fact that a good number of pilots had turned out to be FETO people. They had been arrested and some had escaped to Europe. In any case, it was suggested by the Saudi representative that Russia would side with Turkey and necessitated the training of the YPG in heavy weaponry.

Since there were now special traps in many spots in Afrin, Turkey’s invasion of Afrin would become impossible. Once Turkey’s power was weakened in the Middle East, there must be a plan to take down both the Russian and Iranian troops. At the meeting it was shown that preparation to oppose the Russian and Iranian forces had already started.

That was the calculation at this meeting.

But Turkey surprised not only these allies, but also the world. Within three months of the 2016 coup, Turkey successfully invaded northern Syria in what was known as “Operation Euphrates Shield” and it eliminated ISIS.

When the “Olive Branch Operation” started, Turkey managed to keep 72 fighter jets over the skies of Afrin all on the same day. This sort of operation has never been done in world history.

The result was when Turkey invaded Afrin, on the second day YPG/PKK casualties were more than 300. Russia opened the air space and sided with Turkey. Iranians were under the UK route. But the expectations of these allies did not work out to their wishes.

The most interesting was the French perspective. France had been a rival to the US for a long time in Africa. But they were looking through the same perspective as the US in the Syria crisis. They were in agreement with US.

Until recently, both before and after WWI, Syria was a French colony. This was the most interesting thing, because the saying was. “The enemy of my enemy is my ally.” France knew that Turkey was going to be a major power in the Middle East. After that Turkey would expand its power to Africa. Turkey already had two military bases in Africa and good relations with South Africa. So to stop Turkey’s progress in the Middle East and Africa, it was a good idea to be a partner with US.

Direct conflict between the US and Russia was not desirable, and they discussed that care must be taken not to provoke Russia. This news was revealed in to the news media. Russia/Germany, Turkey/France, Germany/US all had meetings. While each country was trying to make a partnership with the other, each country did not want the other side gain much.

They become partners on some subjects but opposed on other subjects. Because of this, no country could make a partnership that easily. The US/UK partnership has worked well up until now, with the CIA taking half of the world, and MI6 taking the other half. No issues and their meeting ended after two hours. But now this sort of partnership is impossible in the new world order, for example US and UK no longer agree on the Middle East.

For centuries the UK was the power in the Middle East. Now the Pentagon wanted to be the power in the Middle East. That is why the US and UK had to sit down for these talks with other partners, because both the US/UK couldn’t control the other countries.

If the United States of America does not want to be divided into 50 independent states, it must follow the Pentagon’s foreign policy. Likewise the Brits do not want to be squeezed into the Island of Britannia, hence they are seeking a trustworthy partner. Neither Russia, Germany nor France can be as powerful as the US or the UK.

Turkey’s enemy, the Pentagon, came to this meeting with a Rant report. The very first sentence of this report was that Russia, Germany, and France will never gain power like the US and the UK. There were more interesting arguments in the Rant report. The report specially emphasized that if Turkey’s progress is not stopped, it will be as powerful as the US and the UK.

Why? Because the Turks have had 622 years of an empire. It is in their genes. Turks are very resistant to power. Even if they are at their weakest point, they can stand on their feet. Furthermore, they scatter fear to other nations.

If Turkey becomes powerful in the Middle East, it will become powerful in Africa. If Turkey becomes powerful in Africa, it will become powerful in Europe. If Turkey becomes powerful in Europe, it will take serious decisions about America. This undesirable domino effect makes both the US and the UK nervous.

This Rant report was an objective report. The generals who wrote the Rant report were the generals who were strategic partners to Turkey. While Turkey’s strategic partner, the US, tried to knock out Turkey with the July 15, 2016 coup, it failed.

Because of this CIA orchestrated coup which failed, the US reverted to Plan B, so to speak. If the US helps Turkey, it will become a powerful Turkey in the future. And, to deal with a powerful Turkey is not desirable. Instead America has decided to go to war with Turkey. That is, an economic war.

In these reports it was made clear that a powerful Turkey will be big problem for the rest of the world.

I ask those Pentagon decision makers, what is the scenario today? Do you think Washington can control Ankara? In a direct confrontation do you think America can win a war against Turkey?

I don’t think so, all you would do is destroy a lot of cities with your Tomahawk missiles. That is all.

America will never confront Turkey in a war. If you don’t believe me ask those four generals who prepared the Rant report, because they have firsthand experience.

September 19, 2018

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September 12, 2018 
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September 5, 2018

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August 30, 2018

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August 29, 2018

Dialogue is not Possible When Only One Side Comes to the Table with Demands

Let’s take a look at where relations between the US and Turkey currently stand. The Trump policy of bullying towards Turkey has not changed. Actually, Trump is not different from any other American President. Whether Democrat or Republican, foreign policy does not change.

But Trump, not being a career politician, represents American psychology well. Trump behaves in Rambo style, or, better yet, cowboy mentality. ‘Do what I tell you to.’ This is his approach to both friends and foes. It makes no difference to him.

Trump demands that Turkey free Pastor Brunson or face the consequences. The consequences being the doubling of tariffs on Turkish aluminum and steel. This action caused the Turkish Lira to take a downward spiral. In recent weeks the Turkish Lira has lost 40% of its value against the US Dollar.

First, let’s take a look at who Pastor Brunson really is. For the past 23 years he has been living in Izmir, Turkey and speaks fluent Turkish. Few people know that Pastor Brunson was an American retired Special Forces officer and works for the CIA. His activities included the Iraqi war where he masterminded the theft of Saddam’s gold reserves which he brought back to the US. There is Facebook posting relevant to his involvement.

Brunson was also involved with the 2015 failed coup attempt in Turkey. The Turks have voice recordings of Brunson speaking with the FETO group and aiding them in planning the coup. Also they have evidence that Brunson aided the PKK terrorist group.

Despite all this, Vice President Mike Pence give his televised ultimatum to the Turks. “Return Pastor Brunson or face the consequences.” He also thinks that charges against pastor Brunson are bogus and fake. It seems to be only five years ago CIA agent Henry Burke bragged about how he and AKP created fake charges against innocent 247 high military officers including some generals.

Pentagon officials recently traveled to Ankara to meet with their counterparts in an attempt to have a dialogue and try to solve the issues between the two countries. Their demands were the same. They came with the condition that Turks to do what is suitable for American interests.

A dialogue can only be possible if both side do not put conditions on each other and if each side listens to each other’s concerns. But Americans come, they state what they expect Turks to do, and that is the end of the meeting.

America demands that if the Turks buy an S-400 air defense system from Russia, they will put obstacles in the way and prevent Turkey from getting F-35 fighter planes. It must be understood that Turkey, along with nine other countries, is a partner in the consortium which is developing F-35. All the fuselage parts, spare parts, and maintenance of the F-35s are to be done in Turkey. Turkey has paid its portion for developing the Joint Strike Force jets.

Actually, the F-35s are just one of the problems between the US and Turkey. There are other serious issues that threaten Turkish national interests including the US training YPG and PKK terrorists on its southern border. This has created a constant security issue for Turkey.

Let me explain why Turkey will not deviate from acquiring the S-400 missile defense system from Russia. Every country around Turkey has their own air-defense system. Iran have ballistic missiles. In Syria, Russians have their S-400s, besides the fact that Assad has the S-300 systems. Greece has the S-300 systems, as well as Armenia. In Turkey there used to be patriot missiles, but they were withdrawn and now only Spain maintains two batteries of patriots in the southern part of Turkey. Those can only cover a certain portion of the country.

Turkey tried to negotiate with the US to buy patriot missiles, but the US declined to complete the negotiations, resulting in other NATO countries becoming reluctant to cooperate with Turkey. Turkey turned to China and made a deal to buy a Chinese system. The Chinese were willing to produce the system in Turkey, which would have resulted in a technology transfer and many jobs created for the Turkish engineers.

But the US put pressure on Turkey and in the end the Chinese deal did not materialize. Not only that, but Turkey had to convert this deal with the Chinese to other areas of industry. If they had not, Turkish/Chinese relations would have quickly soured.

Now Turkey has made a deal with Russia for their S-400s. It seems American foreign policy makers do not get it. They still demand Turkey, “Do what I tell you or else.” Turks have already made up their minds. Whatever the consequences, Turkey is not obeying America’s demands. Especially now when Germany, France, and England are all trying to make good their relations with Russia.

Turkey have already strengthened its relations with Russia and it’s too late to back out of the S-400 deal. That is what Turkish counterparts told Americans.

I personally don’t think that Pastor Brunson will be released. I also don’t think that Turkey will back out of buying S-400s. As far as F-35s are concerned, Turkey intends to take the matter to the international court. Whether that is effective or not is beside the point. The eyes of the world are on Turkey and Turkey intends to demonstrate the unfairness of America.

Turkey is not going to be a ‘yes man’ anymore. They have already demonstrated this when the US demanded Turkey keep away from Northern Syria. Turkey successfully demonstrated its success in two operations in northern Syria, despite American demands.

The Americans have not accepted the fact that Turkey is looking out for its own national interest regardless of any American demands. Turkey will stay in NATO but it will not do everything NATO demands of it. They call this an uncontrollable NATO member. Whatever the consequences Turkey is prepared.