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August 24, 2018

Strategic Bullying

“All they have to do is release Pastor Brunson and all their problems will disappear,” says Trump’s advisor, Ambassador Bolton. Since Brunson really is not the aim, what does that mean, exactly? If Turkey were to give up Brunson, there would be other excuses America would come up with. All of these excuses have one design – to redraw the map of the Middle East.

America has just declared economic war against Turkey after six decades as strategic allies. Turkey is a NATO member as has the second strongest army in NATO. This kind of bullying by America has put all other nations on alert. Italian high level officials voiced their opinion that if this could happen to Turkey, they could be next. German Chancellor Markel voiced her opinion against Trump’s behavior declaring it to be economic war on the world. French President Macron has sided with Turkey as well. These are NATO members. In addition, Russia, China and Iran and several Arab nations have also sided with Turkey.

At this point, it needs to be explained why Brunson was arrested. Pastor Brunson has been living in Turkey for 23 years and he was caught aiding the PKK and FETO group who instigated the failed July 2015 coup in Turkey. Pastor Brunson is really a special forces officer and worked in Iraq. His name is mixed with the stolen gold reserves of Saddam. What, you say??? How can this be??? Yes. This is fact. The Turks have Pastor Brunson’s taped voice conversations aiding the PKK and FETO groups. But Americans say this is just a phony charge. It seemed to me that not too long ago CIA Agent Henry Burke was bragging about how they created phony charges against 247 high level military officials in Turkey.

It was not just the FETO group, but CIA was also behind the failed coup. Pastor Brunson is a CIA agent. Again, a true fact. The people behind him include the evangelical groups in the US who are also behind moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem. The evangelical groups have been working for the Greater Middle East Project along with their Jewish allies in both the US and Israel since the 1980s. They were the ones who succeeded in getting Congress to vote to move the Embassy to Jerusalem back in 1990s.

Despite all this, Turkish intellectuals have known all along this was the big game play. When America invaded Iraq, its excuse was that Saddam had WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). We now know that was a lie and the Turkish President was against the invasion. I won’t go back over the discussion of the Turkish government not allowing American troops to pass through Turkey during the second US invasion of Iraq, as I have discussed it several times in the past. The point to remember is that the aim of the US was not just Iraq, but eventually it was Turkey.

As a NATO ally, when Libya was invaded, Turkey was against it. What happened next was the democratically elected government in Egypt was taken down. After that, the civil war in Ukraine started. Finally the Syrian conflict started.

Don’t forget, America created ISIS, YPG, YPD, and the PKK in the 1980s, all of which were used against Turkey. It did not matter how many democratic elections Erdogan has won, the US still calls him a dictator. Here I see the similarities between Erdogan and Saddam. Both men were brought to power by the US.

Now, I am not particularly a fan of Erdogan because of his corrupt government, but he won the elections fairly. Yet, America still calls Erdogan a dictator. The purpose of the US is to find a moral excuse to interfere. America has tried many, many tactics on Turkey, including supporting and training Turkey’s enemies on its southern border. But all have come to nothing.

There was one occasion when the Turks did not see what was coming and that was the decision made by NATO in Istanbul in 1976 to divide Yugoslavia. But the goal of drawing a new Middle Eastern map is not new. The Imperialists have been planning this for a very long time. In fact, they started in the 1820s. In 1820 Americans sent numerous missionaries to Turkey. In 1863 Robert College was built by American missionaries. It has since changed its name to the Bosporus University. No matter. The real purpose was to educate Armenians to uprise against the Ottoman Empire. In 1920 the 622 year old Ottoman Empire came to an end. Then came a man named MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK and formed modern day Turkey.

So what happens now? America has tried every tactic there is and all have been fruitless. I say this because America has tried everything in its power. Everything has failed. The last strategy seems to be economic war. In the years 2019 and 2020 there will be more hurdles put on Turkey. If the Turks continue to succeed in the next two years, she will be a free from American power and will be major power player in the Middle East.

The next century will be a very different one. The US knows this. Whichever side Turkey stays on, that will be the winning side and the beginning of the end of American hegemony.

There is another movement going on within this economic war. Turkey is no longer borrowing money from the IMF and World Bank (both managed and operated by US and G8 countries). In addition, countries such as Turkey and Brazil have been able to pay off their debts to the IMF.

This is not a welcomed fact by either the IMF or the World Bank, both of which are the new faces of old colonialism. Both entities do not want countries to stop borrowing money. They prefer countries to owe money, which is a form of control. In 2013 Turkey paid all its IMF debts and this is one of many reason America does not like Turkey’s behavior. And the US has not yet gotten used to the new independent Turkish policies.

A new movement is going on between several countries including Russia, China, Iran and Turkey. They are trying to do business using local currency instead of the American dollar. Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa are trying to form their own IMF and Turkey was invited as well. This meeting took place in South Africa and Erdogan was invited to observe.

Recent American mistakes are turning the world against the US. It is not just Turkey. America is also having issues with both of its neighbors, Canada and Mexico. Trump seems to be getting too greedy and this is the worst time to make the rest of the world America’s enemy. He is desperate to win the mid-term elections. In his mind, obtaining the release and freedom of Pastor Brunson will win him the evangelical votes in US.

Already the polls are indicating that the Dems are leading in winning back the house. If Dems do win back both houses, Trumps real problems will only be beginning. Either way, Trump’s economic war with the rest of the world will continue.

Unfortunately, he’s dug his own grave. And, it is a shame. He’s had great successes in growing the economy, tax relief, and repealing Obama’s restrictions on business. He should have waited until after the mid-terms to wage economic war on the world.

The month of November will decide if Trump is to continue succeeding or if he will meet his demise.