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July 14, 2019

The S-400 Dilemma

The following article is translated from a U-Tube speech by Ergun Diler and translated by Behcet Kaya

Yesterday, July 12, 2019, was the day Russian Cargo planes landed at Murted Airfield in Ankara. They brought the first load of S-400 Russian missiles which Turkey had purchased.

July 12, 2019 also is the day that America declared Turkey its enemy.

In order to understand today’s affairs (it’s helpful to remember) the statement uttered by President George W. Bush while he was in the White House:

“You are either with us or you are on our enemy’s side. There is no middle.”

This was his message to the world. This statement (was also) declared today by the US Deep State.

In order to understand tensions between the US and Turkey over the S-400 missile system, we have to go back to September 11, 2001. We don’t want to get into the details of who, why, or what happened to the Twin Towers. Passenger planes crashed into the towers and destroyed America’s financial center along with 3000 people killed. What happened next was the US declared war on Iraq and Afghanistan and occupied those countries.

The danger on September 11, 2001 was the same as the danger on July 12, 2019. S-400 danger.

Why did the US take the war far away from America? It wanted to stop China and Iran. The US did not want Iran to sell China as much oil as it needed. It wanted Iran to sell oil in the amount the US wanted to sell China.

Also the US put its armed forces in between China and Iran. Did you ever wonder why the US has stayed in Afghanistan for the last 19 years? Not only did the US get in between China and Iran, but US forces actually occupied the very mining resources in Afghanistan to separate China and Iran.

The US also invaded Iraq. It wanted to control the oil flow through the Persian Gulf. America was disturbed by China’s expanding power and it wanted to limit the oil flow to China (rather than) what China needed.

Now, in order to understand America’s displeasure about S-400s in Turkey, Eurasia, and China, we have to go back to the President Bush’s quote, “You are either with us or you are on our enemy’s side.” This quote was clearly and distinctly spelled out by the Pentagon on July 12, 2019 to the world.

What happened next? The Deep State brought to power a black president. Barack Obama took the flag of the US to higher elevations, whereas Bush left it in the quote, “You are either with us or on our enemy’s side.” The US started to implement economic sanctions to those countries, which it sees as not being in its orbit, including Turkey.

In 2016 Trump came to power by the US public’s choosing and the wave of economic sanctions continued. But the Deep State knew that Trump would not continue the Bush and Obama sanctions. Trump was surfing a different path than the Deep State had planned for.

The Deep State with the Congress passed the CATZA law, but Trump and his son-in-law Kushner did not favor the sanction law. Enter Mueller, who came on the scene to investigate Trump’s Russia collision. Trump’s White House started to shake. The Deep State started to investigate Trump’s tax returns. Trump appointees were fired and his trusted people were accused of treason, such as General Flynn. In other words a cloud of fear accumulated over Trump’s White House. Because of this President Trump signed the CATZA bill into law.

It was clear that Trump and Erdogan were getting along just fine and also Kushner, but the Deep State was against a Trump/Erdogan alliance. Then came the Pastor Brunson crisis and the Interior Secretary of Turkey and the CEO of Halk bank in Turkey were not allowed to enter the US and their money in the US was frozen. Steel and aluminum tariffs were put on Turkey just like the tariffs implemented on China.
During 2017 when Trump was black mailed by the Deep State to sign the CATZA bill, the billionaires in Turkey started to take their monies out of Turkey.

What happened next? The Republic of Turkey decided firmly to buy the Russian S-400 missile system to counter American injustice and also to give a clear message to the US that Turkey clearly chose to be on the Eurasia side.

How did America see this? Since 2016 the Deep State has officially declared President Bush’s famous quote, “You are either with us or against us.” That was the purpose of this speech and the US clearly sees Turkey an enemy.

The Deep State intends to bring Turkey’s economy down to African standards. That is the reason the so called ‘Arab Spring’ was started by the CIA and Mossad as well as the civil war in Syria. (All of this was) to get the Eastern Mediterranean oil and gas riches.

There is another major issue here. The US along with its allies, Israel and the Arab States, decided to exclude Turkey from the Eastern Mediterranean oil and natural gas fields. Turkey has a major coastline and continental seashore rights, but the US supports Greece and Southern Cyprus and will not allow Turkey to benefit from the oil and gas riches of the Eastern Mediterranean fields.

The US and NATO know that with Turkey having the S-400 missile system it will not be able to fly war planes over the Eastern Mediterranean to protect the oil drilling ships.

Therefore, Turkey with its missiles will defend the area securely.

Ask yourselves this question – why is the US supporting YPG in Syria? It is for this reason and despite the fact that Trump (made the) decision to pull the troops from Syria does not mean anything.

The US, along with its allies, Southern Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Italy are all preparing to share the oil fields of the Eastern Mediterranean.
The UK also has two military bases in Cyprus and the French have one. They too want to share in the oil fields there. But the UK has (past) experience with Turks in the previous century with Gelibolu. So, for them having the US is for their advantage and (they do) not want to be excluded. Just about every nation wants a piece of the pie and they want to exclude Turkey.

Having blackmailed Trump into signing the CATZA bill, excluding Turkey, Arab Spring and all are the US plan.

But Turkey is not sitting and collecting apples and pears. Turkey is prepared to take its place in the next century and that is not on the side of US. The Turks seem to have (experienced) this scenario before in WWI and will do it again. That is why the Turkish nation will become one voice and overcome this. Because the Republic of Turkey saw what is coming it purchased the world most advanced system along with developing its own missile system.