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May 13, 2020

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April 19, 2020


An Article by Ibrahim Karagul Translated by Behcet Kaya

The current situation in the U.S. is fearsome. In 24 hours there were 4,931 deaths. Armed bandits roaming the roads. This may lead to world war. What happened to the U.S. and Europe who declared themselves God of the world?

Erdogan said, “Those who have climbed high they have to come down. Those who were shiny must become rusty.”

Are the CIA, IMF, and the World Bank involved in Corona virus? Where do we fit Bill Gates into this equation? We have to ask ourselves does war against Corona virus lead to WWIII? Do nations start wars against each other? Do some countries start civil wars? Will this virus pandemic leave the world in a much worse scenario than famine? Can the virus bring much worse fatalities worldwide?

Let us look at the pandemic with careful calmness! This pandemic has poked a pin in those countries with inflated egos and brought down the prestige of some countries; even revealing their helplessness and weaknesses. It has opened their covering domes and brought out the naked truths. These countries are not that advanced or powerful and under their wealth and ego they have become powerless. Besides not being able to manage a pandemic, these countries are incapable of many things. All of which point to the signs of their false image and the false impressions they have given to the world.

The virus manifested in China but has overwhelmed the U.S. This helplessness among the so called advanced countries first came to the U.S., despite the U.S. being the most powerful empire in the world. Technology, finance, advanced weapons, and economy are America’s assets, but it was powerless against the invisible enemy; unable to get a hold of the virus crisis, unable to stop the its spread, and could not protect its citizens.

Again I repeat, the virus first came from China and spread to the world but hit the U.S. most severely. New York become the heart of the Coved-19 epidemic. Over 37,000 are now dead in the U.S.; the highest loss of life in the world and social resistance against the virus has become useless. In front of the world’s eye people are left to their faith to die. Each day different catastrophic news in the U.S. hits world stage.

I want to share a news story from yesterday. In Michigan people armed themselves and gathered to demonstrate in front of the capital building in protest of the Democratic governor’s prohibition the go out. Their slogan was, “The economy is killing people more than the virus.” This is an indication of the beginning of an overall divide between Americans and the bells sounding the level of danger regarding the security of the public.

It is not just the pandemic killing people. The virus is putting pressure on the states and their ability to manage security and the rule of law. Those countries who want to rule the world (new world order) are shown incapable of ruling their own nations. Because of not being able to manage the pandemic, the U.S. is experiencing a sharp divide among citizens. In addition U.S. is clashing with China.

All of this is to hide the danger and gaff that is on the horizon (wag the dog), and to find a scapegoat. What happened to the U.S. and the EU who declared themselves the GOD of the world? The magic spells of UK, France, Italy and Spain have come to an end. The wealthy, powerful, and role model nations are no longer wealthy, powerful and role models of the world. These nations despite power, wealth, and knowledge are unable to demonstrate their abilities against the pandemic.

The less powerful, less wealthy, and poverty stricken nations have managed the pandemic much better than the rich nations. Okay. Aren’t people going to question the abilities of these rich and powerful nations? Won’t the world question these nations? What happened to the powerful U.S. and EU? For centuries the EU and the U.S. have colonized poor nations and developed economic and political systems which they shoved down the throats of these less developed nations. Now they are intolerant of the questioning of their unlawful, unfair policies dictating the world.

What happened to the U.S. and EU who declared themselves the GOD of the world? Turkey has become a world power. Why did Erdogan declare those who rise must come down and those who were shiny they now must become rusty? What will happen to those nations like the U.S. and EU after the pandemic? What will the U.S. and the EU give to the world and humanity? Which examples of the U.S and the EU role models will they give to the world? What skills will they provide to the world to become the leader of the free world? Is that possible now? I don’t think so!

For centuries the U.S. and the EU dragged the world behind them and guided the world to their liking. That has come to an end. Asian nations and Turkey are successfully overcoming the pandemic. In western media they are discussing Turkey’s abilities and recognizing its new power and considering it a world actor. The super powers are not just changing to different places and hands (nations) with wars, but with a pandemic that has the ability to change the nations and the world and its super powers.

This pandemic has sped up an already changing world; that is what is happening. President Erdogan, during his speech to his administration team regarding the pandemic, said, “Those nations who were down will rise again, those who were rusty will shine again.” This is Turkey’s current situation, she is rising and the worlds situation is changing.

The clashes have commenced between so called powerful nations and less powerful nations. The helpless U.S. and EU blame China spreading the virus. The West is being tested. For centuries the EU and U.S.’s colonial policies were tested, and now the U.S. and the EU’s new colonial plans for the 21st century world are being radically tested. If this speed continues they will declare end of history for the West (U.S. and EU) The U.S. and the EU are blaming here and there to push their inabilities and helplessness under the rug. The U.S. and the EU are showing their anger to the world and blaming international organizations and declaring their righteousness; shaming the World Health Organization and its clashes with China.

The U.S., UK, and Israel blame China for the virus which was not manifested naturally but rather made in the Wuhan lab and spread to the public. (Source of information is Israel’s Mossad.) This is an indication of China’s accountability for the spread of the virus and a greater danger of war seems on the horizon. But China claims the virus was brought to China by U.S. soldiers when they attended military competitions near Wuhan, China.

This leads to the talk about Bill Gates and where does he fit in. Was Corona virus unleashed to destroy the world economy? For what purpose? China says during October 18-27, 2019 that 300 American soldiers attended a military competition along with 100 other countries in Wuhan, China. China claims the American soldiers brought the virus to China and that after two weeks the corona virus was discovered. That is how the virus spread.

Some countries claim that the U.S. soldiers who went to Wuhan were somehow connected to a biological laboratory in Maryland. Some circles declare that under the sponsorship of the Bill Gates Foundation and the World Economic Organization that the employees of the CIA, IMF, World Banks, and some pharmaceutical company members attended a simulation exercise and two weeks later Wuhan virus spread.

The U.S. and the EU are covering their incompetency with political claims threatening to take military action. If this action is taken there will be no return. These are the claims and speculations, but the U.S. and China are speeding of the blame game. Finger pointing is going to fiercely escalate. Each nation will escalate its claims as nations try to blame the virus on other countries.

The U.S. and EU will try to find a scapegoat for their incompetence and helplessness. Law suits will be filed in the international courts, economic embargoes will take place, and trade fights will be enforced. Political blame and military threats will begin between countries. But the U.S. and the EU’s old credibility, colonial power, and trustworthiness will never come back. The role model, leadership and leading by example duties of the U.S. and EU will eradicate. The pandemic has sunk Western civilization deep into the earth’s crust. The legend of Western civilization is coming to an end and the world is in a breaking point.

The pandemic has brought down the centuries old prestige, unmitigated, magnificence, and power of Western civilization. It matters not who they blame or that they start military actions against other nations. Their planned accounts belonging to the 21st century have become zero. The virus pandemic opens bigger debates and the word that the world will never be same is becoming a reality.

The new superpowers will speedily strengthen and rise. Turkey is one of these powers. The splendor and magnificence of Western civilization and power is no longer. Whoever disagrees with these current affairs, it is happening in front of our eyes. While I was writing this article the death news from U.S. reached over 4931 in one day and 37,000 was the death toll. This will lead to WWIII.

January 4, 2020

Body in the Woods: A Jack Ludefance Novel

By: Behcet Kaya
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Publication Date: September 2019
ISBN: 978-1694592125
Reviewed by: Lynette Latzko
Review Date: December 20, 2019
Behcet Kaya, author of Treacherous Estate, returns once again with another thrilling installment in the PI Jack Ludefance series with his latest, Body in the Woods.
Body in the Woods has a tense, atmospheric beginning that starts with a body. The body is that of Heinrich Hines, discovered by a woman on her daily trail ride with her horse in the woods of Southern California. Readers quickly discover that Mr. Hines was an extremely intelligent, and often abrasive, scientist who had access to a complex, powerful formula that once placed on the body of an aircraft, made it completely undetectable to radar or satellites. He was in the process of what he referred to as “a deal of a lifetime” with one of five countries, and their government heads, in attempts to sell the formula to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for Heinrich, he was unable to complete his mission, and worse yet, investigators only had one possible flimsy lead into the identity of his killer. His business partner, Vance McGruder, was overheard arguing with, and threatening to kill Heinrich a few days before his body was discovered in the woods, and was now the prime suspect. But did McGruder try to foil Heinrich’s plans by murdering him, or was there someone else involved? 
To hopefully not only discover the identity of the murderer, but more importantly to clear his name, wealthy businessman Vance McGruder hires Private Investigator and friend, Jack Ludefance. Without a moment of hesitation, Ludefance flies out from his home in Florida to Los Angeles where McGruder resides, and starts what becomes a tricky and difficult investigation involving political maneuverings from several countries all vying for the chance of getting their hands on the invisibility technology. 
Although Body in the Woods is the second time PI Ludefance stars in a gripping thriller, readers will be able to quickly delve into, devour and enjoy every aspect of this story without any confusion about the events in his past novels. This is because author Kaya’s writing and character development is just as strong in this book as in his first installment. Readers easily become attached to the “realness” of this private investigator and not only become engrossed in the storyline, but will quickly want to root for him to ultimately discover who’s the real killer behind the Hines murder. There are also other characters throughout this story that help to enhance the overall reading enjoyment, including Rudy, the malodorous computer hacker hired by Jack who’s quite adept at pulling data out of Hines’ computer and other pertinent information, and Mariana, the lovely housekeeper at Heinrich’s home who has a shocking secret of her own to reveal as the story progresses. Body in the Woods should not be missed. Even the most seasoned fan of the thriller genre will be shocked at the intricate and twisty ending. 
Quill says: Body in the Woods is an exciting, fast-paced read for mystery/thriller readers and PI Ludefance fans alike that will capture your attention, and hold it tight until the surprising conclusion.
For more information on Body in the Woods: A Jack Ludefance Novel, please visit the website:

November 27, 2019

Pressure on Turkey/President Trump

Translated by Behcet Kaya from a YouTube video by Ergun Diler

Today I want discuss the Deep State in the U.S. We want to see what is going on with the Deep State and what concerns us. Although no one writes about it, Turkey comes first in the Deep State agendas. Those who follow me know what is going on.

I wrote many times about the weapon lobbies, religious lobbies, and those certain families and their belief systems who are behind the Pentagon. I have written about those who circle the White House and especially the president.

And I have written about how often these groups collide. Now the tension between these groups is much higher than before. The tension has grown increasingly higher since the visit of President Erdogan.

Nobody knows that within the Deep State the turbulence is catastrophic. I will explain how big these turbulences are and I will name names so that is clear to those who should be listening and taking notice.

The Deep State i.e. the Pentagon. Behind the Pentagon the weapon developers are totally angered and enraged. Their rage is due to the uncontrollable Trump. That is why we see Trump’s problems with the Russia investigation and the fake whistle blower coming forward for the impeachment of the Trump. Trump does what is best for America and the Deep State can’t control him.

All the fights between Trump and media and the liberals is really the war between Trump and the Deep State supporters. They are the weapons lobby and the money lobby (the money lobby is the owners of the Federal Reserve). And now a third lobby has come into the picture. This makes the turbulence at the breaking point. All are pressuring Trump.

Okay- the question is what will happen now?

The trusted politician of the Deep State, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell was given a duty. McConnell went to the White House to have talk with Trump. Although it was not said openly, McConnell was threatening President Trump. The interesting thing about the threat? Turkey was the center of this threat.

McConnell’s directive to Trump was that whatever we (the Deep State) put on the table you (President Trump) are to enforce it. Do what we tell you to do especially with the Kurds and Turkey. Openly he told Trump not to make any decisions that would give Turkey more power in Syria or take actions that would empower the Kurds.

The letter he sent to President Erdogan was what we wanted, but the letter was returned to Trump during the Erdogan/Trump meeting.

Under normal circumstances, a senator to threaten a president is unheard of, but the weapons lobby knowingly sent their politician, without hesitation, to convey the message to Trump. Two days after McConnell threatened Trump, McConnell sent an ambassador to convey to Trump the following:

“It is important to undermine the close cooperation between Turkey and Russia. In other words this partnership has to be dismantled and you will take action to exclude Turkey in Syria and then make it so that Turkey needs the Pentagon.”

Trump is a most unusual president and is better for America. He struggles to make a balance between the Deep State and the White House, but he is unable to please each side. The ambitions of the weapon developers lobby doesn’t stop. The more chaos in the world the better for them. The Deep State has made many attempts to convey the message. Does President Trump not understand the message?

That is the question.

But in Washington everyone’s opinion is that Trump’s future depends on McConnell. Trump knows that he won’t get what he wants from the senate. In other words, the Deep State will green light Trump for the 2020 election if Trump acts upon the wishes of the Pentagon. It is as simple as that.

Otherwise there will be a major campaign against Trump’s impeachment and as the campaign starts it will turn into a war. Why does the Pentagon want Turkey? What is the answer to this question?

McConnell explained that after WWII we did not do much, but the war made the U.S. a super power. After Kennedy’s killing we continued this method to keep America’s hegemony. In the 21st century this system has to change, but it must change the way we want it to change. That is why the center of this circle is Turkey and includes twenty other countries that are crucial for us. The future of the 21st century system starts here.

After McConnell’s explanation, the businessmen in Turkey started to move their dollars out of Turkey. This was expected but the speed of this money movement surprised even McConnell.
Turkey took steps to encounter this dollar movement but it was not sufficient.

Now the Deep State wants Turkey not to pursue its drilling rights in the Eastern Mediterranean. Now this is totally insane but that is what the Deep State’s problem is. Ten thousand miles away America wants to come to the Eastern Mediterranean and push Turkey out of its continental rights drilling wealth.

And they have planned every obstacle against Turkey to push Turkey out of its continental seashore and from the wealth of the Mediterranean. And they are openly saying to put more pressure on Turkey if need be.

While there was already tension between Washington and Ankara, it is worsening. The Senate has applied sanctions against Turkey. The Deep State is busy taking the pressure further to exclude Turkey from the wealth of the Eastern Mediterranean. Although the EU doesn’t want to be with U.S., they want to convey a similar message to Turkey.

That is why Turkey has put emphasis on national defense and an independent Turkey. The EU’s decision to put similar pressures on Turkey encourages the U.S. And they are planning to corner Turkey in March 2020. This date surfaces in the famous lobbies of Washington.

Turkey trusts Trump and there are plenty of valid reasons for this. Trump and Erdogan’s friendship is obvious. But the most powerful leader of the free world is unable to make a decision. He is able to stop wrong foreign policy decisions but he can’t make one for the future. Trump explained to Erdogan and although he agrees with him, the decision cannot be made. The Deep State continues to put obstacles in front of the decisions.

Let’s get back to the powerful Deep State figures and the hearsay in the lobbies of Washington. In six months what will happen in the Eastern Mediterranean oil fields? Where the EU stays is how Turkey reacts. These are the talking points of the lobbies.

America can’t just tell Turkey what to do and force its power like it does with the Arab States. It has to either talk to the Turkish leaders, be reasonable, and conduct give and take, or else. The old days of rude demeanor are gone. Or may the third world war commence.

That is the kind of threat Trump gets from the Deep State America and we will see what happens.