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October 2, 2021

State of the Current Turkish/U.S. Strategic Relationship-an opinion by Behcet Kaya

Last June at the NATO summit President Erdogan and President Biden met. Biden wanted Turkey to run in and protect Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul. Turkey would have accepted that with the conditions that it had put forward, but it has not come to fruition.

The reason? The U.S. wanted to pull Turkey into an Afghan quagmire.

How? The U.S made a deal with the Taliban securing an 80-thousand strong Taliban army and an Afghan National Army with about 300-thousand. The U.S. plan was to leave Afghanistan knowing that the Taliban and Afghan armies would clash leaving the Turkish armed forces in the middle while protecting Hamid Karzai airport.

Turkey is currently in Syria and Afghanistan would be another front for them to protect. Great plan by the U.S.

The purpose? To weaken Turkey so that in the 2023 elections, with the support of opposition party, Erdogan would be gone.

The result? Turkey would be managed the way it was before.

By the way, the U.S. used the same plan to pull Turkey into the middle of the Syrian civil war.

But the plan did not work this time. At least not the way the U.S. expected. The Taliban has very quickly taken over and now controls all of Afghanistan.

The U.S. pulling out of Afghanistan was a sham and an embarrassment. Not only that, but to the NATO allies, the U.S. created and left a mess and is shamed in the eyes of the world.

I expect that the U.S. and Turkey will eventually clash; the war between the two countries is inevitable. In fact is already happening. The U.S., with no right to do so, invaded Syria and now controls the most profitable section of the country with its terror group PKK/YPG. The oil extracted from the Syrian land helps pay for the weapons the U.S. supplies to the PKK/YPG.

The U.S. is getting ready. They will attack Turkey from the Syrian northern front. In northern Greece in the port city of DEDE AGAC, which is 40 kilometers from Turkey’s western border, the U.S. has accumulated 500 tanks, Apache helicopters, and many armored vehicles. Their carriers with naval air power are pretending to cover against the Russian front, but it is all a ruse to get ready for combat with the Turks.

Furthermore with all this activity the U.S. is going against the Lozan Agreement which states that the twelve islands in the Aegean Sea are supposed to be arms free. They are now heavily armed by Greeks and the U.S. wants to have military bases on them. These islands are just off shore off the coast of Turkey.

The U.S. already has a base on the island of Crete. Its carriers patrol the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It supplies weapons to Southern Cyprus. In other words, the U.S has surrounded Turkey.

To me, this clearly indicates preparation to attack. That is why the U.S. does not want to sell an air defense system to Turkey, nor does it want Turkey to buy from other sources, i.e. S-400 system.

What does US want? It wants Turkey to pull back from Libya, from Syria, and to stop air strikes in northern Iraq with the intention of destroying the PKK arms buildup. It wants Turkey not to protect its offshores.

It wants Turkey to stop developing its defense arms and be dependent on the U.S. It wants Turkey to stop its close cooperate with Russia.

Turkey is supposed to be a partner to the U.S. and a NATO ally. But let’s look at the realities. Russia built a nuclear power plant in Turkey. Russia built steel factories in Turkey. The reality is Turkey as a border with Russia.

As an ally, what has the U.S. done for Turkey? It sank a Turkish military ship and apologized. In a Rambo-style attack it humiliated Turkish Special Forces. It formally recognized the Armenian genocide tall tale. Any time the Turks want to buy something from the U.S., the powerful Armenian and Greek senators and congressmen in D.C. stand up against it.

In reality what kind of strategic partner is this? The U.S. is the enemy of 85 million Turks!

It wants Turkey to behave!

But that is not happening. That is why the Pentagon generals and Biden are gesticulating furiously with nostrils flaring, veins throbbing at their temples, and their neck veins swelling dangerously.

The American media is now lashing out at Erdogan and has started publishing lies that Turkey is no longer a democracy and that some of its politicians have formed a front called, “Turkish Democracy” to weaken and overthrow Erdogan. The U.S. puppets inside Turkey already are singing the song the U.S. has put forward. Like all opposition parties that the U.S. supports, they are already criticizing Erdogan’s expansionist policies.

So, there you have it. Combat between Turkey and the U.S. is inevitable.

We shall see how this game plays out in the near future.



September 23, 2021

21st Century

Have you ever wondered why Trump once remarked, “In three years there will be no America?”

He did not mean that America will be divided into states. It may, but what Trump was implying was there will be no America as it used to be.

That is why when he was campaigning he patented the slogan - “Make America Great Again.” His meaning was that we don’t want to have 800 bases all around the world. We want to bring our people home and concentrate on America.

What Trump was also implying was that the hegemonic America, created in after the WWII, is no longer sustainable. America in the 20th century become all powerful. After WWII, there was the Soviet Union and the US. But since the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1989, the world became uni-polar with the US firmly at the helm.

The strength of the US was its money. The U.S. dollar was the stable currency and every nation in the world had to trade with the dollar. That includes energy bought and sold with US$, weapons traded with US$ and also medicines traded with US$.

But now the tide is turning. A few nations are trading without US$ in energy, weapons, and medicine.

The problem is the globalists are changing this system. Under the globalist wings are the democrats. The republicans, supported by evangelicals who are against this system, want to carry on the system the way it is. The globalists are determined to bring digital money into use. They intend to change the 20th century system into the 21st century system which will be using digital money at first and later on crypto Bitcoin money.

Hence there is no use for the U.S. dollar and the U.S. can’t print money without its equivalent gold.

Who are the Globalists?

They are the group who wants to bring in the New World Order, reamed the Great Reset. It means they will govern the world with their system.

The cracks in the system are showing. The old policies of the U.S. are failing. For example, the U.S. along with Israel wants to recover the Promised Land of Israel. That is why they are destroying Syria and Iraq. The displaced people, have created terror groups like Daesh in order to make the second Israel under the name of Kurdistan in northern Syria.

What the Globalists are saying is why do you want to have a promised land? We will rule the world anyway. We want your children, not the land. And they are slowly doing just that. With Covid-19 the globalists are surely changing the world. They are changing the way we think, do business, and they are influencing the minds of our youth.

Reiterating Trump’s comment that there will be no America in three years. With the power of the U.S. dollar gone, then weapons are gone. What is left? Certainly not the old U.S. as we knew it. That U.S. is no longer sustainable.

Let’s look at the facts. Since the 1950s what has the U.S. done? Fought wars – the Korean War came to a draw because the Turks were fighting with the U.S. against North Korea. The Vietnam War, which the U.S. lost. The wars in both Iraq and Syria were lost by the U.S. And after 20 years in Afghanistan the U.S. succeeded in destroying the country.

In fact the U.S. has always taken other nations raw materials without giving anything back. All the U.S. has done is gain a lot of enemies around the world.

What about current institutions?

The U.S. formed the IMF which loans money, but puts chains on the nations that borrow and it is nearly impossible for them to get out from under the debt burden. There are exceptions though, countries like Turkey, Russia and others succeeded in breaking that chain.

The U.S. formed the UN, but it does not obey the UN rules. The U.S. formed NATO, but it has become useless. As Macron said. “NATO is brain dead.”

When the U.S activated NATO’s article five, it took many members of NATO to Afghanistan. It shamefully failed.

The U.S. will not allow the UN to be reorganized. It would be a lot better if the UN included members like India, Brazil, Indonesia, and others to make up 20 permanent members, rather than just five.

The UN can’t manage the world due to its incompetency. But other institutions have recently formed. One such group is the Shanghai 5 with its aim is to protect borders. Who are the members? Russia, China, Kirghistan, Tajikistan Pakistan, and now Iran. There is another group which includes Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa; possibly Turkey may join as well. If you look at the land mass of these nations it’s about half of the world.

What will happen if the U.S. does not agree to reorganize the UN? We are seeing the reemergence of nationalism. It started with Trump’s “Make America Great Again.” Other nations are doing the same. Nationalism is growing in the world.

Will history repeat itself? Before WWI there was a trend toward nationalism and is considered part of the reason the war started. Nationalism is not necessarily defined by Hitler’s Nazism. It is the feeling of the citizens of a particular country that they are proud of their nation. Great examples include the French who are proud of everything French, or the Germans who thought they were superior in all things including innovations, or the British who are so proud of their culture.

In closing, it is my opinion that if America won’t let go of the UN, or at least reorganize it, then WWIII is inevitable.


September 14, 2021

America on the Eve of Destruction

Did you know that 60 million people worldwide have been displaced and have been forced to migrate due to American foreign policy?

These are the chronological events:

It started in 1953 when the democratically elected prime minister of Iran was overthrown by the CIA. He was replaced by the Shah of Iran. It continued in the 60s and 70s with the Vietnam War.

Vietnam. Trillions of dollars were spent, 58-thousand American soldiers died, millions of Vietnamese died, and cities destroyed. The excuse? It was a contentment policy to stop the Soviet Union.

In the 80s with the Iraq and Iran Wars.

Later, Father Bush gave Saddam 3.5 million dollars’ worth of weapons and made Saddam a dictator. Then Saddam invaded Kuwait.

When the U.S. went to Kuwait to rescue the country from Saddam, the world was with the U.S. So the U.S. being in the eyes of the world, did what was right for world justice.

When George W. Bush went to Iraq with the purpose of freeing Iraq from a dictatorial regime and destroying the WMD, it was an outright lie. No one believed U.S. What happened was 1.6 million civilians died, cities were destroyed, five thousand U.S. combat troops died, and billions were spent.

These are the facts. And just look at Iraq today. It is far worse than it was under dictator Saddam.

Then came the so called Arab Spring. What Arab spring? It was created by the CIA and Mossad for the purpose of dominating the Eastern Mediterranean because large quantities of hydro carbon wealth were found.

Libya had been destroyed by French and Colonel Qaddafi was trying to sell his oil wealth, not by the dollar, but by the Euro.

Next, America found an excuse to go to Afghanistan and ended up staying 20 years. The result? Twenty-five hundred of its combat troops died, millions of Afghans either died or were displaced, and trillions of dollars were spent, but in the end left Afghanistan in turmoil.

What has become of America in the eyes of the world? America is now seen as the world’s worst hegemonic power.

In the Middle East America’s biggest problem is Turkey. America still wants to form a second Israel in northern Syria and is using the PKK against the Turks. So the double-standard policy continues - allied with Turkey, but also allied with the terror groups PKK and YPG. The latest ally is the Taliban.

Of course Daesh is still around and rears its ugly head whenever it’s needed. Who formed Daesh? The CIA and Mossad. Sound familiar?

In today’s world who still trusts America? No one. Even the old allies, the UK and Germany are distancing themselves from US policies.

During WWI the Ottoman Empire was declining because its enemies, the UK, France and Italy wanted to destroy the empire. They nearly succeeded, but in the end the Republic of Turkey was born.

Now I don’t believe any foreign power wants to destroy the U.S. Rather it is America that is destroying itself. Remember that the Soviet Union was both created and destroyed by the money owners? So, too, America’s self-destruction is being powered by the money owners; the owners of the Federal Reserve.

What is quite clear is that America is completely divided. You are either a liberal or a conservative. There is no common ground left. Liberals say it is their way or no way, and they completely ignore the justice system to achieve their goals.

The question remains, can America save herself? Is there still time?




September 5, 2021

AFGHANISTAN PULL OUT, an opinion piece by Behcet Kaya


Have you ever thought about Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan? Did you think it meant all of America? I don’t believe it does. In my opinion it means that four states including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut plus the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) will be made great again. The remaining 45 states will become independent.

Trump is to the U.S as Gorbachev was to the USSR. He has the same role as Gorbachev had in bringing the Soviet Union to an end. Trump will serve one more term. This is the New World Order designed by the Rothschild group. And this group is grooming leaders at an early age to become the governors of the states.

Soros also belongs to the Rothschild group. He is the one financing the migrants from South America to come to the U.S. with the aim of disassembling the United States.

When Trump came to power, his aim was to fight the money families and take financial power from them. But leaders are judged by what they have accomplished, not what they promised. So far Trump has not succeeded in what he promised, that is, “Make America Great Again.”

The New World Order states that there will be new borders, 109 new countries will be formed in what is today’s Russia, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. That’s right, the United States of America. And 45 of those countries will be the 45 states in the U.S.

Russia will be next after Putin is gone. After Russia the European Union will be next. Who wants these countries formed? The money families with Rothschild’s at the top, the Lee family of China, the Koch family and the Rockefeller family in the U.S. They started this project in 1985 when Gorbachev came to power. By 1991 the Soviet Union was finished.

Next in line is the U.S. As I stated above, all governors in the 45 states were groomed at an early age to be the leaders. This was done by the Rothschild family groups. Twelve democratic governors are the product of the Rothschild groups.

The grass roots of this project in these states has already been accomplished. Chaos is the aim in these states. Example - the number of black people in the state of New York was three and a half million. It is now less than two and a half million. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, gender issues, racism, are all examples of how chaos has been created.

In addition, Trump’s putting restrictions on immigration from Muslim countries, the uprising of the black population, chaos in Democratic run states, pulling out of Afghanistan, next pulling out of Iraq and Syria are all contribution the disassembling of the U.S.

As to the matter of Afghanistan. In my opinion the American public as well as the world view of the U.S. pulling out of Afghanistan is seen as a complete failure. Leaving the Taliban billions of dollars’ worth of U.S. military weapons in the eyes of Americans is shameful.

However, I see another strategy that the US is using. What is really happening is the U.S. spending trillions of dollars financing Afghan and Middle East wars is a complete waste. While the U.S. is spending money in these regions, China is becoming stronger, economically and militarily.

In my opinion America pulling out of the Afghan mire is a logical one. Remember, the Soviet Union could not maintain the war in Afghanistan and before that it was the British who, in the end, left Afghanistan. And far back in history it was Genghis Han and Alexander the Great.

Now, back to the U.S. pulling out of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Plans are already in the works to pull out of Iraq by the end of the year. The PKK in Syria will eventually meet the same fate – the U.S. will abandon them too. What will they do? It depends on the Syrian dictator. Will he take the PKK, YPG? We will have to wait and see.

Why is the U.S deciding to reorganize? Because it sees its biggest enemy is China. China is taking over the African Continent building airports and shipping ports all over Africa. What is interesting is that the European countries do not see it that way. They see China as their economic partner. To date China has already surpassed the US in trade with Europe.

As I stated above, pulling out of Afghanistan is a logical one for US. In doing so the U.S. hopes to reestablish its hegemony in the world again.

How? By creating chaos. Asia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, even Pakistan are all vulnerable to terrorism. Besides that the U.S. will support the Uigor Turks uprising against China. Ultimately this strategy will stop the Chinese Silk Road project which, if completed, would extend all the way to London.

One final point. The U.S. base in Dede Agac, Northern Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean will continue to work to stop the Chinese Silk Road. If completed it would pass through Turkey by way of the Bosporus Bridge.

The U.S. is also concentrating its strength in Asia and the Pacific. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan are already allied with the U.S. So while China deals with the chaos of uprising Uigor Turks in Central Asia, the U.S. also blocks China in Asia and the Pacific.

Behcet Kaya