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October 15, 2019

The End of the Greater Middle Eastern Project

The following article was translated by Behcet Kaya from a YouTube speech written by Ibrahim Karagul

The terror corridor east of the Euphrates River created and besieged by the YPG and supported by the US has come to an end. From now on it will be a corridor of peace conquered and tamed by the TSK (Turkish Military) and a secure place for the Syrian refugees.

Where are those who forecasted and adjusted the future maps of the Middle East with US and Israel flags?

Erdogan had the luck of the Middle Eastern geography and the victory is for the Turkish nation. Bismillah is where we began and as of Wednesday all terror and injustice has come to an end. The tables have turned and the plans by Israel and the US for the Middle Eastern maps has become trash.

The deep state planning, brains, geopolitical knowledge, civilization, and identity of who we Turks are has been activated and has intervened in world political history once more.

Those who behaved mischievously towards Turkey and planned and forecasted the future of Kurdistan with US and Israeli flags, where are you? Where are the politicians who blackmailed and threatened Turkey? Where are those who threatened to teach the Turkish nation a lesson and wave the US and Israel flags?

For centuries we have been the ones who connected with and ruled this geography. All together we are the great conqueror of nations. We become the protector of these lands after we gained victory over the crusaders. During WWI we Turks paid a big price with our blood on every square mile of these lands. Not once did we cry over it and not once did we tell our problem to anyone. We are always ready to protect these lands.

Where are you? Where are those who want to try and toy with this nation? Where are you?

This nation of Turks protected and fought for Islam, our geography, our nation, gave birth to Seljuks, carried Ottomans to Europe, defended Islam on every continent, and without thinking always protected the underdog.  Those who tried to beat this Turkish nation and teach us a lesson with US, French, and Israeli made clubs, where are you now?

Throughout history we have fought for our rights, our geography, and our nation with numerous enemies. And those enemies, both domestic and foreign, have tried to corners us, enforce their wishes upon us, and tried to colonize us. Where are you now?

Where are those who divided Iraq and Syria? Where are those who thought they could divide Turkey and make Turkey like Syria? Where are those who made cheap and miscalculated plans? Where are you now?

All advanced civilizations and plans start in Anatolia and end in Anatolia. For a thousand years the Middle Eastern maps were designed in Anatolia and disassembled in Anatolia. For those who have forgotten that history and for those who can’t comprehend Turkey’s advances in economy, in defense, in technology, and misread the patience of this nation, where are you now?

Those nations who calculated, planned, and surrounded Turkey from the Eastern Mediterranean, to the Aegean, to Northern Syria with their US led terror corridor project in northern Syria, known as the Greater Israeli Project, with the goal of opening the southern front of Turkey, has all been thrown into the trash and destroyed.

The end of the US/Israeli failed plan started east of the Euphrates River on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, and will continue into the eastern Mediterranean, and the Aegean. From now on it will not be a terror corridor but it will be a peace corridor. It will be Turkey’s peace corridor.

The US/Israeli and European plan was to make a Turkish front from the border of Iran to the Mediterranean. This geography would be the main front and headquarters for invasion and future attacks on Turkey.

Turkey’s decisive move to disable the terror corridor in northern Syria was to protect the integrity of Syrian and Iraqi national borders, to protect the whole Middle East, and its own security. Turkey did this under rightful international law. Turkey risked the biggest threat from the US, Israel, and Europe and succeeded. Turkey announced to the world that it would not be cornered by the US and its close ties with the terrorist PKK.

Turkey’s movement eliminated the beginning of a new Syrian war. The US with YPG occupied one third of Syria and created the Syrian front in order to open a front and to declare war and invade Turkey. That was the plan.

They came with a map. A new map of the Middle East. It failed and this will be our map. The US and its allies did not care about the desires of the Syrian regime, the opposition party in Turkey, or the Syrian people. They came with a new map of the Middle East and acted according to their plan to institute that map. Now we are advancing with another map in our hands and its Turkey’s map.

If the coup of July 15, 2016 had been successful their map was going to be the new map of Turkey. What we started on October 9th was the resistance and continuation of the coup of July 15 2016.

While the US and its allies were planning in front of us they misread Turkish intention while we were slow to react. They worked hard to hand Turkey into the hands of the PKK/YPG. They thought since Turkey depends on the US and is a member of NATO it couldn’t move without NATO because NATO members were all in that plan. Big mistake because we Turks follow the rules. While we were being patient they thought we were weak.

For thousand years we have been paying our share of injustice. For six decades we have been the work horse for NATO. Now we are about to remind our NATO allies of that. The US and our NATO allies made the biggest planning mistake on this one. Turkey was patient and followed international law. Because of that our allies thought we were timid and weak.

The US leaders thought we believed what they said and that we had no clue what games they were playing. The US, especially the Pentagon and the Deep State cronies, thought we were going to be just like during the cold war period. They thought we would obey and do what they wanted us to do. They can’t get used to a new Turkey and a new leader that they can’t control.

The US leaders thought that we Turks would be distracted and to put off with trumped-up excuses and by playing a different version of the same theatre. They thought that with the front and their alliance with the FETO group inside Turkey, they would wind the wire around us, and we would be useless. That is what they believed.

For a thousand years we have been an empire on this geography. We Turks advanced and ruled on three continents for almost 622 years. They have forgotten we lost everything in WWI. It was the exact same scenario 100-years ago. They have forgotten everything and they have learned nothing. The Turks shaped this geography for thousand years.

This nation of Turks makes its most difficult decision without consulting any other nation. This nation has never begged to other powers to make history, never stood on its feet by other powers’ pity, and for a thousand years has paid the big price to hold on to this lands. But they have forgotten.

Once again we remind you what you have forgotten.

We remind you once again this nation will not be threatened. And that political brain that held this nation together for centuries will not be imprisoned. We want to remind you. We are defending our geography, our cities, and our sacred temples. What we were in Gelibolu we are the same in the Eastern Euphrates. What we were in Yemen, Canal, and Sarikamis we are in the Eastern Euphrates. We face the same enemies and retain the same power. We defend the same thing- we defend our lands, geography, history, civilization, shared identity, and our cities.

We never accepted those who came here along with their allies from another geography and tried to force upon us within our own country their wishes for us to submit to their rules and colonize us. We will never submit to it and today we announce that to the world. Two years ago we were debating about this defense. We must do it and today we show the world our firm decision.

The real reason is not the terror but the plans of bigger geographic maps and dividing Turkey. We have been aware of it for thirty years. The West had a plan to have a war with Islam. I am repeating: it was a plan to divide Turkey and now that plan has ended.

Since July 15, 2016 coup de tat, the biggest global event was the plan to stop Turkey in its advancement. Just like 100-years ago the plan was the same. They could not stop Turkey from inside so they attempted to have us surrender from outside. Today that plan has been stopped.

This is not just a terror situation, it’s the 100-year planned attempt to finish, to divide, and to manage Turkey. We too were planning for the last 100 years and the plans are still in progress. To defend the Eastern Euphrates, Turkey has no issues with the international arena and is confidant in defending it rightfully from terror. This is defending our land, defending Anatolia, national interests, and Middle East geography.

Those who plan to push the war inside Anatolia? They will be hunted in their tranches. They have always brought war into our lands. No other nation would be this patient and silent with terror on their borders. And terrors supported and planned by the US, NATO allies, and by the West. Turkey has shown incredible patience.

The US invaded Afghanistan with the excuse of fighting Al Quade, which the US themselves created. Over the past 20 years thousands have been killed. The US invaded Iraq with the lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Millions have been killed. How many times has the US invented lies and started preemptive wars thousands of miles away from its shores. While they were engaged in these wars, the US brought a terror organization next to the borders of Turkey and supported them with money, weapons and training.

In the interim the CIA groomed FETO in order to overthrow Turkey’s democratically elected government and commence civil war inside our borders. Through the PKK and Daesh they attacked and killed innocent civilians in our cities. The CIA fabricated lies about our military and jailed numerous highest ranking military members. The CIA through FETO’s terror organization infiltrated our judicial and police systems. They planned every terror attack on Turkey. Now the US and its NATO allies have nothing to say about our clearing out PKK/YPG terror groups from our borders and we are doing so decisively and your super power is powerless in the eyes of the world.

The US meddles in our region from thousands of miles away. We are defending our very borders. The US has nothing to say. We are clearing out the terror that you have brought to our region. Understand this. Turkey will clear this geography entirely. And you, the super power US, will watch and learn.

They come with plans for new Middle Eastern borders. We have centuries old wisdom and act accordingly. Watch who will be credible in the eyes of the world. The Turkish nation takes no notice and does not worry about these lies, misinformation, and the roaring in the news and on social media about our clearing northern Syria. It will cool down and in the end the victory is ours. Our decision will remain and the 21st century continues as we designed.

We are lucky to have Erdogan and victory is ours. President Erdogan is making history, he is our brain, our political history, our identity, our civilization, our geographic knowledge, and our conscience. This decision could not have been taken that easily. Erdogan is a Godsend. A leader for today and for our geography, our nation our people.

He moved according to our thousand year-old wisdom from Fatih, Yavuz, Kanuni, and Ataturk to Erdogan. This is a historical truth for our nation and in the future it will carry on the same wisdom. This is how history was written in the past and how it will be written in the future again. The victory is with our nation. This unison of our people and their efforts along with unique guidance will be recorded in the pages of new history.

September 26, 2019

Body in the Woods a Jack Ludefance novel

Award-winning author Behcet Kaya has once again brought his PI protagonist Jack Ludefance to life in a novel of suspense and mystery, filled with indelible characters laced with threads of credible circumstances, in his latest book titled Body in the Woods.

August 20, 2019

Erdogan Preparing to Resign from AKP Party Leadership

Erdogan Preparing to Resign from AKP Party Leadership

Translated by Behcet Kaya
Original from

Those who are considered to be up for the AKP leadership role are the following:
Suleyman Soylu
Bilal Erdogan (Erdogan’s son)
Barat Albayrak (Erdogan’s son-in-law)

May 28, 2019

I despise the current state of politics in Turkey

I despise the current state of politics in Turkey.

The leaders of all the parties should resign. For that matter I think Recep Tayyup Erdogan should resign as well.

Why aren’t Turkish leaders grooming the younger up and coming politicians to become the future leaders? The ones who have potential, intelligence, and deserve to lead?

April 23, 2019

Recent Attack on Kemal Kilicdaroglu

I am proud to be a Turk and I am very proud to be a Turkish-American. But like so many other Turks I have many problems with US foreign policies, particularly where Turkey is concerned.

The most recent example came just days ago when the Turkish opposition party leader (opposition to the current president Erdogan), Kemal Kilictaroglu, was shamelessly attacked while attending the funeral of a Turkish soldier. Kilictaroglu represents the party that our founding father, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, began.

March 6, 2019

Murphy's Law

As they say in Murphy’s Law, if things go wrong, it will all go wrong. That was my flight from Istanbul to Brussels. I will write that journey later. I know for sure that my computer will go blank because I am unable to charge the MacBook Air.

I am at home now and rested and am going to finish my story.

After clearing passport control in Brussels, I headed for baggage claim to get my luggage. I was lucky to snag one of the elusive baggage carts and loaded my 52-pound suitcase. I was hot wearing my sweater and winter coat; my backpack slung over my shoulders.

Pushing the cart I found the elevator to the second floor and walked outside.
It was windy and cold. I stopped to check my IPhone for the name of my hotel. My wife made sure to send me three e-mails concerning my flights and my hotel reservation.

Since I was outside of the airport and heading towards the hotel shuttle stop I had no Internet. I couldn’t access my e-mails and I have forgotten the name of the hotel.

In short, back inside I went. Back to the elevator and downstairs to departures where I connected to Wi-Fi on my IPhone. I found all the flight information, but not the hotel reservation. I stopped in a cafĂ©, sat down, and opened my laptop. I saw under my e-mails “Park Inn by Radisson,” but when I tried to open the e-mail it disappeared. I think what happened was the laptop must have archived the e-mail.

Back outside again I managed find the shuttle to my hotel. After boarding the shuttle I found an empty seat. Finally I arrived at the Radisson (or so I thought) and headed inside out of the cold. The wind and the cold in the city of Brussels makes your bones wiggle.

At the reception I said, “Good evening. I have reservation.”
The man asked for my passport and checked.
“I am sorry, sir. There is no reservation for Kaya.”
Of course, I couldn’t find the e-mail to show him the reservation number.
“Look. My wife reserved my stay through Orbitz. I saw her book it. Is this the Radisson?”
“No, sir. This is Van der Valk. But the Radisson is right across from here.”

He phoned the shuttle driver to come back and take me to the Radisson. There were other passengers who had also gotten mixed up.

At the Radisson I had to take an elevator to the second floor for the reception and check-in. I thought that was most unusual. I was given room #415 and I proceeded to the fourth floor. There were several doors leading to the rooms. I read the sign with an arrow that indicated rooms from 412—430 and proceeded to open the door for the hallway to those rooms.

I found room 414, next 416, and 412, but there was no 415. This was crazy! I went further and the numbers decreased. I went in the opposite direction and still no room 415.

Frustrated was an understatement. I went back downstairs to reception.
“Where the hell is 415?” I shouted.
The young women was trying to appease me and said, “I will take you there, sir.”

I followed her. She took the same route I took, only this time she proceeded towards the decreasing numbers and we turned perpendicular to another hallway. Then I saw 413 next to 415. She opened the door with her master key. When we were inside, she asked for my key and put it in the magnetic slide and turned the lights on.

I said, “Whoever designed this hotel must have Alzheimer’s disease.”
She laughed and tried to show me how the shower worked.
“I don’t mean to be rude, but I am tired and frustrated. If you don’t mind?”

I settled in and went downstairs for dinner. Ordered a hamburger with fries. The waiter brought my hamburger. I just ate the fries. Not the hamburger, because they cooked it in frying oil and it stank. I told the waiter that Europe was going downhill and left.

I slept all of about four hours. When I woke up my IPhone showed 4:50am. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t. At 6:15am I got up to shave, then packed to go downstairs to have a breakfast.

Before I checked out I asked, “Which way is the restaurant to have breakfast?”
“The restaurant opens at six sir.”
I showed him my IPhone indicating it was close to 8:00am. He showed me his IPhone that read 4:40am. I checked my phone and found I was somehow on Chicago time.

Now to the good part. My flight from Brussels to Atlanta. We were airborne at about 10:45am. About 30 minutes into our journey we were nearing the British Channel.

I turned on flight tracker and it read 5:15am at our destination which meant Atlanta time, making it 4:15am Navarre time. My wife may or may not be awake and up yet.

I began to observe things around me. That is the thing a writer does. To observe and listen. What I noticed on this flight was that in the First Class cabin where I was seated, every flight attendant was older. I mean that they were advanced in years. This was an Atlanta based crew as the captain announced.

There was a male flight attendant who had to be older than me, and I am 70 years old. At least that is how he looked. I felt like I wanted to apply for a job as a flight attendant. Yes, I may be 70 years old, but people tell me that I look like I must be in my late 50’s.

I had been a waiter during the time I was a student studying for a mechanical engineering degree. Yes! Why not apply to Delta as a flight attendant. Then I thought, wait a minute. I am 70 and if I feel functional and sharp. I should probably apply to study to become a pilot rather than a glorified waiter.

A flight attendant by the name of Lee was my server. I don’t mean in the capacity of a servant, but rather the flight attendant assigned to my side of the cabin. There were four flight attendants in the First Class cabin. Two females and two males. Through Lee I managed to learn all of their names. On my side of the cabin were Lee and Andy and on the other side were Dick and Sue.

All of them had to be at least sixty or over that. I witnessed the way they attended to their work with utmost passion and knowledge. Compare that to young and beautiful flight attendants. Some are good, but always back in their mind is the thought, “I am beautiful. Pay attention to me.” Much like a teenager does things to get attention. And watch how the adults react to their behaviors.

Back to the flight tracker. It showed that we are over the British Channel approaching Great Britain. Lee brought the wine tray. I chose a French white wine because I’d ordered prawn with some exotic sauce.

Naturally with any fish dish one chooses a white wine. I don’t know why I think that. Is it because James Bond movies influenced the way we choose our dinner wines?

The flight tracker showed we were between Great Britain and Ireland. The current time in Atlanta was 5:50am, which means it was about 4:50am in Navarre. Nancy might be up or still in bed. I could not be sure.

These are the things I think about.

Lee, my flight attendant, brought my French wine for a second filling. Flight tracker shows we were over Ireland and about to leave Ireland behind. Lee brought the appetizers, consisting of salad, parsley soup, some other that I am not familiar, and bread. I declined to have bread. Why? Because I wanted to know if I could control my freewill not to have bread, which I did.

Of course I am a bread eater. But, I behaved like an aristocrat. I did everything according to the behavior of an aristocrat. Of course I am not an aristocrat, but I happen to know how their dinner manners are.

I am in the window seat 4D in the First Class cabin with no seat next to me. To the left of me sits a Frenchman. I know he is French because I heard him say oganc juice instead of orange juice; g with that throat sound. That is definitely French.

I am amused with the way he eats. The Frenchy eat in rapid progression. I have watched how a monkey eats his food and I have now decided there is a similarity between the monkey’s way of eating, and this French man. Particularly the way he eats his bread, much like a monkey eats his bananas. He opens the bread and rapidly picks the seeds out of the bread one by one, picks them and eats them. Not eating the bread itself, but just the seeds.

Frenchy takes strong, sharp, sudden bites with his other food, much like a dog. He swallows, or rather snaps up every mouthful, too soon and too fast. And he keeps looking sideways here and there while he eats, as if he thinks there is danger lurking, or someone is observing him and coming to take his food away.

He is altogether too unsettled in his mind over it to appreciate it comfortably, I think. Or to have somebody to dine with him, without making a chop with his jaws at the visitor. In all of which he is particular. He is very like much the dog when he eats his food, and he is very much like the monkey when he eats his bread, picking the seeds, sharp, sudden and fast.

The way he eats reminds me of my German Shepard, Duchess. When I was a boy I would steal bits of chicken from my mother’s cooking and throw them to Duchess. The dog would catch the piece of chicken, chew sharply two or three times, and swallow. Then she would wait until I threw her another piece. The second she swallowed, the quicker I would throw, and the quicker she would catch and swallow.

That is the way my next row neighbor eats his seeds in the bread in rapid succession.

The flight tracker shows 6:14am at the destination. It is 5:14am in Navarre. Nancy is probably up and brewing her coffee, or may have already done that and is now sipping her coffee and surfing the internet on her I-pad.

We are flying just south of Greenland in the middle of the North Atlantic. I am on my fourth glass of French white wine. My neighbor to the left has finished his fifth glass of wine and is still picking seeds from his bread. Some of the seeds from bread have dropped on his tray. He picks those up as well, eating rapidly like a monkey eats and discards.

I decide Frenchy must be OCD. Everything he does is in rapid succession. He finishes his dinner even before me. And I am a fast eater compared to Nancy, my dear wife.

It is 7:25am at our destination which means it is 6:25am. Nancy must be up and tracking which seat I am sitting in on my flight to Atlanta. Dinner is finished and everyone is laying back, relaxing. My French neighbor finishes his computer work and, again in rapid succession, he puts away his computer, adjusts his seat, lays back with a blanket over him, and seems to fall asleep.

I don’t know that he is asleep, but I see that his middle section is rising up and down as he breaths. He sits up and looks at his IPhone and the picture of a beautiful woman. I am not sure whether the woman is his wife or his companion. He puts the phone aside, picks up a book pretending he is reading. After a while he puts the book aside and picks a magazine. He is continually doing something and changing things.

The flight tracker shows that we over Nuuk, Greenland.

I must mention the way Dick reacted when he brought me coffee. I said, “Thank you, Dick.” He was taken aback as to how I knew his name, but continued to do his job and pretended nothing unusual happened.

Later on, the male flight attendant on my side brought me a fruit tray. I took a banana, and said, “Thank you, Andy.” I got the same reaction.

“How did you know my name?” he asked.
“Through Lee,” I said.
Then we started to have a pleasant conversation.

By now everyone is asleep. Only my window shade is still up. I lower it. We are passing over Kanginnliguit in Iceland and I think now I am getting tired.

I want to lay back and go to sleep.