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July 28, 2015

Road to Siran by Behcet Kaya

Road to Siran: Erin's Story is a book written by author Behcet Kaya that introduces Erin Ozcomert, a beautiful UCLA graduate student.

Erin had always felt compelled to learn more about the little-known stories of her nebulous father; stories hidden from her since his mysterious death several years before.

Upon leaving modern day L.A. culture, Erin is swept into the ancient customs and traditions of her father's village in northeastern Turkey. What she learns there is not at all what she had expected to find.

Once into the loving arms of her Aunt Fatma Ozkoy, Erin discovers a place where tradition prevails in social ceremonies and family feuds, which still kindle hatred and murder based upon never-forgotten malice performed by past generations.

Trying to integrate these discoveries, Erin is given the gift of her grandmother's journal. Reading the handwritten treasure, her emotions are stripped raw as she uncovers her heritage, along with answers to many questions and mysteries.

Forced to leave the village before she is ready, Erin returns to Istanbul, Turkey only to discover more secrets from her father's mysterious past.

Review of Road to Siran: Erin's Story by Grady Harp

The beautiful UCLA graduate student Erin Ozcomert lives with her mother and sister in Los Angeles. Erin's father, Ramzi Ozcomert Jr., commited suicide in a rather mysterious manner.  Upon graduating college, she leaves her bright life in Los Angeles to travel to Siran, Turkey in an attempt to learn more about her father's shadowy life.

Erin's father, forced to leave in exile as a child after a heinous murder spree killed his family, had lived a life in exile and ultimately took matters into his own hands, which had unbearable consequences for his conscience and resulted in his death by suicide.

Erin travels to explore her Turkish ethnic and cultural roots, which she longs to connect with, but her journey is far more complex than she could ever imagine.

In Turkey she is embraced by her Aunt Fatma Ozkoy who, in helping Erin to grasp the secrets of family feuds, traditions and even murder, makes available her grandmother's journal which includes the clues and answers to many of the questions Erin seeks.

Leaving Siran for Istanbul she encounters yet more secrets but also crosses paths with one of her past professors, Dr. Harry Rattcliff, and a passionate love affair begins.

In his book, Road to Siran: Erin's Story, author Behcet Kaya's gift is not limited to the creation of brilliant intriguing stories: his style of writing captures the exotic flavors, the rich traditions and social amenities of Turkish life, giving the reader a sense of place like few other writers are capable of achieving.

Author Behcet Kaya is one of the most important writers of our time and his niche in literature appears secure withthis highly recommended book.