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August 15, 2015

Author Interview by Gary Sorkin, Pacific Book Review

Author Interview with Behcet Kaya
Title: Road to Siran, Erin’s Story
Sequel to Voice of Conscience
Interviewed by: Gary Sorkin, Pacific Book Review

PBR: Hello Behcet. It is a pleasure to have you back, thank you for joining us again.
BK: Thank you.
PBR: I have so much to ask, but the obvious question comes to mind is concerning your decision to write in a first-person narrative mode, through the eyes of a young lady. Can you tell us, please, some of the challenges you faced doing this?
BK: Challenging indeed! And I really did not know what I was getting into, but once I had decided it would be first person I began by reading all the magazines popular with girls this age. I found their conversations rather undesirable to include in my writing.However, it helped me get into a twenty-one year old girl’s head. 

I then used my acting experience to get into character. The more I wrote, the easier it became. But even then, you cannot imagine how scared I was that I represented this character truthfully.
PBR: When it came to the romance scene(s), you must have had some other parameters in your use of feelings which came into play.
BK: Cosmopolitan” gave me great insight into how a woman feels.
PBR: I must also know, have you traveled throughout the regions in your book or is your knowledge solely based on research?
BK: Mostly first first hand knowledge, as this is my homeland. I have driven the road from Erzincan to my village. Atamkoy, although a fictional name, is based on my village. As far as the chapters on Topkapi, I had a friend in London who was doing his masters and he went back and became the director of Topkapi. Later, when I met him in Istanbul, he invited me to visit Topkapi. 

I told him I had already seen everything there was to see and his reply was, "You and the rest of the world have not even seen one tenth of what is here."Through conversations with him and research, I was able to put together those chapters. As to the other sights in Istanbul, I have visited them many times.
PBR: The Road to Siran stands on its own merit, what were some of your thoughts about continuing the Voice of Conscience?
BK: I had already written all of the chapters of Nerman’s story for Voice of Conscience, but felt it was too much to include. It was a natural progression to use those chapters and build the story of Erin around them.
PBR: I commend your use of Turkish and Arabic words, expressions, and the use of the Glossary as a form of translation. Do you speak other languages?
BK: Habla un poco Espanol. Also, a little Japanese.
PBR: What projects, if any, are you working on next?
BK: I have just started a new mystery thriller entitled, "Body in the Woods."
PBR: We certainly wish you the best of success with your latest novel, and look forward to reading more of your work in the future.
BK: Thank you again for having me.