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September 18, 2015

Review by Glenda Bixler of "Murder on the Naval Base"

Check out this amazing collage and review of "Murder on the Naval Base" posted on Bixler blogreview. In an interview with Feathered Quill, I mentioned my inspiration had come partly from the 70's movie "Conduct Unbecoming," which she cleverly incorporated into the collage. 

September 11, 2015

Would Arnold Schwarzenegger consider producing Murder on the Naval Base?

Of course this is not Terminator 8 where Arnold would be playing the leading role, it is a drama of the Naval officer who is accused of murdering his wife and the man whom she is having an affair with.

Here is what one of the Amazon viewer wrote about the novel:

By Steven:

September 4, 2015

Russell Crowe’s "Water Diviner"

I had the opportunity to see "Water Diviner" on my flight from Fort Lauderdale this past weekend. The story is both heart-warming and tragic, and understandably human.

It is the story of an Australian farmer, by the name of O’Conner, who loses his three sons to the Anzac war during WWI.

It is also the story of O’Conner's wife and her obsession with not being able to accept that their sons were the tragic casualties of the war.