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September 11, 2015

Would Arnold Schwarzenegger consider producing Murder on the Naval Base?

Of course this is not Terminator 8 where Arnold would be playing the leading role, it is a drama of the Naval officer who is accused of murdering his wife and the man whom she is having an affair with.

Here is what one of the Amazon viewer wrote about the novel:

By Steven:

Murder on the Naval Base is yet another feather in the cap of the master story teller - Behcet Kaya. The highpoint of this novel is its plot, beautiful narration and most importantly, "who done it"! mystery.

Though a number of sub-plots sprout from the main plot, the author takes extreme care to coalesce them all into the main plot. Thus, he grips the attention of the readers to the very end. The narration and language in this novel synchronize with each other to present a beautiful and down to earth presentation.

An excellent and much decorated officer Anderson is the pride of his naval regiment as he excels in all the assignments given to him. But his personal life is hardly honky dory. The story begins with the protagonist Anderson Garret Belguzar being shown in a confused state of mind much like Shakespeare's Hamlet.

"To be or not to be" was the dilemma of the latter; while the former is caught in the confusion of "to act or not to act.” Anderson is traumatized by illicit affair between his beloved wife Bevin and dear friend Charles McPhearson. Even as he is ruminating about his response, the gruesome murder of Bevin and Charles McP hearson takes place in officer's mess.

Little wonder, the needle of suspicion turns towards Anderson, and the naval police looses no time to take him into custody. Just when, everybody including the readers, start believing that Anderson had committed the heinous crime, in comes, a leading lawyer Alpine. He gets to the bottom of the case in his characteristic cerebral manner, and turns the tide in favor of his client.

From here on, the story unfolds a number of unexpected turns. We are introduced to a jealous Elizabeth McPhearson who again resembles Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth. Alpine tears apart her masks of an innocent victim and proves her to be the real culprit of the double murder crime. 

The icing on the cake is the confession of Admiral McPhearson that Anderson is his illegitimate son. With that, the heart-wrenching sufferings of Anderson ends.

The novel reflects a streak of biblical Abel and Cairn myth, in the sense that Anderson is suspected of murdering his step brother Charles. Behcet Kaya's "Murder on the Naval Base" beautifully depicts the decorum and commitment of naval officers and their humane frailties in an inimitable style.

On the other hand, maybe Schwarzenegger might, only because it is time for him to get back to producing and directing like most famous stars do in their advanced years.