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November 13, 2015

A review of the latest Bond movie, "Spectra"

Having just seen the new Bond movie, Spectra, my first impression is that the writers are running out of ideas. What happened to Ian Fleming’s creative ideas? Spectra was a disappointment and badly put together.

However, I have no criticism of Daniel Craig’s performance as Bond. He did  a superb job. But the actor can only carry the scenes so far!

It seems to me the movie is put together with many sets of scenes, but they don’t flow well as other Bond movies do. The transitions from one scene to another were awkward.

I grew up with Bond movies from Casino Royale and Dr. NO to today’s Spectra. Of course, my favorite Bond actor will always be Sean Connery. All the other James Bonds could not live up to Connery’s talents, although Daniel Craig comes very close.

The best scene for me was when Bond was having dinner on the train. All of a sudden, all Hell breaks loose, reminding me of Connery while he was on the train from Turkey to England in “From Russia with Love.”

In addition, I enjoyed the fight scene with the good looking Robert Shaw who was following Bond to kill him. However, the opening scene in Mexico City is not at all convincing. It would be better suited to have used a dirty bomb like that in Dan Brown’s fiction novel, “Angels and Demons,” rather than Bond setting the destruction of the city.

I do like the new Q, Money Penny and the villain. I have to be honest and admit I never liked Roger Moore’s Bond role. He is a cool guy in his own right; but his style did not convince me that he was James Bond. I guess we all define Bond by Sean Connery’s character and anything different makes my senses disoriented.

I will say that Mr. Craig and the camera became one and move together beautifully in any sequence, whether Bond is running across a roof top or riding down a collapsing building. His body language potrays so much and says so much without him saying a word.

Despite my disappointments with this movie, I still look forward to the next Bond film.