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February 1, 2016

"Brooklyn" a review with a spoiler alert

It is refreshing to see a really well-done movie which stands up to the quality of the storyline. Being a love story, this movie would not appeal to a very young audience. Now, just what is a love story? One scenario is a situation in which a character who is in love is thrown into a situation where they have to make choices, but those choices are all equally good; in fact, so good that they are unable to make a choice. 

That is where we say good and evil plays their part to make a final choice. Readers must understand that this is only one scenario. Other scenarios might be a character falling in love with someone, but that someone is dying, as in the quintessential “Love Story.”

The story begins in Ireland where we are introduced to a young, beautiful girl, Elis Lacey, who lives with her sister and mother during the early1950s. Elis is offered the opportunity to immigrate to America, the land of opportunity, arranged between her local priest and a priest in Brooklyn. Everything is taken care of for her, including a room in a boarding house and a job in a large department store.

During her first year, she must come to grips with a severe case of homesickness. Things begin to turn up when she starts night classes at Brooklyn College and is pursued by a young Italian boy, who falls in love with her. But then, she receives sad news from Ireland that her sister has passed away and she returns home to see her mother. Just before leaving, she and her love are secretly married. 

Returning to Ireland, she is confronted with the sadness of her sister’s death, her mother’s loneliness, and her best friend’s upcoming wedding. Her best friend, not knowing Elis is married, sets her up with a local fellow from a wealthy family. In addition, Elis is hired, on a temporary basis, by the firm that had employed her sister. She becomes the talk of the town and naturally, the local wealthy family welcomes her with open arms.

She is caught up in the moment, easily falling back into her old life before she left for America. She goes along with it all and even contemplates staying in Ireland. The sad fact is that she would have originally stayed had circumstances been different. But, because she worked at a dead end job for a very unpleasant employer, and the wealthy young man, who now pursues her, had no interest in her, she left for a better life in America.

But, now that she has made a name for herself and schooled in America, all the attention is turned on her and everything is thrown her way to try to tilt her decision to stay in Ireland. Here, fate comes into play. Her ex-boss, on top of being unpleasant, is a gossipy old lady who confronts Elis with the fact that she knows she is married and tries to shame her.

Elis, however, realizing where her life really is, turns the tables on the old woman and knows she must return turn to America and to her husband, rather than stay in Ireland and marry into the wealthy family.

The acting is superb and both the sound and directing are well-done. Who among us cannot attach ourselves the struggle of an immigrant who has just landed on Ellis Island? How many of us have similar stories, or if not us, our parents, or grandparents? We really can attach ourselves with the story! The young actress, Saoirse Ronan, fit the part perfectly in every move and look, and I would say is a genuine Irish pie.