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June 9, 2016

Many Things Have Changed

Many Things Have Changed
After retiring several years ago, I soon found myself getting restless. I knew I needed to do something, but what? My wife and I have travelled quite a bit; including here in the US, Caribbean, Europe and Turkey. We still have not travelled in the East, but we will when the itch comes. 
My wife suggested that I take some classes and the idea came to me that maybe I should try something that I have always wanted to do. I started with a few classes at Moorpark Community College, including American Government and Foreign Relations. I did very well in the classes as the subject matter appealed to me. It was then I decided to do pursue BA degree in Political Science.
When I first applied to California State University Channel Islands, they rejected my application, stating that I did not have the mathematics credits required. I was perplexed as I had already taken six semesters of pure mathematics in England and had been accepted for a mechanical engineering degree. I stubbornly insisted that I was not going to take any more math.
I began thinking of perhaps doing an online degree, but really did not like that idea either as I knew I needed to get out of the house. While I was in the process of debating what to do, I was quite surprised to receive another letter from Cal State asking me to reapply. They asked to see my pure mathematics diploma which I have earned before being accepted to Hatfield University in U.K.
I sent them my re-application along with my diploma, “General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Pure Mathematics” issued by The University of London. Three weeks passed before I received a letter back from the head of the mathematic department stating they were accepting my diploma. The letter read:
Hello Behcet,
I have reviewed your transcripts submitted to Channel Islands University. It looks like you have done substantial work in mathematics and physics. You have declared Political Science as you major, but maybe you should consider a double major in Mathematics? Please come and see me if you have any questions.
To state the obvious, I was very pleased. I have now completed two semesters at Channel Islands. But to my surprise, during my student year, I have encountered some rather unpleasant discussions with professors. It seems I am a conservative trying to survive in a very liberal university.
Occasionally, I speak my mind in class and find that some of the students are quite interested in my point of view. More than once I have been approached after class to discuss my opinions on different topics. On one occasion, the professor talked to me after class, saying that I was influencing these impressionable young minds in the wrong way.
My response was, “You mean I am showing them another point of view?” Well, it was hard for me not to utter some other words. I refuse to remain silent. I continue to give my opinion (always based on facts) on matters that I find pointedly liberal, biased and untrue. However, by doing this it has made my student year very unpleasant.
I know for sure that a certain professor would not give me the marks I deserved; my papers have always garnered high marks, but from her I received a C. When it came time to my write opinion of the professor I expressed my disdain. What can they do to me? I am not 18 years old, and I will not be sucked up and go along with it. I am old enough to have decided what beliefs and ideology suits me. 
The other disappointment in returning to school is that I do not have the time to carry on with my writing because of such a heavy work load. I really miss my writing. My latest novel, “Body in the Woods,” which I started over two years ago, has not been touched since. All these ideas keep swirling in my head, but there is no time to write them down.
One interesting thing though, I was invited to complete a bachelors degree in mathematics, as well as the political science degree. The head of the mathematic department said I only needed to complete five classes, one of which is the history of mathematics to complete the degree. In all honesty, I love mathematics and I even thought of going on to do a Phd in math and then teach.
That is what the department wants me to do. I would love to do that, but I also love to write and I am torn between doing a Phd and writing novels. My wife is wanting me to stay in academia and teach, but knowing the college and how liberal they are, I think I am going to go back to writing novels once I get my degree. 
I just need to find a way to gently persuade my wife not to push me towards academia. I really believe that ever since I returned to college, the creative side of my brain has become inactive. That is what happens in college- you have to stay inside the box if you want to get good grades. I think academia destroys creativity.
I say this in all honesty because one of the class I took this last semester was “research methods.” In this class I learned how to research data, but also learned how easily it is to manipulate data to reflect whatever direction or outcome you want it to. In working on a Phd thesis, all a student is really doing is collecting data for whatever subject they have chosen, and trying to disprove someone else’s work.
I also heard rumors that, if you are working towards a Phd, be prepared to be socially available to your female or male professors. Not for me. One more important thing to mention is that academia is all about ego. I know many people who have doctorate degrees live in an academic bubble. Their egos are so inflated, you can’t go near by them.
The fact is, if these people left their academic jobs and tried to get a job and survive in the real world, they would not be able to. But then, why would they? They love teaching the just come out of high school kids that they can mold into their liberal/progressive agenda. Someone like me, who is retired and challenges their ideas, causes too much friction. 
But, I will soldier on, continue to speak up and express my conservative views, perhaps inspire some of the young students in such a way that they will question the leftist ideas that are being pushed at them. I can only hope.