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July 22, 2016

Status of the Failed Coup in Turkey

The failed Turkish coup was initiated by the cleric Fethullah Gulen’s followers in the Turkish Army, whose net worth tops fifty-billion dollars and who is operating in cooperation with the CIA and FBI, and the anti-defamation league, AKA, a Jewish lobby in the US. The cleric Fethulla Gulen resides in Pennsylvania, where he has lived for over twenty years in exile and wanted by the Turkish government.

The exiled, self-proclaimed imam, who doesn't even have a high school diploma, is protected by and is in possession of a green card from the CIA. Gulen and the CIA have long been cooperating in central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and the US. The purpose of the Gulen organization is to divide Turkey. Gulen and PYD, PKK, (Kurdish terrorist organization) work together with the CIA who supports them and pulls the strings. 

It is not surprising that after the NATO meeting that took place in Poland, a week later the failed Turkish coup happened. This coup was directed against TSK (aka Turkish Armed Forces) to weaken the them as well as degrade their honor in the eyes of Turkish people. A strong Turkish Armed Forces is not to the advantage of the Western planners and their goal of completing the Greater Middle Eastern Project, which has been on their agenda since WWI. 

Its aim is to re-draw the borders of the Middle East and make room for the Greater Israeli expansion. TSK is the main obstacle in the way of this project. One more point I have to make is that the Gulen followers have been planting their people in the TSK, Police and Judical system as well as universities in Turkey since 1970s.

Although the Gulen group within the Turkish military organized the coup, it was actually planned by the CIA and NATO. From an article by Retired Admiral Turker Erturk: the planners calculated the following: 
Coup could be successful
Coup could be partially successful
Coup could fail 
Any one of these three possibilities would help the planners of the coup.

From an article by Retired Admiral Turker Erturk:
“The coup could be successful meaning that: Turkey will no longer be a democratic country, its economy will collapse, terror will escalate, a civil war erupts, the PKK will be successful in dividing Turkey’s southeast, Armenians grab land from the eastern part of Turkey, Turkey will be booted out of NATO, and Islamic terror will increase.” (Retired Admiral Turker Erturk 2016)

“The coup could be partially successful meaning that; the coup will take the Turkish military headquarters and Ankara, therefore the remaining of the TSK will fight back, the civil war will escalate and the terror groups PKK, PYD and Gulen will be successful. (PKK and PYD are supported by the US and the EU.” (Retired Admiral Turker Erturk 2016)

“The coup could be unsuccessful meaning that: President Erdogan will become increasingly authoritarian and will start a witch hunt to arrest all those in the military, police and judiciary. This is what is actually happening and will ultimately weaken the military, ISIS will increase its terror attacks, and will also result in Turkey no longer being a part of NATO. So you can see that either of those three situations are a WIN, WIN and WIN for the CIA and NATO.” (Retired Admiral Turker Erturk 2016)

What these planners did not calculate is that all the jailed generals and military personal have been called back to active duty, so there is no shortage of admirals and generals. The same goes for the judiciary, all the retired judges have been called back, and the police force, where only the upper echelon have been called back.

Let’s talk about another reality here. Iraq and Syria are now pretty much destroyed, failed states. Almost all the Syrian population has left, and Israel has accepted all the Jews from Syria. With Syria and Iraq depopulated, Turkey’s southeast will be separated by PKK, PYD. The Kurdish leader in northern Iraq, Barzani, is Jewish and the Kurds think they will finally have their own country. In reality, the greater Israeli borders will be expanded within the next ten to twenty years. 

Let's also talk about how president Erdogan came to power. During the time Erdogan was serving a jail sentence,  US Ambassador Abromowitch came to Turkey, visited Erdogan in jail and told him that he would become be the next prime minister of Turkey. Who is Erdogan? Erdogan graduated from a religious imam high school in Turkey and joined the Islamic Party. His grandfather was a well known outlaw of Greek origin and his mother was a converted Jew from Georgia.

After being released from jail, Erdogan was summoned to the US four times and coached by the anti-defamation league and given an encouragement medal. Erdogan’s party came to power in 2003. The rest is history. At that time, Gulen and Erdogan were still cooperating with each other. But then Erdogan turned his back on the US and Gulen. Erdogan became an uncontrollable dog the US could no longer control. That is why this coup was initiated by Gulen’s people in the armed forces with the directive of the CIA and NATO.