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September 4, 2016

31.08.2016 Author: F. William Engdahl

Top USA National Security Officials Admit Turkey Coup

3454353453453While the Obama Administration and the CIA officially cling to the fig leaf lie that US intelligence was innocent of any involvement in the failed July 15 coup d’ etat attempt by the CIA-run Fethullah G├╝len organization in Turkey, the truth is coming out from senior US intelligence insiders themselves. It reflects a huge internal faction struggle within US leading circles in what by all accounts is shaping to be the most bizarre Presidential election year in American history. 

September 2, 2016



Vice President Joe Biden, during his recent visit to Turkey, tried to tell the Turkish people that, “In America, we have laws and for us to turn Gulen to the Turks, we have to go through the courts and if the courts find Gulen guilty, then we will turn Gulen over to Turkey.”