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September 2, 2016



Vice President Joe Biden, during his recent visit to Turkey, tried to tell the Turkish people that, “In America, we have laws and for us to turn Gulen to the Turks, we have to go through the courts and if the courts find Gulen guilty, then we will turn Gulen over to Turkey.”

Let’s evaluate the facts. Turkey and the US have agreements. If Gulen is found guilty in Turkey, that combined with the fact that he is originally a Turkish citizen, means that American laws do not apply.

For example, if you are a dual citizen of Turkey and the US, then the US can protect you as a US citizen anywhere in the world except the country of origin. So, Gulen is Turkish born and he was charged with breaking the law in Turkey, therefore America has no right to withhold Gulen. In addition, FGulen is not a US citizen; he only has a green card issued by the CIA.

Let’s look at another scenario. The FBI investigates Gulen charter schools in the US and finds Gulen’s charter schools are not operating under US laws and naturally will attempt to turn the case over to the courts. But, the CIA interferers and the case never comes to the US courts.

Now, for Joe Biden to tell the Turks that the US is a law abiding country, he is showing himself to be a hypocrite. Biden’s mentality perfectly reflects US foreign policy mentality. The US was caught red-handed planning and executing the failed coup in Turkey last July and can’t shake this accusation from the Turks or from the world.

Remember, Turkey is a NATO member, but does not obey NATO rules anymore. Turkey now  wants to make deals with non-NATO countries. How dare Turkey to do such things like that? And, the US is waiting to see who blinks first. Well, Turkey is not blinking and will continue to  pursue its own independent foreign policy. Turkey has successfully repaired its diplomatic relations with Russia. In addition, remember that long range missile deal with China? It infuriated NATO and US weapon makers.That, too, will take place despite NATO’s objections.

Most importantly, the US finds itself helpless in the eyes of Turks and the world with respect to the coup. The coup was planned and executed by the CIA who sponsor Fetullah Gulen and his followers in Turkey. On the night of the coup, July 15, 2016, retired American ISAF General J. F. Campbell transferred 2 billion dollars from a bank in Nigeria through CIA channels to several Turkish banks. The monies were divided and delivered to certain Gulen supported generals and other officers in Turkey. A week before the coup, General J.F Campbell was in Turkey in different cities conducting the plan. 

Furthermore, General Votel said that his counterpart in Turkey is now in prison. (a Gulen follower). The coup was stopped by Kemalist officers and the Turkish people.

Finally, Turkey will no longer stand with the West and the US giving air support to Turkish units, in hope of containing ISIS. I would not be surprised if one day we see US war planes bomb Turkish land units and then apologize to Turkey that it was accidental fire, just as they did in 1992 while performing NATO drills in the Aegean Sea, when US forces fired on a Turkish frigate and sunk it along with five Turkish officers.

The US claimed that it was an accident. But, the facts are that it was no accident. The Turks bragged about their Turkish made new system on the frigate. To the US, it was ‘how dare you  brag, Turkey.’ It was obviously an insult to American pride. Then, US officials in Washington apologized that was the end of it. 

Now, can US war planes accidentally hit Turkish land units in Syria, then apologize, and get away with it? I don’t think so. It’s just the cowboy mentality that a US general might just try to do that. Remember, just like Colonel Petraeus did. With no orders, he captured, in Rambo-style, eleven Turkish officers in Iraq and jailed them on the weekend of July 4th. Why? Because the Turks humiliated the US when they did not allow US forces to go through Turkey in anticipation of invading Iraq. I call that a military harassment.

As of today, the Turkish people have gained a great deal of confidence in taking charge over how their country should be run and by whom. They performed well when the CIA planned coup failed to materialize. 

Now is the time for Turks to close down all Soros funded NGO’s and universities. Now is the time for Turks to close down all CIA operated hotels in southern Turkey, excessive US consulates, and US Chamber of Commerce offices in Turkey. Their aim is not to do business, but support the PKK and try to divide Turkey. Remember the Robert College, now Bosphorus University, was founded by an American in 1863 for the purpose of educating Armenians to uprise against the Ottoman Empire. 

Today, the Jewish Rothschild family of the UK is protecting Gulen, so it is no secret that Jewish lobby in the US is partners with the Gulen movement. In the US, it is commonly known about Gulen’s contribution to Hillary’s political agenda as well as contributing heavily to the Clinton Foundation.

If you are a Turk and still supporting Hillary, well my Turkish friends, you don’t know who your enemies are. It was Hillary and Obama’s foreign policy that started Syria’s civil war. It was Hillary and Obama’s foreign policy which contributed, planned and executed the failed coup in Turkey. It is the same leaders who support YPD, YPG, PKK. Our Kurdish brothers will be betrayed again by the US. Remember Russia has never played the Kurds like the British did.

Here is my guess about Gulen’s fate. The US will drag it into the courts maybe in three or four years. In the end, when there are no more options left to the US, they will either turn Gulen over to Turkey or they will have him assassinated by a Turk or some radical Islamist. That will solve the Gulen problem for the US.

If the US does turn Gulen back to the Turks, he will talk about the CIA’s other plans for Turkey. Also, Gulen will speak and reveal all of the identities of the 1600+ CIA field agents in different parts of the world.

The sad part of all this is that the American public has been left totally in the dark. They heard that there was a coup in Turkey and they know that the Turkish military is the protector of Turkish secular democracy. Since Turkey has had many coups in the past, this one is no different. the US media has not covered the truth of the depth of the US government and the role of the CIA in carrying out this failed coup.