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November 4, 2016

Interesting Class Assignment

For one of my political science classes, I was assigned to make telephone calls to the donors of CSU Channel Islands to thank them and express appreciation for the gifts they have given to the scholarship program. I must tell you that I was intrigued with the responses I received and the many pleasant conversations I had with our donors.

I arrived at 10:15, my assigned time, and was greeted by my superviser, a beautiful, very efficent, and articulate young women (I am assuming a millennial). She gave me the standard monologue as to what to say on the phone, but she explained that if the donors engaged in conversation, it was perfectly acceptable to carry on, otherwise it was merely a quick “thank you for your support.”

She also mentioned that the people I would be calling were of wealth, and she had assigned these particular donors for me to call due to my age (no, I was not offended). I responded, “You were correct in your choices, as I have dealt with people of both status and wealth.”

I was assigned to an oppulant office. I sat down in my chair, put the monologue in front of me and dialed the first number.

“Hello, good morning. My name is Behcet Kaya and I am calling on behalf of the student body of CSU Chanel Islands and I want to thank you for your generous gift to the scholarship program.”

“You are very welcome,” said the baritone voice on the other side.

I continued, “Mr. xxx, your generous gift to the scholarship fund makes a great difference. I personally have seen some of the students living out of their cars; and your contribution helps our students get through the program and hence finish their degrees. What better way than to invest in these young minds, especially those who are so determined to finish. We can safely say that the funds you provided are well worth it.”

“So, are you a student at Channel Islands? What is your major?”

“Well, sir. I am studying political science and mathematics, a dual major.”

“Woooo, two different subjects.”

“Yes, sir. Actually, I am a retired mechanical engineer.”

“I admire your energy.”

“Well, sir. To be honest, I am actually a senior citizen. I think anybody could do it, provided they did not abuse their bodies. I’m a non-smoker, exercise regularly, and am blessed with good genes. Actually, my mind is much more active than my body and am relieved that I only have one more  semester, and I will be finished.”

“Why mathematics?”

“When I applied for a degree in political science, the admission office advised that I needed to take some mathematics classes from a community college. I objected, on the basis that in order to study engineering, I had to take a great deal of math classes. After carefully evaluating my previous math credits, I was told that I had completed so many math classes,  that I only needed five more classes to complete a Bacholars Degree in math. I said to myself, what the heck, I will do those classes and get that piece of paper.”

Laughter. “Why political science?”

“Because I want to write political books. I am interested in writing about political issues, and a degree in political science will silence the critics from asking, “What qualifies you to write about these subjects?" By the way, I am the author of three novels.”

“I very much would like to check out your novels. I’m on my way to Texas at the moment. Do you have a pen and something to wirite on?”

“Yes, sir. I am in the office.”

“Here. Take my e-mail address and shoot me an e-mail with your book details.”

“I certainly will, sir. You have a great day.”

“You too my friend.”