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December 19, 2016

Condolences to the Karlov family

My heartfelt condolences to Ambassador Andrey Karlov’s family and to the Russian people.

Karlov was the first ambassador ever assassinated in Turkey. Turkey failed to protect the life of a diplomat who was under its responsibility. That is a shame for Turkey. It is the responsibility of the government to remove this burden from the shoulders of Turkey and the Turkish people. But how? Most of the AKP and its personal are under-educated. Who do you blame when the president doesn’t even have a university diploma?

This assassination took place in what is supposed to be a maximum security area where most of the embassies are located, as well as the Banking Regulations and Supervision Agency (BDDK), the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the Court Appeals and the Russian Trade Office.
This is a major embarrassment to Turkish security. If the Turks can’t get to the bottom of this crime, there will be major consequences to the strength of the Turkish security system.
In addition, this heinous murder of a Russian diplomat took place at the time when Turkey and Russia have good relations going, What it looks like to anyone who has sense, is that this murder was done to put tension between the two countries. Who really benefits from this? Ask yourselves that question. 

Out of seventeen wars between the two countries, ten of those wars were initiated by western imperialism. The western powers never wanted Turkey and Russia to have good relations. President Putin and Russian people understand why this murder took place

It's also obvious that this attack purposely took place before the meeting of the Turkish foreign minister, who is scheduled to hold talks in Moscow to further the Turkish/Russian partnership. 

In contrast, the hard fact is that relations between America and Turkey have come to their lowest point, and I will go so far as to personally say the bilateral relationship with US and Turkey has, in effect, ended.

We all know who benefits from this tension between Turkey and Russia. Who do we blame? Of curse the powers who do not want this alliance are to blame, but it is, in reality, Turkey’s inability to prevent events such as this from taking place. Turkey must do its best to protect all diplomats.

I hope that both the Russians and the Turks come to their senses, cooperate and share intelligence information to prevent further killings, and to find the root of the killer’s connections. This attack is both on Turkey and Russia.