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January 5, 2017

Navarre Beach

I took two weeks off over the Christmas holidays and we spent time at our cottage in Navarre Beach, Florida which is known as "The best kept secret in Florida." 

Everyday I was on the beach as if I would never come here again. 

You might wonder what is so special about Navarre Beach? It is special, with sugar white, smooth beaches and friendly people. I have walked the beaches in California, but there is no comparison. In CA, the gummy petroleum sticks to my feet and I cannot get it off for days.

Finally, I have made my mind up. We are moving to our cottage in Florida permanently. Perhaps I will maintain here in Southern California a small residence, because most of my activities are here.

But, Navarre is where I want to live.

For years I have been away from the Atlanta film market, and it is an easy reach from Pensacola to Atlanta and I have an address there, too. So as soon as I graduate in May from California State University Channel Islands, we are heading for our new home in Navarre Beach.