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April 23, 2017

Fundraising Dos and Don’ts

What I learned from my fund raising class really opened my eyes wide. I had this misconception that when one fundraised, one had to appeal to the donor’s apathy to give for a good cause.

Well, the good cause part is okay, but what I did not really realize is that nonprofit leadership is the service to do good in our society.

Our society has accepted open market capitalism for the  reason that other systems have failed to provide a good living to all people. So, in a capitalist system, citizens are free to accumulate wealth.

Fair enough, but there are common enemies such as diseases that no one, even the government can tackle and solve.

So, in comes fundraising to overcome these common obstacles. In fundraising we are not begging, we are offering an opportunity to meet the donor’s needs. Philanthropists need nonprofit leaders. Do not assume philanthropists know what you need.

Ask questions.

Communicate the changes you will make in peoples lives. 

Find out why people give. What is their interest in giving?

Expect that they will have checked you out. Make fund raising a strategic planning process from the beginning.

Learn that there are different motivations and preferred vehicles for giving.