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September 8, 2017

Success Can Come When You Least Expect It

You have known me long enough to know I enjoy writing about things that are most important to me. The last several months have been a real eye-opener. I mean, you work hard in life trying to reach your goals, your dreams, but, sometimes you try so hard and never make much progress.


My wife and I lived in southern California for more than 23 years. The reasons we moved out there were two-fold. It had always been one of my wife’s dreams to live in California. And, my motives were obvious. I wanted to be in the entertainment business. I have been training in acting and theatre almost all my adult life and have numerous credits that I don’t even list them all on my resume on IMdB.

For many years we enjoyed our life in California, making many wonderful friends, enjoying gatherings, and traveling throughout the beautiful state.

I wrote and published three novels, and all three have garnered excellent reviews. My last novel, Road to Siran, won a literary prize from Feathered Quill.

After graduating from CSUCI and receiving my political science degree this past May, (mind you I was still taking acting classes while working on the degree), we decided to move to Florida.

Reasons? Many.

I never realized how ultra-liberal our colleges and universities have become, both within the classroom and around campus. In attending CSUCI, it become very apparent that if I expressed my opinions in class (and I happen to be a very vocal person), and if my opinions were opposite those of the professor’s, I was either ridiculed or ignored. Even so, I managed to keep a decent grade point average and earned A’s and B’s in all my classes except for one. That particular professor was more adamant than the rest. We butted heads daily, and he awarded me a D+.

So, I finally reached the point where I knew I had had enough with this nonsense. My wife had been wanting to move back east for several years. Her patience with the liberal politics of California wore out well before mine.
In addition, she had inherited a small cottage in Navarre from her mother and wished to live there full-time.

We talked for many months. Should we move? Should we stay? The political reasons for both of us had become obvious. And, the economic reasons just made perfect sense. With both of us retired and on fixed incomes, why pay exorbitant rent when we had a home with no mortgage? Why pay California state income tax, when Florida had none? Gas prices and food? No comparison. And, we would be closer to our daughter and grandchildren.

The momentous decision made, we packed up, hired movers for the household items, and shipped both our cars. The afternoon the movers finished and drove off, we left for LAX. In the space of less than twelve hours we were no longer Californians, but Floridians.

In the beginning, I must admit, I had a very hard time adjusting. Everything is different here. The weather, the people, the entire atmosphere. Slowly, I began to realize how much better life in Florida is. I love my afternoons at Starbuck’s reading and writing, and my wife and I take walks together on the beach every evening. In fact, I have lost 37 pounds, my high blood pressure has and my sugar levels have lowered.

My wife could not be happier. She enjoys her morning coffee on the back patio, her solitary morning walks on the beach, and loves to putter around in the yard. For her, her dream of living in Seashell Cottage has become a reality.

Come to think of it, I don’t think either one of us want to live anywhere but Navarre, Florida.

Getting back to my wanting to succeed in the film business. It didn’t happen in California where I assumed it would, but it is happening now that we are in Florida. Murder on the Naval Base, I am proud say, is currently in the process of being adapted into a film. The screenplay is nearly completed and we are waiting to hear about financing.

Also, I recently signed a contract with The Wayne Agency for adult theatrical and commercial representation. You see my point? Now that we moved to Florida, all my dreams are coming true. I guess life insisted that I wait until I was settled in the right place.

You never know when opportunity will come knocking on your door. But, when it does, you had better to be ready to grab on and take it, no matter where it occurs.