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December 11, 2017

Film Treatment for "Road to Siran"

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Treatment for a feature film about a young woman who travels from Los Angeles to her father’s village in northeastern Turkey to find answers about her father’s past.

From the Award Winning Novel Written and created by Behcet Kaya



Erin Ozcomert, a beautiful graduate student at UCLA, has always felt compelled to learn more about the little known stories of her father; stories that have been hidden from her since his death several years before. Leaving modern day Los Angeles, Erin is swept into the ancient customs and traditions of her father’s village in northeastern Turkey. What she learns there is not at all what she had expected to find.


As seen through the eyes of Erin Ozcomert, a young, beautiful graduate student at UCLA, readers are swept from modern day Los Angeles to the ancient customs, civilization and heritage of an area in Northeastern Turkey, Siran, by the Black Sea, ruled for centuries by the Ottoman Empire.

In this sequel to the intriguing saga of Voice of Conscience, we come to know a young woman determined to investigate the mysterious suicide of her father.

The deeper Erin digs to unravel the pieces to the unsolved puzzle and the reasons that led her father to suicide, the more confusing and dangerous her life becomes. To complicate matters further, while Erin follows the dreadful path of her long, dark journey in her quest for truth, she runs into an old college professor and light begins to shine upon her as a sizzling romance begins. During her intimate relationship with Harry, she begins to realize he also hides dark secrets.


Erin Ozcomert, 21, just graduated from UCLA, on a quest to learn about her father’s past

Professor Harry Rattcliff, 34, archeology professor at UCLA,


Fatma Ozkoy, Erin’s aunt

Shahin Ulusoy, tall, slender, dark hair, high cheek bones, Erin’s half-brother

Chaeli Ulusoy, mid-50s, blonde, beautiful, Shahin’s mother

Nurten, young, slender, dark hair, lives with Erin’s Aunt Fatma

Bulent Ozcomert, Erin’s cousin, early 20’s, dark hair, dark eyes, high cheek bones

Erdal, chief of police for Topkapi Museum

Dr. Abraham Ozel


Elicia, 21, Erin’s best friend

Ozcan, Erin’s boyfriend during her first year at UCLA

Megan, Erin’s mother

Grampa, Erin’s grandfather

Brittany Ozcomert, 19, Erin’s younger sister

Brian, Erin’s current boyfriend


Zofre, Fatma’s sister

Harkan Ozcomert, tall, elderly man, gray beard, Erin’s great-great uncle

Halis Ozcomert, elderly man, Erin’s great-great uncle

Burhan Ozcomert, Erin’s cousin

Ozlem Ozcomert, Erin’s cousin

Four men, Erin’s protectors

Inspector Gonul, average height, average build, Turkish

Inspector Demirci, average height, average build, Turkish

Chief Inspector Derian, Turkish

Heavy-set woman inspector,

Director Ozan, director of the Topkapi Museum

Prison guard

British ambassador

Inspector Najia Harry’s police escort while serving time in jail

Old Turkish man, violin player


The forward door of the 767 closed with a thud and Erin’s heart begins to pound. She has begun her journey that will take her back to her father’s homeland to unravel the truth about his mysterious suicide. During the flight, she remembers back to the first time she broached the subject of going to Turkey to her mother, Megan, and the shocking bit of information she imparted.

As her plane descends into JFK, she makes an impetuous decision to spend a few days in Istanbul, rather than going directly to Atamkoy, her father’s village. During her flight from JFK to Istanbul, she reminisces over her three years of college, her graduation from UCLA, and the nasty fight with her boyfriend, Brian, about her trip.


Stepping of the plane in Istanbul her senses are assailed with a cacophony of sights, sounds, and smells. All she can think of utter chaos. Calling her mom to tell her of the change of plans, she is met with concern and ultimately her safety in a strange city. After calming her mother’s fears, she stands out on the balcony of her room, taking in the view of the Bosporus, the afternoon sun, and thinks about her father. He had lived here, walked here, worked here, and tried to stay alive here.

The next morning at breakfast, Erin spots a familiar face, one of her professors, Dr. Harry Rattcliff, who teaches a summer class in archeology at Bosporus University. Tall, slim and attractive, he is the man every woman would love to have as her own.

For several days, Erin begins her journey of being a tourist, visiting many of the historic sights of Istanbul. At night she is wined and dined by Harry who takes her to several high class nightclubs. It doesn’t take long for Erin to fall head over heels in love with him. But little does she know that the man of her dreams has a deep, dark secret at the bottom of his heart.

During one of her tours, she takes a ferry ride up the Bosporus. Passing under Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, the second bridge connecting West to East, from somewhere behind her she begins to hear someone playing a violin, music she has never heard before. As the sound becomes more intense, the crowded noisy deck falls silent. Her eyes fill with tears, tears she had not even shed at her father’s funeral. At that moment she feels completely lost.

But, in being enveloped in a sense of being completely lost, the vision of every detail of her father’s funeral and its aftermath returns to her. How it devastated the family more than with just his death, but with the revelation that he was responsible for the deaths of five men.

Erin stops being a tourist and begins to research newspapers to find anything she can about her father. She finds what she hopes she would not, articles about the murders her father committed, all described in gruesome detail, including a picture. It referred to an unidentified man who had mysteriously disappeared, Erin recognizes the man in the picture. “Oh, my God. That's Dad!” Her father was a murderer...

Erin’s last night in Istanbul culminates in an intimate evening with Harry. The next morning, as she wakes up in his arms, she realizes how complete, safe and free she feels. Safe enough to tell him about her father and the truth about the journey she is on.


Leaving Istanbul and flying into Erzincan, the closest airport to Atamkoy, she rents a car. Driving through treacherous, winding mountain roads, Erin reaches Siran, where she stops, feeling she cannot go any further. Checking into a small hotel, she tries to reach some of her family members in the village. Several calls later, she is referred to her Aunt Fatima Ozkoy and leaves a message that she will arrive the next day.

During the five kilometer drive between Siran and Atamkoy, thoughts keep swirling in her head. What am I doing here? What will happen once the truth is known? Upon entering the village, she feels as if she is entering an ethereal world, a pastoral scene of farmland, tall trees, and colorful houses. Beyond, were mountains to high, snow still covered the upper elevations.

Pulling into the driveway of the Ozcomert homestead, Erin approaches a woman standing on the front steps dressed in layers of long skirts and sweaters, with richly embroidered scarves covering her head and a warm and happy smile on her face. Aunt Fatma envelopes Erin in her strong, comforting arms and Erin does not want to let go.

As they walk into the beautifully kept old home, she meets Nurtin, her aunt’s helper, who takes Erin up to her rooms. Nurtin runs a bath for Erin. As she immerses her body in the warm, sweet smelling bubble-bath, the last thing she remembers is laying her head back against the head rest, closing her eyes, and wondering why her head hurt so badly.

The next thing she remembers is someone calling her name and is surprised to see Nurten standing over her with a worried look on her face. Aunt Fatma explains to Erin that she had fainted, the doctor, Dr. Ozel, had been called and she must stay in bed and rest. For the next two days Erin complies with the doctor’s request.

On her third evening with her aunt, Erin is permitted to come down for dinner. She and her aunt begin to discuss what Erin has been dreading since she arrived. Afterwards, Aunt Fatma takes Erin up to her father’s rooms, which have remained just as if he had never left. There her aunt presents Erin with a very special gift, her grandmother's journal which had been written for Erin’s father.

Erin begins reading her grandmother’s journal, kept hidden only for her eyes. This technique brings quite an enjoyable dimension to the story, cleverly interlaced with Erin’s emotions while uncovering her heritage and is an integral part of the story.

Finishing her grandmother’s journal, Erin hugs it close to her, closes her eyes and sleeps. The next morning she wakes feeler stronger and calmer. At breakfast, Erin gathers her courage to ask her aunt what happened the night of the murders, the night her father disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.

Aunt Fatma, reliving the horrors of the night of the murders, describes in detail what happened and why vengeance is still a part of life in parts of Turkey. She also informs Erin that someone else came recently looking for her father, someone by the name of Dr. Shahin Ulusoy.

The next several days Erin enjoys getting to know her new family, her cousin Bulent, her aunt Zofre and many more of the clan, sharing in chores, preparing meals, visiting areas of the village, and joining in the Mevlut for her father. She also repeatedly tries to get in contact with Harry with no luck.

On the following Monday, the calm and peaceful world that Erin has found in her father’s village is shattered. Aunt Fatma informs Erin that the Korucu clan knows she is in the village and fears that they are planning harm to come to her.

Ancient customs and traditions die hard in this part of Turkey, including the seeking of justice for what had happened so long ago. There are hurried plans to whisk her out of the village and back to Istanbul, much to her protests.


Back in Istanbul, and still unable to get in touch with Harry, Erin feels lost. She makes an impulsive decision to call the stranger who had come to the village looking for her father. Calling the telephone number, she is confronted with perplexing circumstances, as she finds herself speaking the Shahin’s mother, Chaeli.

After a short-lived cat and mouse game, Erin and Chaeli agree to meet face to face. Once more Erin’s world is rocked as Chaeli informs her that she has a half-brother. Trying to absorb the shock, Erin requests a meeting.

When Erin opens the door to greet Shahin and Chaeli, all she could do is stare at the man who looks and sounds like her father. Overwhelmed with emotion, Erin begins to lose consciousness. Shahin steps in and takes over, comforting Erin. As she begins to feel better, brother and sister begin to get to know one another.

The next day, Erin is in a quandary, bolstered by meeting her brother, but disillusioned with the unexplained disappearance of Harry. Leaving the breakfast room, she is confronted by two strangers, who identify themselves as Inspectors Gonul and Demirci. They advise her that they have orders to bring her in for questioning.

At police headquarters, Erin is placed in an interrogation room, where she is questioned regarding her knowledge of Harry and a moment by moment accounting of her days in Turkey. As the interrogation continues, Erin threatens to call the American Embassy, at which point the officer questioning her, pulls back from her threats of formally detaining Erin, and informs her that the police have had Harry under surveillance for some time and that he is presently in their custody.

After six hours, the interrogation abruptly ends, with the officer asking Erin if there is someone that can come for her. Her first thought is her brother. Shahin and Erin leave the police station and return to her hotel, where Shahin is insistent that she tell him everything about Harry.

The next day, Shahin and Erin spend time touring the Topkapi Museum and then enjoy a quiet dinner together. The connection between brother and sister quickly develops into an unbreakable bond. During dinner, Erin informs Shahin she plans to return to America the next day.

Early the next morning, Erin is awakened by a loud knock on her hotel door. When she looks through the peephole, there stands a disheveled Harry leaning against the wall. After his begging, Erin finally opens the door allowing Harry in. What ensues is a very heated discussion about Harry’s whereabouts, his long and sometimes incoherent explanation of being dragged into dealings with a dirty cop, by the name of Erdal, who blackmailed him.

Not knowing whether to accept his outlandish tales, Erin tells Harry she doesn’t want any part of him. Harry, in desperation, tells Erin he has come to ask her to marry him. Unable to believe him, she opens the door and asks him to leave. Harry slowly walks toward the door, hesitates, and then walks out of her suite and out of her life.

When Shahin arrives to take Erin to the airport for her flight home, she tells her brother of Harry’s unbelievable tale. Much to her surprise, Shahin tells her it is not all that far out of the realm of possibility if Erdal is involved, recounting the story of another brilliant archeologist who was blackmailed by Erdal.


During her flight from Istanbul to JFK, Erin is overcome with guilt at fighting with Harry and not believing him, knowing that with him she had felt…Happy. Free. Herself.

Finally arriving home, Erin and her mother have a long-awaited discussion regarding both Harry and Erin’s father, and all that had happened in the village. A purging of the souls of both mother and daughter.

Several weeks later, the family is seated around the dinner table when the doorbell rings. Erin’s sister, Brittany, disappears to find out who it is, only to return with a funny look on her face. She tells Erin that there is some gorgeous man by the name of Hatliff asking for her.

Erin is stunned and looks over at her mother, who is smiling. She asks her sister to show Harry into the library. When she enters the room, there he stands with a momentary worried look on his face, then opens his arms, enfolding Erin in his strong embrace.