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February 25, 2018

Proxy Wars in Syria, What's Behind the Curtain?

"Trump, We Want Turkey"

The following was authored by Ergun Diler, posted on YouTube in Turkish, and translated by Behcet Kaya

**Translating from Turkish (from a YouTube video, no less) into English was not an easy task. My hope is that you concentrate on substance, rather than grammatical structure.**

The old players continue their war in a new battleground. In the old days, the games were played elsewhere, but this time the players are very close to us on our Turkish borders. Turkey simply can’t turn its back to this scenario. Turkey has been pushed into this battleground and because of this, the US plan for the Middle East has changed. Turkish Armed Forces have advanced beyond its borders, shocking the International community. The reflex of Turkish politics is that, when someone pushes the Turkish button, it is like the bow and arrow. The bow was pulled to its limit and the arrow was released. The arrow this time will hit the nerve of the battleground. This is the scenario in the Middle East.

The problem in the Middle East is America. It wants to manage the Middle East with Israel and with its hired foot soldiers, YPG/YPD/PKK, because America still thinks that it can make decisions on its own accord and carry them out in the Middle East. In other words, the US says what it wishes, and it will happen because of being a superpower. The US wants to carry out its secret plans with Israel and YPG/YPD/PKK.

The CIA revealed its plans to interfere in 81 elections around the world as it desires to its favor. In the past the CIA was successful in its covert operations. One of which was in 1952 in Iran, overthrowing the democratically elected government. In 1953 Guatemala were overthrown by CIA.

But this is not possible in today’s world (although it did succeed in the Turkish elections). There are many examples of these plans, one of which was the Obama administration’s interference to overthrow Netanyahu in Israel’s election. Most of the US oil comes from the Middle East and the importance of this energy must be managed by Washington.

If we accept this scenario, it is easy to understand the games that are being played behind the curtain. Turkey becomes the American rival because what America wants threatens Turkey’s security. What America wants is being thwarted with the Turkish State and Armed Forces in the way. It obstructs the American plan of the new borders in the Middle East. It is not Russia, it is not Germany, it is not France either. It is Washington’s rivalry is the United Kingdom. Surprise? No! And then it is the unplanned existence of Turkey. Turkey breaks Washington’s plan.

So now, how does America move forward to achieve this plan? By weakening the Turkish State and its Armed Forces. Somehow it is succeeding in doing that. From the famous CIA agent, Henry Burke, “Together with AKP, we have managed to chop the wings of the Turkish Military.”

How did they do that? By fabricating false evidence that the Turkish Military was planning to overthrow the democratically elected government, AKP. As a result, 247 of the higher and lower ranking officers were tried and sentenced to jail. The CIA through its affiliate, Fetullah Gulen, orchestrated a coup de ta, and it failed. Since 2013 Turkey is the one who is throwing obstacles on the American plan and is succeeding.

The prime minister of Britain, Theresa May, went directly to Turkey after meeting with Trump in Washington. She did not even stop in London but flew directly to Ankara. This was the first indication of disagreements between the White House and the Deep State Pentagon. Trump is wanting to take Turkey on his side, but the Pentagon refuses to work with Turkey. Why? Because the current Turkey is not the old Turkey, and it has a foreign policy independent of Washington.

The American plan is to make the two old NATO allies, US and UK, take opposite sides in the Middle East. While the Trump administration is making its plan to confront the UK by taking Turkey on its side, the Pentagon is opposing it. The Pentagon and the Deep State in Washington believe that in order to tackle the UK in the Middle East, it has to weaken Turkey for whatever it costs. Turkey has to pay the price for the US to succeed in the Middle East battleground against UK.

Turkey must be weakened by internal civil war, by PKK attacks, and by Daesh attacks, all of which the CIA has been supporting PKK since 1984. There have been a number of attacks by Daesh and Turkey has been fighting the PKK for four decades.

The Deep State Washington plan is to weaken Turkey and to make YPG/YPD/PKK a country in northern Syria by taking lands from Turkey Iran and Iraq. Whether the Deep State plan succeeds or not is in question, but America persistently tries. Currently the plan is being slowed down by Turkish advancement in their economy. Turkey has become 17th in world economy. It would have become the 10th economic power had it not spent billions of dollars fighting PKK on its soil. One of the major damages done to Turkey was to its Southeastern Anatolian Project, which came to a halt because of PKK attacks in Southeastern Turkey.

America’s plan is for the YPG/YPD/PKK to reach Mediterranean coastline. This is more important than YPG and its affiliates becoming a country. For this reason, US tries the old plans and as the circumstances change, the US renews its plans and creates more plans to weaken Turkey.

Under the Middle East geography there exist vast oil and natural gas fields, and this is the reason for all these fights and of course expanding Israel’s borders. Turkey vs Syria, Turkey vs US, Turkey vs Russia, Turkey vs Israel and Iraq, US vs UK. Everyone is fighting the proxy war in Syria. Everyone is fighting with the other. All of these fights are to have power to control the Middle East energy pool, otherwise the Middle East would have been like an African country no one bothers to know.

One of the biggest energy companies in the US, Noble Energy, discovered the largest deposits of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, along the coastline with Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Cyprus. “The Leviathan Field” is the name of this energy deposit and the powers that are fighting the proxy wars in Syria are wanting to put their hands on these fields. The most important governments are Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. The US plan is after weakening Turkey, the next target will be Lebanon.

With the help of the UK, Lebanon has become an enemy to the US. The British government openly revealed its plans to support the Lebanese government with high tech weapons. This is no secret, it is in the news media. The British interior minister explained the Lebanese importance to the UK and then the Lebanese Prime minister came to Turkey and explained the US secret plan for the Middle East.

On February 9, 2018, the Lebanese government leader, Michael Oan, made an important move and reached an agreement with Russia and others to counter the US Middle East plan. And if you look at this scenario, Russian cooperation with Turkey strengthens Russia’s hand. The US knows this and plans to change the government in Turkey. That is the main interference in Turkish elections by CIA, and the Washington is not going to change its mind. If Turkey’s government is changed and it aligns itself on the side of US, then Washington will be the most powerful actor in the Middle East.

Both the Pentagon and Israel will attack Lebanon to change the scenario to US/Israel’s favor. They will start a military operation in Lebanon and the Lebanese coastline of energy fields will have US and Israel’s flagged Naval ships. In this Naval operation, China becomes the weaker power. US/Israeli plan will of course cut off the Chinese energy needs. Israel and Greek Cyprus continually plan different games for this plan even if it is a fruitless plan. The purpose is to usurp $100 trillion worth of energy fields in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. In a secret report by the Noble Energy Company, at least $60 trillion worth of natural gas fields exist under the Leviathan field in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Because of this Lebanon is critically important to fight over.

The US has shown its intentions by proxy wars with different groups against Russia. The Russian NAVAL BASES have been attacked by US support groups. The US fired Tomahawk missiles fired from US ships in the Mediterranean Sea to hit Syrian bases and the excuse was Assad used biological gas on population. In truth it was Russian supported groups that used the biological weapons. These attacks indicate that the US wants Russian bases in Syria gone.

Because of this, Russian support of Turkey in Afrin is logical and Turkey’s purchase of Russian S-400 missiles is logical also. Another point to make is that Turkey, a NATO member country, is buying Russian made S-400 missile system, from Russia who is rival to NATO is strange. Turkey’s purchase of S-400 missile system from Russia is to use it to protect itself from NATO.

Russia does not want to confront US by itself, it wants to do it with Turkey. Whoever Turkey chooses to side with is the winner of the Middle East wars. Remember, the Russian SU-24 fighter jet supposedly shot down by Turkey and the assassination of a Russian ambassador were both done by CIA through FETO people in the Turkish Air Force and the police. This was done to put a wedge between Turkey and Russia, but Putin did not buy into this plan. Instead Russia and Turkey grew closer.

But Turkey saw this danger and it did not want to be an instrument to either power. Turkey acted on its own accord and invaded Afrin. No one expected this, and Turkey is the one who will know the end results of this game. If Turkey did nothing it would have never seen the end game. So, without Turkey no powers will succeed, and this is true for the gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean and the oil fields of Middle East.

Turkey has strengthened its hand in this game. These were the games that were planned by the US to weaken Turkey’s military in the 2015 coup. After the coup Turkey disparately needed F-16 fighter jet pilots and it wanted to hire Pakistani pilots, but the US interfered and as a result 247 military officers were called for duty. PKK attacks in South Eastern Turkey continued, as well as Daesh attacks in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.

The super powers in the Middle East did not want to include Turkey in sharing the energy sources in its own backyard. Turkey is not the old Turkey, and they saw this in Afrin. After seven years of Syrian civil war, continuously supporting terrorist YPG/YPD/PKK with 5000 truckloads of superior weapons, and spending billions in Syrian conflict, it is obvious to see why Afrin is a very important strategic place. Especially after YPG and its affiliates built more than 50 kilometers of underground tunnels to prepare for Turkish assault and in the end all became useless.

Turkey is now a power in the Middle East, not siding with either side, but on its own.