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February 18, 2018

Strategic Importance of Afrin, Syria

I begin with an apology to my readers. I have not been active lately in writing for my blog. My excuse? Actually, two valid ones. I am about to finish my fourth novel titled, “Treacherous Estate.” In addition, I am involved in developing one of my other novels, “Murder on the Naval Base,” into a movie.

However, there is a very important development staring me in the face. I must get it out and write about it to inform my esteemed American friends about what is happening in the Middle East.

You may well ask, what makes me an expert on Middle East politics? In obtaining my political science degree, I specialized in Middle East and American foreign policy. I also read and listen to news from both here in America and in Turkey, as well as Al Jazeera, France News, and TRT World daily.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get to it.

It must be pointed out that, at the moment, the American national interest priority should not be the Middle East, but rather in the Pacific, including North Korea, China, and Russia. However, the powerful Jewish lobby in America has succeeded in pulling back foreign policy makers to stay in the Middle East and complete the execution of the American/Israeli plan.

What plan you ask? A plan for Israel that was created by Mossad in 1980s, first put into action in 1990s, and continues up to present day. The final part of the plan was to secure Afrin, Syria, and then Hatay, which is a Turkish territory. To accomplish this, the strategy was to set up a decoy in Afrin, pull in and capture the Turks and Turkish land, and then celebrate the conquest. The result would be a long Kurdish corridor along northern Syria all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. The end game was for Israel to annex this Syrian Kurdish corridor, thus increasing its entire land mass.

Now this American/Israeli plan concerning the Middle East has been clearly revealed to the world. We Turks knew about it long before it came into the open, and we have been preparing for it. Not surprisingly, America and its allies in Europe can’t get used to the “new” Turkey and its foreign policy, nor what the Turks have been able to accomplish.

It must be noted that there has been no public word from Israel, except that they openly supported the Kurdish corridor in Northern Syria. In addition, the FETO group, which is affiliated with the CIA, also supported this plan, along with one of the opposition parties, HDP, in Turkey.

America along with its partners, YPG/YPD/PKK, formed their coalition and were waiting for just the right time to complete the final execution. That right time happened to be spring of this year, 2018.

America has continued to support the YPG/YPD/PKK in all possible capacities, including a long-term stay in Afrin. Ingenious mountain tunnels and fortresses were built in strategic places. These structures were built so elaborately that there was no possible way the YPG or its affiliates could have had the knowledge or the capacity to complete them on their own.

Who then helped the YPG/YPD/PKK accomplish such a task? It was through the help of their Western/European allies. The plans for their fortresses were designed by Germans, the concrete material was supplied by the French, and the whole enterprise was financed by the US with the money channeled through Islamic countries. Saudi Arabia and all of the Gulf countries have participated.

American special forces also have been training YPG/YPD/PKK for a long time. The Kurdish forces used to be a rag-tag army of undisciplined men. After receiving their training from the American special forces, they have become a disciplined and trained entity. However, they operate in civilian clothes and operate among civilians and school children. When foreign journalists ask why, they lie about it and give the answer that Turks fire under any uniform.

So, now they had long term supplies of food and medicine, and American supplied weapons stored in the tunnels under the mountains of Afrin; as well as ample living quarters.

Once the Afrin war began, CIA/MOSSAD would initiate a plan in Turkey for a civil war and their partners, DAESH and PKK, would begin terrorist attacks. Turkey would have been thrown into chaos and it would have easily been managed. Afrin would have been a piece of cake, then Hatay, a Turkish territory, would have been no problem to be annexed to Afrin.

To backtrack for just a moment, the first obstacle the coalition encountered was in 2016 in Cereblus, located in the middle part of northern Syrian corridor, and has been dubbed the Turkish “Euphrates Shield” Operation.

Despite the defeat in Cereblus, the coalition remained in control of Afrin. They had 30,000 trained YPG/YPD/PKK troops waiting in Menbic ready to support the Afrin groups. This American coalition plan was not just the combat operation in Afrin, but it would tie Turkey’s hand with other CIA plans and the internal civil war scenario.

Once again, the coalition hit a wall. While the American coalition was waiting to start a full-scale invasion this spring, the Turks initiated their own Afrin operation, calling it the “Olive Branch Operation.”

What the coalition didn’t take into account was that the Turkish armed forces have trained for years in the severe weather conditions and operate extremely well at night. To them, day and night make no difference.

Turkey informed the Syrian Embassy in Istanbul of their intentions to attack Afrin and clear it of all terrorists. The invasion of Afrin began on January 20, 2018. The Turkish Air Force and land forces hit the points of importance in both Afrin and Menbic areas heavily, and within the first week of operations all strategic points in Afrin were captured.
How? Turkey no longer depends on CIA intelligence sharing. Instead, Turkish armed forces have developed excellent intelligence inside Syria, as well as their own satellite and drone technology. It must be remembered that Syria was part of the Ottoman Empire before WWI and its people still look upon Turks are their savior.

All the Turkish weapons and technology are produced by Turkish engineers and Turkish companies. This has given the Turkish armed forces the advantage in spotting YPG/YPD/PKK tunnels, mines, and weapon storage facilities.

Last year, Turkish armed forces informed the American Embassy to immediately clear certain areas in Syria where American special forces were located. Within ten minutes the Turks had bombed the hell out of YPG’s American weapons depot. This was, to say the least, unnerving to Americans. It was clearly a case of “how dare they.” The problem for America is that they cannot get used to the “new” Turkey, however, they did not openly protest what the Turks did, nor did they do anything about it.

For Turks, the ability to completely surround Afrin in less than a week is remarkable on its own, but it is not the end of it. They are not in a hurry, which imparts a necessary psychological disadvantage on YPG. The Turks have been careful not to harm civilians, despite their goal of totally eradicating YPG/YPD/PKK from Afrin.

Turkish armed forces do not want to destroy cities. Instead, whenever they capture YPG soldiers, they obtain new information, and flex their tactics accordingly, a slow but thorough process. The result is YPG/YPD/PKK are pissed off at their bosses, the American/European powers, as they experience heavy casualties. The proportion of war deaths is 20/1 in favor Turks.

As of the 28th day of the war, the YPG/YPD/PKK are afraid to pull back, afraid to go forward, and their only priority at this point is to get their allies and bosses to stop the Turkish assault. That is all they are doing. In response, their supporters are spreading fake news on social media. As they do, Turkish hackers counter the false news.

“Now we are destroyed,” says a PKK spokesman.

Before this current onslaught began, they were so sure they had America behind them with heavy weaponry to support their cause. Today, the PKK is desperate, and they have begun to realize that America has outright sold them out.

All YPG/YPD/PKK’s weapons depots in Afrin have been revealed and have now been destroyed one by one by the Turks. America observes, but does not say a word. It’s not just the weapons being destroyed, but with it the long-term dream of having northern Syria carved out for Kurds, and eventually the greater Israeli boundaries expanded. The whole American/Israeli plan has now hit a wall with Turkey’s intervention.

Furthermore, it’s not just Israel’s Middle East plan. Now, both America and European powers seriously debate where they have come, and where they stand in international politics. Western powers are especially afraid to lose Turkey, because Turkey is a pivotal balance in international power sharing.

Also, NATO is in danger if Turkey allies with the east (Russia/China). Within NATO itself, other member nations are starting to question NATO. At this point, YPG/YPD/PKK and the western powers are desperately looking to find an answer of how to come out of this mire. Without Turkey the Chinese Silk Road will succeed in their favor and the global power shifts to the east.

There is one final conclusion we can draw from this scenario. We know America is a superpower and an example to all free and democratic countries. However, America, by partnering with a terrorist organization such as YPG/YPD/PKK has only succeeded in lowering its image in the eyes of the world.