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March 3, 2018

Secret Meetings of the West Revealed

The following article was translated by Behcet Kaya from the youtube authored by Ergun Diler 

Things have gotten really chaotic not only in Syria and the Middle East, but in the world. The world did not expect Turkey’s invasion of Afrin. Even though this was a possibility, the big planners of the west never had it in their mind to think that Turkey would or could make the move into Syria.

But Turkey, with firm decision, made the move and is slowly advancing in its aim to clean Afrin from the terrorist (America’s paid solders) YPG/YPD/PKK. The Middle East planners are starting to think they are struggling and what move they should they take next.

In the interim, Turkey firmly continues its cunning plan that will bring its allies to the same point of dismantling America’s Middle East 
border plans. We will soon see clearly where these games lead us. Although we have already seen part of it, that is with the visits of both McMaster and secretary of state Tillerson. These visits were the most important and critical visits since the Syrian Civil War began. 

But they represent two different sides of the American system. McMaster represents the Pentagon; Tillerson represents the political side of the plan. In the end, the Pentagon plan will be the final win. 
McMaster keeps the Pentagon first and Tillerson keeps the military plans second.

McMaster dares to put forward in his plan to be a partner with Turkey’s growing military power. Although he is criticized within the Pentagon, that partnership with Turkey has come to an end. The Pentagon simply can’t work with Turkey because they are unable to direct Turkey’s foreign policy and they don’t trust Turkey.

Can the Turkish/American alliance be saved?

It cannot.

This alliance does not exist within NATO’s secret Turkey/Gladia plan. The ultimate plan is to destroy and divide Turkey.

The Pentagon will always come up with a new plan. This became obvious when Assad forces tried to advance into Afrin, which was the Pentagon’s plan. The Pentagon tries and questions - could a
partnership with Assad be possible? The Pentagon wants to take Assad on its side.

Another example of this is YPG’s attempts to negotiate with Assad’s generals. These moves are the indication of the Pentagon wanting to take Assad on its side.

Supposedly the Assad supporters convoy tried to go into Afrin, but Turkish Armed Forces cut off their entry. Is Assad in with the Pentagon? If he is, then Russia won’t allow Assad to do that, but we still don’t know that.

Is there a Russian/American partnership? If there is, our enemies increase. Europe, America and now Russia are in a partnership? It’s possible!

The purpose is to go to the UN and try to stop Turkey in Afrin. The opportunity benefits NATO. America wants to weaken Turkey 
internally and internationally. It will not deviate from the Middle East plan. America has chosen to partner with YPG/YPD/PKK because YPG and affiliates are an easily controlled group for the Pentagon.

But Turkey? Never!

The Pentagon can be a partner with Turkey in Iraq, but not in Syria, because a partnership in Syria means strengthening the Turkish hand. Americans know this. but they won’t reveal it. America calls this friendship, but they never wanted the friend to become powerful.

This is the reason why the six decade long Turkish/American alliance has come to an end.

Even if the YPG and its alliance lose in Afrin, they still have 20 percent of the land mass of Syria. With the American plan, the UN will recognize YPG as a sovereign state. That is the final plan and of course the greater Israeli expansion.

America is looking for the right leader for this Kurdish State. It already has three names in mind and by the end of this year those three names will become a single person.

The Pentagon thinks that to establish a Kurdish State in the Middle East is easier than establishing Israel. The Turks clearly see this. Even Europe offers us a membership when we leave Afrin. This has been the plan of America.
For years we thought America was our friend. It is not. in fact. when we Turks fought the British during WWI for the Middle East, the British had the same plan for Turkey to be taken over by our Atlantic partner.

Despite pressure coming from all fronts, Turkey persistently, adamantly, stubbornly carries its own plan forward. It does not matter how sophisticated weapons America gives to YPG, it all bound to kill more innocent people.