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March 8, 2018

The End of the US/Turkish Strategic Alliance

After the independence war of Turkey, when Ataturk clearly defeated British imperialism, Turkey was left a weak country. There were only 17 million people and several million of those were war veterans. Turkey joined with western alliances, namely North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It did so because of the Soviet threat. The USSR was demanding to take three eastern cities of Turkey.

With the American Marshall Fund, Turkey received 200 million dollars from US to help rebuild its economy. The same amount was given to Greece. Greece was having internal problems with communism. The US Congress approved the funds for the reason these two countries were about to fall into Soviet hands.

In the Khrushchev’s biography it was revealed that, “Stalin’s iron fist made Turkey fall into American arms.” And American foreign policy was to stop Soviet expansion in the world, as part of its “Containment Policy.”

Turkey welcomed this alliance with US, but Turkey was unaware that the US had taken over Britain’s old imperialist policy. In 1952 Turkey joined NATO by contributing troops to the Korean war. We will discuss the events that took place since the formation of US/Turkish Alliance.

After the Cuban Missile Crisis, Cypriot Turks experienced ethnic cleansing by the Greeks. The Greek majority gave passports to Turks to leave the island, while at the same time in rural areas the EOKA militia was killing Turks in an effort to eliminate the Turkish citizens of Cyprus, with the goal of claiming the entire island.

In 1964, Turkey sent its F-104 jet fighters and bombed the island in retaliation for the massacres taking place in Turkish villages. President Lyndon Johnson sent a very rude and nasty letter to Inonu, the prime minister of Turkey, saying, “You can’t use American weapons against Cyprus, otherwise the NATO umbrella won’t defend your country against Soviet aggression.”

In return, Inonu said, “Then I will align Turkey’s future towards social democracy rather than Western Capitalism.

In 1972, the drug epidemic in US skyrocketed. The US blamed the source of it was coming from the Turkish poppy fields. It exerted its super power over Turkey to stop cultivating poppy seeds. In Turkey this poppy cultivation is a centuries old practice for pharmaceutical purposes.

In the meantime, ethnic cleansing continued in Cyprus. Furthermore, Cyprus experienced a coup and the overthrow of the Makarios government. The coup was orchestrated by the Greek Junta. During that time Greece was run by its military generals and the purpose of the coup in Cyprus was to annex Cyprus to Greece.

Cyprus has three guarantor countries, Turkey, Great Britain and Greece. Turkey tried to bring Britain in to defend the independent status of Cyprus. Britain did not want to interfere with Cyprus affairs and it did not mind Cyprus joining with Greece.

In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus, despite the warning and threats from the US. A statement from State Department, “We will anchor the sixth fleet between Cyprus and Turkey.” Turkey responded, “We will go around it.” And it did. Turkey sliced the Island of Cyprus and restored the rights of the minority Turks.

America was outraged with the Turkish aggression and the American papers stated that America had misread Turkish intention. At that time, I was an exchange student in Stamford Connecticut and that was the quote from the “Stamford Advocate.”

In return, the US put an arms embargo on Turkey. The Turkish Air Force was devastated. It could not even buy tires for its American made war planes. In retaliation, Turkey started poppy cultivation again and in one night it closed all American bases in Turkey.

Furthermore, it declared to the world the independence of Turkish Cyprus. This was enraged the Americans, but due to tensions of the cold war, the US stopped the arms embargo of Turkey, and accepted the status of Turkish Cyprus.

Turkey got what it wanted from America within the strategic alliance boundaries. But tensions were escalating between the two NATO countries.

In 1992 during NATO exercises, Turkey had developed a new communication system on its warships and was using it during these exercises. American forces shot and sunk a Turkish warship. Five Turkish naval officers died. Later the US apologized to Turkey for this, but it was obvious it could not have been an accident. It was done deliberately to teach the Turks a lesson. 

In 2003 when America wanted invade Iraq, it wanted to go through Turkey and start the invasion from the north of Iraq. The Turkish Parliament refused to allow 80,000 American troops to pass through its land. Because of this American war ships had to go around the Suez Canal to reach the Gulf of Arabia.

In retaliation, with instruction from Donald Rumsfeld, Colonel Petraeus captured eleven Turkish special forces in a Rambo-style raid. The Turkish forces had actually invited the US into their quarters, not expecting the bad intention of the US forces.

That is how colonel Petraeus succeeded in taking the Turkish special forces prisoner. They put hoods on the Turkish soldier’s heads and passed through town of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq on the weekend of July 4th. The Turkish prime minister immediately phoned his counterpart in the US who released the Turkish soldiers.

This was the biggest hurt to Turkish national pride and recorded this incident in its special history. Also remember the Abu Grabby prison incident? It was all done under Donald Rumsfeld’s watch.

On July 15, 2016 the CIA, through its associates in the Fetullah Gulen group, orchestrated a coup in Turkey and it ultimately failed. In August 2016, the Turkish government invited three US high ranking officials to Turkey. One was Vice-President Joe Biden. Before the Biden group entered Turkish soil, Turkey’s war tanks entered Syrian soil.

Known as the “Euphrates Shield,” Turkey explained to the world that it wanted to clear Daesh on its borders. In reality, the excuse was Daesh, but target was the American supported YPG, which had successfully carved the Cereblus area of northern Syria under its control along with Free Syrian Army.

Turkey wanted to send a message to America and the Israelis. And, their plans of creating a Kurdish state in the northern corridor of Syria came to a screeching halt. In other words, “America I don’t care what you think or plan. I do what is good for me. Neither America, nor Israel, nor the UK, nor the world can stop me trying to defend the unity of Turkey.”

This was the clear message to the US and its allies.

America’s 5000 truckloads of weapon supplies to the YPG infuriated Turkey. Turkey wanted to purchase weapons from US but the US refused, Instead, in retaliation, the US gave the weapons to Turkey’s enemy, the YPG, for free.

In return Turkey negotiated with Russia and Iran to close the western side of Euphrates River to the US and invaded Afrin to clear the YPG/YPD/PKK terrorist organization. It also made deals with Russia to purchase S-400 missiles.

Talk about tension between the NATO alliances? It’s coming to the breaking point. Trump announced there would be no delivery of F-35 fighter jets to Turkey. The F-35 consortium is composed of nine countries to build the next generation of jet fighters for NATO. Turkey is one of them and it is supposed to have in its inventory 116 F-35 jets by the end of 2019.

Since Trump announced there would be no jet delivery, Turkey responded by closing down NATO listening radar installations on its eastern borders. These listening radar systems were actually there to listen to Iran for Israel. In addition, Turkey closed down Incirlik Air Base.

We will see how these events develop in coming days. Turkey has already made clear it intends to clear the terrorist PKK.YPG/PYD along its borders, including the Membich area where US special forces are stationed to support YPD and its affiliates.

In conclusion, wherever the US has gone, destructions follows. As Russians diplomats have stated, America does not want peace in the world.

After the Vietnam War, the US chose the Middle East as its next target. First, it created Saddam the dictator and had him fight Iran for eight years. Then, it went into Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction, and overthrow Saddam, which left 1.6 million Iraqis dead, over 5000 US troops dead, and how many thousands more have come home disabled and not properly looked after. Trillions of dollars were wasted in the Iraqi War.

The fact is the US took down the Iraqi government as well as its military. The US executed 55 of Saddam’s generals. Then came the Arab Spring.

In my personal opinion, the trouble in both the Ukraine and in Syria was started by CIA. We have already seen seven years of civil war in Syria. But the US did not stop there.

It did the same thing in Turkey. First by creating fabricated evidence that the Turkish military was about to take down the democratically elected government of AKP, Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party. 247 high ranking officers and generals were tried and jailed. It has become clear that there was no coup by the Turkish generals to take down AKP. After three and half years of jail time all the military personal have been freed.
We can see more evidence from CIA Agent Henry Barkey who said, “AKP and the CIA succeeded in caging the Turkish military.” Also, the CIA tried through its affiliates of Fetullah Gulen group to orchestrate the failed coup in July 15, 2016. 

It is ironic that after the failed coup and taking down Fetullah Gulen’s generals from the armed forces, the previous Kemalist jailed generals were brought back to active duty. The US policy was the same for Turkey: take down its military, i.e. weaken it, and the coup was to overthrow the government. Unlike Iraq, Turkey is a secular and parliamentarian country, and the plan, quite simply, did not work.