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March 22, 2018

The Two Faces of Imperialism

In 1917, 1918, 1919 during WWI, the British and the Europeans, namely France, Italy, and Greece were fighting the Ottoman Empire. At the same time in western Turkey the Greeks were killing Turkish babies, burning whole villages, and burning the mosques full of local people, while in eastern Turkey the Armenians (Dashnak Party members) were doing the same thing.

Fast forward a hundred years to 2015, 2016, and 2018. The Europeans, British and Americans are doing the same thing in Iraq and Syria that they did a hundred years ago to Muslim Turkey. You see how it is the same agenda.

Add to that the fact that in 2015, the CIA orchestrated a coup in Turkey that weakened its military. The US has also partnered with the PKK/YPG/PYD with the same idea to divide the Turks. 40,000 Turkish citizens have been killed by the PKK.

Let’s look at the Johnson letter to Turkey. In 1964 President Johnson sent a letter that briefly stated, “Turkey can’t use American weapons to invade Cyprus.” But, in his cowboy mentality, it was okay for the Greek EOKA terrorists to decimate Turkish villagers. Yet Turkey couldn’t use American made weapons to defend Turkish rights? What do you think the Turks bought those weapons for? To make a theatrical play?

Let’s take a closer look at today’s scenario between the US and Turkey, two NATO members. The US is supplying weapons to the PKK terrorists against Turkey. So, what happens? In the Afrin operation, Turkish Armed Forces captured the American weapons depots, securing weapons that it couldn’t obtain in the normal weapons market.

It’s clear that America doesn’t want to sell weapons to Turkey. I would say thank you America, since we now have secured the weapons for free. American policy makers, have you considered the fact that it isn’t the weapons, but rather it’s the soldiers who have the courage to use those weapons?

NATO members take note - what America does to Turkey they can do to any other NATO members. It’s becoming all too clear that NATO is no longer of any use to its members.

Because of the current American policy (Pentagon) towards Turkey, Turkey is forming a closer partnership with Russia. Again, I say thank you America.

Remember the Russian SU-24 fighter plane that was downed (with a directive by the CIA) by the FETO people within the Turkish Air Force? Remember the Russian ambassador assassinated by a FETO member, again with a CIA directive? All of these actions were an attempt to hammer a wedge between Russia and Turkey.

But it hasn’t worked. In fact, the reverse. America is no longer Turkey’s friend. But Russia is. And thanks go to Russia’s clever leader, President Putin, who understood the implication that the West didn’t want Russia and Turkey to form an alliance.

It is important to mention that Turkey and Russia have had seventeen wars in the past. Ten of those wars were initiated by Europeans. The Russian people and Turkish people understand this. When the Afrin operation was initiated, Russia stood with the Turks just as they did a hundred years ago when Russia stood and helped Turkey win its war of independence. Turkey would never have succeeded in Afrin if the Russians hadn’t opened the Syrian-Afrin air space to the Turkish Air Force.

Let’s take a closer look at the difference between American operations in Mosul, East Ghouta, and Allepo and Turkish operations in Afrin, Cereblus and Elbab. American forces have completely destroyed these cities. In stark contrast, the Turkish Armed Forces operations have not destroyed the cities. City buildings are still standing.

Beware false propaganda. The PKK in Europe spread fake news that a hospital in Afrin was bombed by Turks, when in reality they showed a hospital that American forces had destroyed in Iraq. Europeans readily accept the fake news without verification, which only shows the true colors of Europeans. Turkish Armed Forces don’t destroy buildings unless there are terrorist groups residing in it.

PKK/YPG/YPD never fight face to face with Turkish Armed Forces. Instead, they plan bombs attacks from behind and run. It’s a shame that America has partnered with these thugs. At the same time it tries to contain another terror group, Daesh.

Is it because Americans don’t have any friends left in the Middle East other that Israel and Saudi Arabia? Both countries depend heavily on Pentagon and they don’t have manpower to do the dirty work.

“A defeat for Syrian Kurds is another blow for US policy,” was a recent headline in the Washington Post. For many years American foreign policy has been hijacked by the Jewish lobby. The pragmatic thing for America to do is to take Turkey on its side and stabilize Syria.

The hard truth has been exposed. Remember this. From the beginning of Syrian civil war, Turkey wanted to partner with the US to contain Daesh. The intention has never been to stabilize Syria, but rather to divide, orchestrate chaos, and create groups like Daesh to start a Sunni/Shia war all with the aim of benefiting Israel by creating a Kurdish northern corridor for Israel.

Now this plan has hit a brick wall. So what does America do next? Is there a Plan B, or C? Or is it that American policy in the Middle East has completely failed?

The next operations will take place in Membic or Sincar. Remember how the PKK are being protected in Sincar by the American forces? Last year the Turkish Air Force bombed the PKK camps with only ten minutes notice to Americans. This action by the Turks really hit a nerve. No need to dwell on it. America got the message. Now Americans have the US flag on their armed vehicles. This is an indication that the vehicles are not to be mistaken for Kurdish vehicles. But in Membic they may be surprised again with ten minutes notification to clear the area, it will be bombed.

Understand this, without Turkey no one’s Middle East plan will be realized. And, like the famous Rockefeller once stated, “Ataturk put their Middle East border plans a hundred years behind.” A century later the borders of 22 Middle Eastern countries will probably be delayed another hundred years.

In the end it is Turkey who will have the final word on Middle East geography.