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April 9, 2018

The Saudi Ultimatum to Turkey

Note to readers: The following article has been translated from Turkish by Behcet Kaya. It is from a speech by Ergun Diler.

Saudi Prince Bin Salman recently met with the following individuals, and through those contacts we can determine what Salman is up to.
Salman first visited Queen Elizabeth and then came to Washington. When you listen to the American media and read between the lines, it is evident that he is the new prince of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and he is the talk of the day in Deep State circles.

The prince came to power through an internal coup of the Saudi Palace and imprisoned the old princes and people of power. Since then he has been working on his image in the world. What that means is that the centuries old Wahhabi culture is no longer in Saudi Arabia. Replacing it is a mild Islam, with new empowerment to women. Therefore the women of Saudi Arabia are no longer required to wear a burka and they may well wear miniskirts if they so desire. This is some revolution for the women of Saudi Arabia.

Salman could not have succeeded this revolution without the Pentagon and London. 

It is interesting to note that when Prince Bin Salman was born, Queen Elizabeth send a present for the baby prince. That means that Queen Elizabeth chose Prince Salman as the new permanent King of Saudi Arabia and his family has close ties with the English Monarchy.

The Saudi family has also had close ties with the US. But, it is a well-known known fact that the English Monarchy has a much deeper understanding of Islam than Americans ever had. And, the two old allies can’t seem to agree as to who should be leader in plan B of the Middle East project. So, now it is a fight between the Pentagon and the English Monarchy.

The prince has strengthened his power and position and he has done this with the help of both America and Britain. His first associates are the Podesta brothers, John and Tony, who are supporters of IPAC and who have introduced the prince to Deep State power individuals.

John and Tony Podesta have been doing business in Saudi Arabia for over thirty years and they are, of course, very close acquaintances of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Although the brothers are under investigation, they still carry a lot of power in D.C. What this all means is that the prince is openly declaring that he is with IPAC and America’s Deep State cronies. The whispers have gone around that the prince was chosen by this power group and means that they see their 20 year plan will become a reality.

What is this 20 year plan? We will explain. It is the new Middle East project, the new plan B, so to speak. There is new power in the Middle East and that new power individual is Prince Bin Salman.

Salman attended a four hour secret meeting with Gina Haspel and Michael Andrea, who are in charge of the Iran desk. No one else was allowed into this meeting and nobody disturbed the trio. Michael Andrea was not powerful enough to speak in the meeting because it was not just Iran but Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Syria and Yemen that were being discussed

The message came out that Prince Bin Salman takes orders from the Pentagon. Prince Salman is now the new arm of the Pentagon, CIA, IPAC and Britain. Prince Salman was announcing the new Middle East plan, revealing the new partner of Israel and the New World Order.

This is not a secret to Turkey. After diplomatic hurdles with Turkey, that is when the Israelis killed nine Turkish citizens in international waters for trying to bring aid to the Palestinian people, Turkey cancelled the Israeli/American and Turkish air drills in Turkey. The result was the Israeli Air-Force was bereft from the yearly exercises for quite some time.

Now Israel has a new partner in its exercises in the deserts of Arabia. And the new business partnership with Saudi Arabia and Israel will be strengthened. More than twenty Israeli businessman will be in Arabia. Although Saudi Arabia rejects Jerusalem as the new capital of Israel, we will see that next to the American Embassy will be the new Saudi Arabian Embassy.

Washington and London declare that Prince Bin Salman is the new leader and power in the Middle East. The problem between London and Washington is who the new chosen king, Prince Bin Salman should take and follow its orders from. Washington does not want London to lead, and that is what Gina Haspel was telling Prince Bin Salman in their four hour meetings. The fact is, London has always being ahead of Washington when it comes to Middle East politics. For example, although the two Gulf Wars were a win for the US, the real winner was London and Iran.

Salman’s visit took place among very high level people. Salman met Trump, Pence, Mattis, Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Condalisa Rice, Henry Kissinger, Senator Chuck Schumer, UN leader Antonia Buterez, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, John Kerry, Rupert Murdoch, ex CIA Director, David Petraeus, IPAC, North American Jewish associations ADL, AJC, and South Britt, and more. In other words these people were saying that the Pentagon and Britain resolved their differences and were justified. Prince Salman was agreeing with above mentioned individuals.

These people were representing both sides - Britain and the Pentagon. Prince Bin Salman was in the fight between Pentagon and IPAC. In other words Saudi Arabia was in the middle of the fight. That is because the arguments between Britain and Pentagon were about Iran and who should be the dominant power in the Middle East, Iran or Saudi Arabia?

While these events were in progress, the operation of Iran was becoming clearer than ever. Who is going to initiate, and how are they going to do it and why, were the questions, many written suggestions came into the open. Besides this, Russian affairs were also most talked about in depth. The expelling of Russian diplomats and dealing with Russian banks were the initial chain of events.

The problem is that Prince Salman, IPAC, the Pentagon and London can’t see the future of the Middle East. It is hard to guess what is in the future of the Middle East. The ME is a different animal, can only be managed by the intellectual politics, and that would be London. It all started with Arab spring and it is progressing to its final stages.

But, there is another fact we have to consider and that is Turkey. Turkey has a major advantage and it is on the winning side, starting with the Afrin operation. Turkey has geographic, cultural, language, religion and historical advantages. In the end it is not Prince Salman but Turkey that will succeed in the Middle East.