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May 26, 2018

The War Between Turkey and the US

America is no longer a friend to or a strategic partner with Turkey. America is at war with Turkey without openly declaring a war. Because of this, Turkey should close all American bases in located within Turkey. America has tried and has failed with all of its options in an effort to divide Turkey for the greater Israeli expansion.

The July 15, 2016 coup, orchestrated by the CIA, failed. Creating Daesh has failed. 5000 truckloads of modern weapons were given to the PKK/YPG/YPD, after which America partnered with these terrorist groups to attack Afrin, and that, too, failed.

Turkey has no business being in NATO. When one NATO partner tries to attack another NATO member, there is no longer any point in being a NATO member. The Norwegian NATO drills are an example of this behavior. In these drills both Ataturk’s and current president Erdogan’s pictures were used as target practice.

The US invasion of Iraq and later Syria were all in an effort to divide Turkey.

But, none of these efforts can or will divide Turkey. What stupidity of the Langley foreign policy makers who think that they can go in and do what they please, in which case they did in Iraq, Libya and Syria. But Turkey is another animal and is not in any way like those countries.

The Turkish people have a thousand years of historical experience, whereas America has only two-hundred-fifty years. The Turkish people are not an easy group to control. It does not matter how sophisticated the technology is, it still takes guts to control Turks. The US needs to remember that.

Because of the behavior of the US and the fact that the US is, in reality, the boss of NATO, other member nations are observing this behavior. What America is doing to Turkey today leaves the possibility in the future of another NATO member doing the same thing.

It can be safely stated that Germany, France, Spain and others all see America as no longer trustworthy. This has been evaluated by Pew Research Center results. Public opinion in Germany, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, and Pakistan are the highest in anti-American sentiment.

The war between Turkey and the US is on. Only this time, it is an economic war. I want to make clear that I am not a supporter of AKP, but the fact is, the Lira’s plummeting value is not due to the mistakes of Erdogan.

Yes, Erdogan sold the sugar factories and that probably devastated the people who were dependent on the employment those sugar factories provided. But, if you are a free market economy, that is what happens. A business has to make a profit in order to compete in a free market economy. You can argue about socialism verses capitalism. I have no argument as to which system is better. But, even Communist China uses capitalism to advance its economy. So selling a government owned businesses to a private enterprise happens everywhere in the world, especially in America and other western countries. If Turkey wants to compete in the world as a free market economy that is what happens. In most instances, anything that the government owns and operates a private company can operate much better.  

So, I reiterate this. I am not siding with Erdogan. Rather, I am seeing and telling the truth about the Lira’s downside. The Turkish Lira’s losing power has nothing to do with Erdogan, but rather has everything to do Erdogan’s standing up to America.

Why? America got used to the old Turkey and getting what it wanted. But, now America can’t get used to the new Turkey and can no longer get what it wants. It is also the war America has declared on eleven other countries. America is lost in the Middle East and the latest attack is the money strategy the US is using against Turkey and other countries.

The latest ploy, moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem is part of the attack. After the American Embassy was moved to Jerusalem, Turkish foreign minister, Cavusoglu, initiated a meeting with 50 foreign ministers of Muslim countries to discuss the matter and to condemn Israel for using excessive power over the Palestinian demonstrators, which resulted in deaths and many injuries. Turkey brought all the wounded Palestinians to Turkey to look after.

Turkey is now exercising its rights in the international arena. Going even further, Turkey wants to deal whatever it can for those countries who follow the US in moving their embassies to Jerusalem.

As for the upcoming elections, I do hope that Ince wins the presidential elections. I also expect that Ince’s foreign policy is much like the late Ecevit’s foreign policy. But, make no mistake, if he becomes another puppet to America, I would rather have corrupt Erdogan than an American puppet.