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May 4, 2018

Turkish National Elections on June 24, 2018

It is the majority opinion of all Turks that the early elections in Turkey will be the turning point in Turkey’s history. The normal elections were due to be held in 2019, but Erdogan has pushed them up and considers the early elections will be to his advantage after the success of Afrin under his watch.

Let’s look at Turkish politics under a microscope and a brief comparison between Erdogan and Ataturk. Erdogan could have been a great leader had he not diverged from Ataturk’s principles. Erdogan is not a scholar. He knows nothing of the philosophy of the world, and he does not read books.

In stark contrast, in his lifetime Ataturk read more than 3500 books, and at the age of 35 he succeeded in becoming the youngest general in Turkish history. So the comparison of Erdogan and Ataturk is not even close. Erdogan is an infinitely small man when compared to Ataturk.

Erdogan’s insistence on turning to a presidential system is nothing but an Imperialist idea. How do we know this? It is a known fact that an American scholar stated that the current system in Turkey is impossible to control. He explains that if you try to control the prime minister, the president is on the way. If you try to control the president, the justice department is in the way. Whatever we try to control the military is in the way.

Controlling Turkey can only come with a presidential system. In other words, the country has to be ruled by one man. That is what Erdogan wants and that is what America wants.

Erdogan’s governing of Turkey is in no way the same as it would have been if he had been an educated leader. But, despite his lack of education and understanding, Erdogan is street smart and has a charismatic personality, hence his nearly sixteen year rule.

Although he has gained some experience in international affairs, Erdogan’s ambitions of returning Turkey to Ottoman Empire status is a little too out of touch. Why would Turkey want to turn back to Ottoman times? Erdogan cannot see far ahead. He cannot see that we can be the same Turkey, yet powerful in the world. Turkey can be a model to the rest of the world. Turks have that capacity, but not with Erdogan in charge.

Erdogan’s biggest advantage has come with separating the defense department and turning it into an independent defense system. As of today, Turkish defense companies are competing in the world. This was Erdogan’s doing and his success.

But Erdogan and his cronies are corrupt, and that is unforgivable. Erdogan knows that if he loses the elections, he will be prosecuted. If he wins? Personally, I would not be that disappointed. But the problem is that Turkey cannot return back to the parliamentary system. And that is the true danger.

Erdogan is openly promoting returning to the old Ottoman Empire. This in turn scares the hell out of our neighbors and Europe. Turkey’s vision should be Ataturk’s vision. The fact is, if Islam is to survive, it must reform to Ataturk’s principles. Erdogan is missing the opportunity of becoming the fourth great leader of Turkey.

What is the alternative? In my opinion, if the opposition party does pull off a win, the most qualified leader is Muharrem Ince, who is currently deputy of the CHP. I say this after listening to Ince’s speeches. He is always uniting the ethnicities in Turkey. In contrast, Erdogan is always spouting off about the injustices done to his followers and he attacks the opposition parties, namely CHP.

But Ince argues that injustices have been done to all our people, mistakes have occurred, and everyone is affected. It is his opinion to forget the past mistakes, support each other, and become unified. Erdogan can’t unite the country. In fact he has done nothing but divide the country since he was first elected, and he continues to do so.

Do we have any guarantee that Ince would turn out to be a successful leader? No one knows. Only time would tell. On the other hand, Erdogan is taking the country in a totally different direction. If he succeeds in winning another term, the danger is that we may not be able to turn back to our parliamentary system and we will turn back into a country ruled by another Sultan. For me this is unacceptable.

Turkey also needs a clear foreign policy and to be very aware of the Imperialist games played around us. To do this, Turkey first needs to unify. It needs to overcome all the internal bickering. But Erdogan is always finding ways to keep it going and put the blame on others. And, always finding an enemy to argue with.

He is also always bragging that we did this, or we did that. We are building bridges, airports and many other important developments are in the works. It is always us, us, and us.

Erdogan may be a charismatic personality, but he is an ineffective leader. He does not have the knowledge, nor the qualities to carry out being and effective leader. Turkey’s image in the world has been tarnished because of Erdogan’s mistakes he could have turned that around but, he missed the opportunity.

What will be the outcome of the coming elections? Will Turkey move forward as a modern 21st century nation? Or will Turkey return to the old Ottoman Empire?