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June 9, 2018

What is Being Planned Around Turkey

The elections in Turkey are a distraction from what is being planned in and around Turkey. Hopefully whoever is elected will be able to deal with the games being planned for Turkey. And this is crucial.

So what is happening in the eastern Mediterranean Sea? Actually the entire world’s eye is on this geography due to the Leviathan natural gas fields, the largest natural gas field ever discovered.

June 5, 2018

The West's Discomfort with the Turkish/Russian Alliance

America has become increasingly disturbed by the Turkish/Russian alliance. This is obviously due to the Russia/Turkey nuclear power plants agreement and Russia selling the S-400 ballistic missile system to Turkey.

Down through history, the Ottomans and Russia have fought seventeen wars and ten of those wars in the name of Germany and England. In other words, the Europeans were responsible for the wars between the Ottomans and Russia. But finally, both Russian and Turkish leaders have came to understood this and have started to cooperate with each other rather than engage in more wars.