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June 5, 2018

The West's Discomfort with the Turkish/Russian Alliance

America has become increasingly disturbed by the Turkish/Russian alliance. This is obviously due to the Russia/Turkey nuclear power plants agreement and Russia selling the S-400 ballistic missile system to Turkey.

Down through history, the Ottomans and Russia have fought seventeen wars and ten of those wars in the name of Germany and England. In other words, the Europeans were responsible for the wars between the Ottomans and Russia. But finally, both Russian and Turkish leaders have came to understood this and have started to cooperate with each other rather than engage in more wars.

This is what is driving America and Europe’s bizarre behavior.

Since 2011, Russia and Turkey have been coming closer despite both countries experiencing many unpleasant pressures from America. Turkey has experienced more pressure than Russia and the fact that Turkey is following an independent foreign policy disturbs the West even more.

Since 2015 there has been the CIA backed Fatiullah Gulen coup in Turkey and the ongoing CIA backed YPG/PYD/PKK and Daesh problems within Turkey.  Russia has experienced economic sanctions and embargoes by the US. Despite all this, Turkey and Russia have successfully overcome these obstacles.

Furthermore, an alliance between Russia and Turkey is a threat to Europe and indicates the loss of America as a hegemonic power. The imperialism plan is coming to an end. The attempt by the West to openly voice their opinions that Russia will abandon Turkey has proven wrong.

For decades Europe and the West used Turkey against Russia. But it has become too old, too obvious, and too complicated. For Europe and America the alliance of Turkey and Russia will further weaken the West. The European/American alliance is becoming weaker because both Russia and Turkey are no longer under IMF’s debts.

The Spanish papers recently stated that Europe is now afraid of Turkey. For years Europe was holding Turkey back by promising to accept the country into the European Union. But according to Turkish public opinion, the Turkish people no longer believe the European promises. Add to that the fact that Europe is disintegrating.

The Spanish papers also discussed in detail the relationship between the Ottomans and Russia, and how, in the past, the Europeans have managed to keep the two countries at each other’s throat. But, this game is no longer effective. Instead, the two countries are cooperating in economic and technological areas; their alliance becoming deeper despite the obstacles put in their way by America.

The point being made by the Spanish papers is that both President Putin and Erdogan are opposing American mono police and the hegemony of the world. Their aim is to lead the world a new system of cultured and humanistic vein, rather than colonialist West.

Note that today’s colonialism is the IMF and both Russia and Turkey are not borrowing monies from IMF. This is the fight. It is important to mention that anytime a country frees itself from IMF debts the country experiences internal troubles. You can guess who orchestrates these troubles.

We can see these imperialist policies in the Balkans, in the Caucuses, in Africa and in the Middle East. Wherever imperialism points its finger there is chaos, death and destruction. There are many examples of this: Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya, to name a few.

It is clear that the imperialist system thrives on chaos, death and destruction. This is what President Putin and Erdogan want to change and to bring a better influence in the Balkans, Caucasus, and the Middle East.

An example: for years the African countries have been robbed by the West. In 2011 Turkey went to Somalia with $62 million dollars of aid obtained by the KIZILAY, equivalent to the Red Cross. Turkish advisors helped build hospitals, and taught the Somalis how to farm and the principles of animal husbandry. In addition, they gave grants to 150 Somali students to study in Turkey in all different areas of government. In other words, the Turks taught the Somalis how to fish rather than just to give them a fish.

Other examples include Turkey coming out the winner from the orchestrated coup in 2015, Turkey freeing the Iraqi city of Arbil and the referendum from Israeli influence, and gaining dominance in Syria by aligning with Russia and Iran. The American/Israeli invasion of the Middle East is not succeeding due to the alliance of Russia, Turkey and Iran. This alliance has created the biggest geo-political earthquake since WWII.

While America is losing control of the Middle East, Russia is influencing the Caucasus, changing the balance in Syria and in the Central Asia. At the same time Turkey is covering North Africa and the Balkans, and re-uniting Turkic countries in Central Asia. This is real politics.

The Middle East is a different animal, so much so that there have been countless civilizations that have come and gone. Just like in Afghanistan. The British were there, so were the Russians, but no country has been able to control it. Not even America’s fourteen years there have produced any results. There is still no telling when the Afghan war will come to an end.

It is interesting to note that Trump’s strategy to pull America together and re-organizing American strength is being vehemently opposed by the Deep State, i.e. Pentagon and others.

Trump’s wanting to leave the Middle East is a valid strategy. Otherwise, it may become an unpleasant withdrawal later on. The British tried to control the Middle East during WWI, but did not succeed. They left it to America.

And so it is with the Middle East. Time will tell who will ultimately stay there.