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June 9, 2018

What is Being Planned Around Turkey

The elections in Turkey are a distraction from what is being planned in and around Turkey. Hopefully whoever is elected will be able to deal with the games being planned for Turkey. And this is crucial.

So what is happening in the eastern Mediterranean Sea? Actually the entire world’s eye is on this geography due to the Leviathan natural gas fields, the largest natural gas field ever discovered.

I can safely say that the vultures of the world are now fighting to get a piece. That is what it looks like. The biggest and the most powerful animals will not acknowledge that this is not their territory. So, whoever is the strongest will have the lion’s share.

The Pentagon and UK, although they cannot agree on who should control the area, are coming together to form an alliance with the aim of excluding Turkey; who, by the way is the rightful owner of these fields.

The Pentagon gets its policies from CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies). The leader of the CSIS happens to be John Hamre who advises the GOP leaders. His knowledge of Middle Eastern energy and military affairs is well known and well respected.

The CSIS conducted an investigative report for nine months and the details of this report are as follows:

The report contains the area of the Mediterranean Sea and the fact that this field will become the NOW’s main energy field. Add to that the fact that the ‘silk road’ passes through the area. The report went on to explain that in order to manage this field, they must exclude Turkey from getting its hands on it.

The report came up with seven criteria to exclude Turkey from this center of the NWO.

One- 50,000 American academic military personal must be sent to Cyprus.

Two- American aircraft carriers must maintain a permanent presence in the Mediterranean Sea.

Three- Northern Cyprus must not use the Turkish Lira, but must divert to another currency. Turkish rights in the Mediterranean not only depends on Northern Cyprus, but rather together it makes the largest share of the rights. It is the outright taking of Turkish lands from Turkey. Although America did make some plans in Syria with Turkey, with the intention of trying to give an image of good intentions on the part of America, in the coming years this has the probability to become a direct war with Turkey.

Four- Turkish plans in the Mediterranean Sea are disturbing to Americans and their plan to make Israel a dominant power in the Middle East.

Five- The plan is to take Turkey completely out of the Mediterranean Sea energy fields. Washington is seriously planning to make Israel a major power, although down the road the Pentagon and Israel may have a head on collision, but this scenario is not being talked about for now.

Six- John Hamre put forward an idea to completely exclude Turkey and is trying to find ways to achieve this goal. The end goal is to make the Eastern Mediterranean an ‘American Sea’ and all the gas fields to be managed by America. For the time being America and Israel have formed an alliance for this project. Because Britain wants to close the argument with America, they are going along with this partnership.

But what they do not understand about this plan is that it will not be successful without Turkey.

Seven- While all of this is going on, the French energy corporation, Totel, made an important announcement. The Iranian foreign minister revealed the formation of partnership with China’s CNPC oil company and this includes the Mediterranean Sea gas fields. You might ask what Iran has got to do with the Mediterranean gas fields. It is because Lebanon and France will become partners with Russia and Iran.

America is planning to take Lebanon into this partnership by changing the regime. That is why American aircraft carriers are present in the Mediterranean. Both Lebanon and Iran acknowledge this, but the regime change in Lebanon will not be easy. Not as easy as Egypt or Iraq. The Pentagon acknowledges that this regime change could be as bloody as the Vietnam War.

America, to show its good intentions, gave four fighter jets to Lebanon. America is planning to invite Lebanon to the Mediterranean military coalition. If Lebanon does not accept this partnership then America is planning to speed up the operation. This will be a serious war in this area if these plans come to reality.

While Washington is considering these plans, it has also other plans. A plan B, so to speak. What is happening in Saudi Arabia? No one knows. Prince Salman was supposedly wounded in the leg and that is why he disappeared. While there are problems with ARAMCO, Washington is planning to bring another large oil company in Abu Dhabi who employs more than 67,000 people, much larger than ARAMCO.

While many countries are planning on taking a share of Mediterranean gas fields, every country is considered into the plan. The Mediterranean is the most important center on the ‘silk road.’ With America’s plans not including Turkey, well, we will see how this game is played out in the near future, and who will come out the victor.