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July 23, 2018

The Priceless Historic Vase has Shattered

The following is an article translated from Turkish into English by Behcet Kaya from a speech by Ergun Diler

It is up to you to decide is it truth or conspiracy.

The coming of Trump to White House and what he is doing is still not completely understood. In the larger scheme of things he is doing big projects, and has managed to secure the biggest power behind him to support him, and enable him to proceed.

Who is going to stand and stop Trump is not yet known.

Trump is very decisively carrying on with what he believes in, and despite criticism, keeps on going. The power behind Trump is very effective both in America and in the world. He recently had a profile problem and met with severe criticism while meeting with the British monarch. Trump does not obey or recognize international protocol or practice. He simply does what he believes. He does not recognize ceremonies, the Queen, Prince Charles, or Prince Harry.

There are indications that the death of British Princes Diana is mixed into this war between the two powers. We still don’t know whether Diana died by simply a negligent car accident, or whether her death was been planned and carried out by MI6 or the CIA. It is becoming clear that the two powers are in a head-on collision. I realized this last night. The war between these two powers has started.

Consider the James Bond film, “Spectra.” The film proceeds from Mexico City to Rome and on to London. The film plays out in the triangle of these three cities. James Bond finally discovers the brains behind the criminal ring in London. He fights with this mysterious ring and downs their helicopter. We see the mysterious criminal ring unmasked. On the opposite side, MI6’s headquarters and MI6’s number one agents are ineffective.

When I saw the film in 2015, I was wondering, what was the message the film was giving? It is evident that James Bond was taking lessons from the CIA and it is obvious that MI6 and the CIA were working together. This is indicated by the heavy stones finally resting solidly in their correct positions.

When looking at those who oppose Trump and Putin’s partnership and oppose their working together, the picture becomes quite clear. Trump and Putin’s global power scares the opposition. This global power includes many fields including bankers, professors, planners, pharmaceutical powers, oil companies, manufactures, and heads of state, military, intelligence services, universities, research centers, and even religious intellectuals.

There are more than 200,000 people belonging to this global power and there is no other power to oppose them. And these smart people will not let their leaders in whatever particular geography they are in carry on just any agenda. These people have taken destiny in their hands. They think the world can be ruled better with better ideas.

This global power order should not be confused with the new world order that allows universal health care, universal income, and open borders. It is not the NWO we are familiar with.

Many years ago the Rothschild family sat down with the British monarchy and came to an agreement. It was decided that London would acquire both the Masons and the money. England secretly worked out the management of money and power, which resulted in the success of the British Empire for many, many years.

I don’t know the reason, but this arrangement with the British monarchy and the Rothschild powerhouse ended in 2013. The movie, “Spectra” was filmed and released two years later. And the message was delivered. When the British monarchy ended its agreement with the Rothschild’s, the Queen activated agents in US and other parts of the world which would later go on to try and stop Trump’s leadership in the free world.

Actually it is not Trump, but the power behind Trump that the British monarchy is opposing. Trump’s enemies are really the people who got their backing from the British monarchy. This is the British monarch’s doing, and is how the queen activated her deep state power in America.

The Pentagon was ready for this fight and was waiting for the right opportunity, forming a partnership with the British monarchy’s deep state power within the US. We have been witness the effective steps taken by the Pentagon. In short, Mueller took over the investigation of the false and bogus Trump/Russia collusion investigation. Many people have been investigated, including Trump’s own family.

They created the bogus idea that the Russians were meddling in the American elections. But the American people and the world were totally surprised as to exactly how the Russians interfered with the 2016 US elections in favor of Trump?

The struggle between the left and Trump came to a boiling point when Mueller indicted a total of 25 Russian nationals and some Americans as well.

Those who were questioned by Mueller told Trump not to meet with president Putin. Our group is different than the Mueller group. This was the message. But Trump did not listen to the advice he was getting. He proceeded with the meeting with Putin.

The US/British partnership goes way back and is very deep. It is interesting that both Prince Charles and Prince Harry, knowing the deep state tightrope between the US and Britain was broken, refused to meet with Trump, and excused themselves with police and polo events.

All this points back to the death of Princess Diana and the credible fact that it was murder, which has led to what has become known as the Diana phenomenon. Although the center of this fight was in Washington DC, the British monarchy has been unable to stop the progression of the Diana phenomenon. Because of the existence of the mighty American power, the possibility that it was murder has made indelible marks on the brain and is not easy to forget.

Here in Washington DC it is not easy to find anything that connects visibly to Jesus Christ; no outward signs and no statures. But if the subject has anything to do with Masons, that changes the whole picture. Washington DC is full of secret signs, pictures, statues, colors and buildings that are indications of Mason’s secret meanings. It is hard to find these secret signs anywhere but in Washington DC. One can spend months but not see them all.

Prince Harry met with First Lady, Melania, when she visited England. Harry made a Masonic sign without speaking a word. This Masonic sign was meant for Trump – ‘our business is with you.’ The worldwide secret organization, which holds the British monarchy in the middle, has finally cracked.

This world entity now contains two parts - Moscow and Washington DC.

This connection includes everybody from Putin to Abromovich, Trump to Steve Bannon, the Podesta brothers to Hillary, and the Pope to Queen Elizabeth. The influential European families including Jews are in a fight. Everyone is fighting with everyone else.

Now, look at the accusations the left has made against Trump for meeting with Putin. The ex-CIA director, James Clapper, said that our president has been taken in by Putin and is being blackmailed by Putin. He said this is both unbelievable and unacceptable. Also, ex-CIA director, John Brennan, has called it both treason and stupid. He also said that Vladimir Putin has put Trump in his pocket and is playing him like a puppet. John McCain also put his two cents in saying that no American president should put himself that low under an adversary and enemy.

So, Trump’s dealings with NATO, England and Putin are raising too many questions. We will live to see it as it happens and unfolds.

The priceless historic vase has shattered and it will affect all nations.

Ergun Diler