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July 2, 2018

What Does America Really Want From Turkey

In 1923, after defeating the mighty imperialists, Ataturk formed the Turkish Republic. How did he accomplish this? He did it by uniting the population of Anatolia and not accepting the “Serve Agreement.”

After defeating the enemy composed of many nations including England, France, Italy, Russia, Greece, and defeating internally the Armenian uprising, Ataturk formed a parliamentary system of government. By doing this, he succeeded in protecting the newly formed Turkish nation from further imperialism. He created a system of checks and balances in government. And, Ataturk refused to become the next king or chalif. In other words, no ONE person would ever rule the nation again.

From the very beginning of the Turkish Republic, America was never able to reach its ultimate goal of forming a new Middle East. Thus America coached and ensconced Erdogan in power. After being democratically elected to his second term, Erdogan put forth a referendum to change the constitution of Turkey from a parliamentary system to a presidential system. The nation voted for and approved this change in the constitution.

Since then, on the surface at least, it appears that Erdogan has turned against America. I say this because Erdogan did the same thing with Israel. On the surface Erdogan become the savior and hero of the Palestinian people with his one minute speech in Davos. But, he failed to teach Israel a lesson when Israeli commandos killed nine Turkish citizens.

In reality everything Erdogan has done is for America and for Israel. Example - selling Israel jet fuel for bombing Gaza. Example - before Erdogan came to power, trade between Turkey and Israel amounted to 10 billion dollars. Since he came to power, trade between the two countries has risen to over 100 billion dollars. Remember, Erdogan was couched by the Jews in the United States and also the Jewish Diaspora gave Erdogan a peace award. So, on the surface Erdogan is the enemy of Israel, but underneath, he is for the Jewish State.

Now let’s get back to America/Israel and the Great Middle East project. America and Israel came to understand that their Great Middle Eastern project was not going to succeed unless there was a regime change in Turkey. Unfortunately, America and Israel believed they succeeded in just that by bringing Erdogan to power.

In order to make the Great Middle Eastern project become a reality, the ultimate aim of America and Israel was to ensure that all Middle Eastern countries were ruled by one man, basically a puppet. All the gulf countries are ruled by kings - Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and more, and now Erdogan, is the president of Turkey.

Time will tell if Turkey will become a puppet of America. Either having Turkey go to war with Iran or increasing economic pressures will be put on Erdogan. If he creates any problems, it will be easy to take him down. Rockefeller once said, “Ataturk put our plan 100 years behind.” America wants Turkey to become the one man rule. Erdogan will indeed be so sorry that he changed the system from parliamentary to presidential.

As a political science graduate, I have analyzed the foreign policy of America. For example - Turkey wants to secure an air defense system. It put out tenders to Raytheon America, the Russians, the Chinese and the Europeans. The Chinese won the tender of building Turkey’s air defense system. Because of that, America has put pressure on Turkey. And, in the end, Turkey had to give up the tender for the Chinese to build its air defense system.

Turkey turned to the next best system - the Russian S-400, made an agreement, and paid for it. But, once again, America put pressure on Turkey. All the countries around Turkey have air defense systems. Greece has Russian made S- 300. So do Bulgaria and Armenia. Iran has their own air defense system. Even Syria has a Russian system.

America does not want Turkey to have their own system and refused to sell Turkey the patriot system, as well.

Turkey and America have survived six decades of an often turbulent but highly strategic relationship. But, it now seems as though America is the number one enemy of Turkey. American diplomats look into the eyes of Turkish diplomats and tell lies and expect them to believe the lies.

Examples? America became an ally to the terrorist organization PKK/YPD/YPG, which it secretly supports, and yet America put the PKK on the terrorist list. America gave 5000 trucks loads of weapons to the PKK, and tried to tell Turkey that it was okay, and not to worry. America continues to help the terrorist PKK, while continuing to have bases in Turkey. And now, Turkey has paid its dues with the nine nation consortium for the F-35 joint strike force jets. However, the US Congress has put an end to delivering the jets. While on the other hand, Israel, who isn’t even a partner in the nine nation consortium has already bought 40 F-35 jets.

It is my opinion that if the F-35 jets are not delivered to Turkey, it will end with the final and permanent break between Turkey and America.