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August 2, 2018

Film Treatment for Treacherous Estate

Treacherous Estate

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Treatment for a feature film about a private investigator who takes on a mysterious and dangerous case and nearly loses his life before solving it.

From a novel created and written by Behcet Kaya

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Mix a small quiet beach town, a private investigator who flies by the seat of his pants, and a supposedly respected pillar of the community business man with a checkered past. Result? Murder, intrigue, and suspense.


While enjoying his usual Friday night after dinner beer at a local restaurant, Jacques (Jack) Ludefance’s evening is suddenly shattered when a beautiful young woman sits down next to him, whispers, “Mister, can you help me?” then falls dead.

After her death is ruled ‘natural causes,’ Jack digs in to unravel the reasons she came to him desperately asking for his help and to investigate her mysterious death. To complicate matters further, her husband is a prominent, highly respected local business man. As Jack begins to unravel the pieces to the unsolved puzzle, the more heinous the crimes of the dead woman’s husband become and Jack finds his own life is in danger.


Jacques (Jack) Ludefance, 44, six-foot-two, long face, high cheek bones, mustache, deep green eyes, and a deep scar on his right cheek, the slash extending from his eye to his lip, lives aboard vintage 57-foot Hatteras, “THE LUNA SEA”

Jonathan Holler, late 50’s-early 60’s, short, squat, local business man with a shady past

Sheriff Lawson, sheriff of Santa Rosaria and Jack’s former navy buddy and best friend


Katy Ozener, 19, friend of Jack, five-foot-two, perfect body, dark hair, green eyes

Lila, beautiful Vietnamese prostitute who works for Jonathan Holler, five-foot-eight, raven black hair, flawless white skin, deep, dark eyes, perfect figure

Debra Hendrix, local judge and Jack’s love interest, five-foot-nine, late thirties, long blonde hair, blue eyes

Andronikashvili Dolaberitze, Jack’s lawyer, several inches taller than Jack, imposing, intimidating, thick, black mustache, dark, bushy eyebrows, dark eyes, high cheek bones, long face

Tucker, Santa Rosaria sheriff deputy

Manneville Ludefance, Jack’s father

Deloris, Jack’s father’s companion

Margeaux, Jack’s sister

Emma, Jack’s pet alligator


Sofia, Vietnamese masseuse

Sarah, Jack’s ex-wife

DeAngelo Gonzales, former crony of Jonathan Holler, six-foot, mustache, slim, but starting to have a paunch, prominent mole on his right cheek

Kevin Bradford, former crony of Jonathan Holler, 50’s, black hair and mustache, small, deep, dark eyes

Lee, office receptionist for Dolaberitze, Asian, flawless white skin, large eyes, round nose

Dina, secretary to Dolaberitze, older haughty woman

Linda Lawson, Lawson’s wife, 5-foot-7, green eyes, auburn hair, full lips, full breasts, small waist, healthy hips

Detective Harvey Langi, 5-foot-6, stocky

FBI Agent Johnson, tall, skinny, rough face pitted with acne scars, scar over his right eye

FBI Agent Antonia, five-foot-ten, round face, round belly


As Jacques (Jack) Ludefance is having an after-dinner beer on the outside deck of Bayside Restaurant in Santa Rosaria, a beautiful Asian woman, carrying a brown envelope in her hand, sits down heavily next to him. She pushes the envelope towards him and in a barely audible voice says, ‘Mister, can you help me?’ With that, she falls off the stool and lies dead on the wooden deck.

The bartender comes around and checks her pulse and shakes his head. Before calling the sheriff’s department, Jack folds and slips the envelope into his jacket pocket and takes several pictures of her with his cell phone.

Later that evening, Jack opens the brown envelope to find a marriage certificate, birth certificates for two boys, off-shore bank accounts, a photo of a dead girl with her throat slit and an unidentified man standing over her body, and twenty-thousand dollars.

The dead woman, identified as Lillian Holler, was the wife of Jonathan Holler, a well-respected local import-export businessman. After her death is ruled, ‘natural causes,’ the police drop any further investigation. Jack makes the obvious leap that the money was supposed to be his fee for whatever Lillian Holler wanted to expose and takes up the case.

Jack places a friend and former client, Katy Ozener, inside Holler Enterprises as a shipping clerk to find out what Holler is exporting to Asia. She is caught taking pictures of spare parts for C130’s and military grade weapons, and is threatened. Jack convinces her to stay on and find out anything else she can.

To find out more about Holler, Jack breaks into the Holler estate, a fifty-acre compound located behind Holler Enterprises, where he finds a large warehouse filled with illegal drugs from China, stockpiles of military weapons, and a studio set up for filming porno movies. He takes pictures of the evidence and barely escapes.

While Jack is out of town interviewing two of Holler’s old cronies, Katy is murdered by Holler’s goons. Grappling with the guilt over her death, Jack wants to find out more about Lillian Holler. Knowing that her husband owns most of the massage salons along the Panhandle, he finds a masseuse, Sofia, who knew her. Sofia sets up a meeting with one of the cooks that works on the Holler estate. The cook identifies the dead girl in the picture as Lillian’s cousin, Duyen. She also tells Jack that there are two other bodies buried on the estate.

Sofia introduces Jack to another of Holler’s prostitutes, Lila, who operates one of Holler’s massage salons. Hoping to learn more about Lillian, Jack offers her $2000 to go out with him. Unfortunately, for Jack, it is a set-up. He is drugged, beaten and left for dead in a remote swamp. Through a cell phone he’d hidden in his pants pocket, he is able to call Sheriff Lawson.

Wanting revenge, Jack kidnaps Lila, and elicits a taped confession, validating everything he has both suspected and seen; including human trafficking, drug smuggling, prostitution, filming and distribution of pornographic films, and selling military weapons to terrorist groups in Southeast Asia.

Using Lila as bait, Jack contacts Holler, tells him he has a valuable piece of merchandise that belongs to him, and that he will exchange it for two hundred-grand. The exchange takes place on Santa Rosaria Bridge, during which Holler tries to shoot Lila. Jack shoots back, knocking his gun into the water and manages to escape with the money and Lila. During their getaway, Jack and are involved in a police chase through Pensacola and back through Santa Rosaria. Eluding the police, Jack drives Lila to Atlanta and puts her on a plane back to Vietnam.

Intertwined with Jack’s investigation into Holler’s dirty business is the revelation that his father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Jack makes several trips back to New Orleans and the time spent with his father is both enlightening and bittersweet.

Returning late at night from one of his visits to see his father, Jack finds tiny fragments of wire on the rug in the salon of his boat. Fearing a bomb, he calls Sheriff Lawson, who in turn calls in the bomb squad. After forty minutes of checking, the bomb squad confer with Jack and two men start back down to the boat. But, before they can reach the boat, there is a deafening roar, and everything turns to daylight. The blast is so intense the two bomb squad men are thrown into the water. Pieces of debris reigning down everywhere.

Sheriff Lawson calls in the FBI who request an interview with Jack regarding the bombing. Jack hires a high-priced lawyer to accompany him to his meeting and to help him navigate through the interview with the goal of taking the spotlight off himself and putting it squarely on Jonathan Holler, where it belongs.

During his interview with Agent Johnson and Agent Antonia, Jack recounts the details of what transpired beginning with the death of Lillian Holler and concluding with the bombing of his boat, and turns over crucial evidence to bring down Jonathan Holler. Concluding the interview, Agent Johnson reiterates his position that he cannot make any agreement not to charge Jack with his illegal activities, but will consult with his superiors and render a final decision within a week.

In Jack’s return meeting with the FBI, Agent Johnson informs him that he has discussed Jack’s statement and interview and reviewed every piece of evidence that was turned over with his superiors. Pursuant to their decision, the FBI intends to proceed with a further in-depth investigation of Jonathan Holler, adding that the evidence paves the way for possible multiple indictments. As far as the FBI is concerned, there will be no charges brought against Jack. He is, as they say, “free as a bird.”

The only caveat is that under no circumstances will they allow Jack to be a part of anything more concerning Jonathan Holler, including a bust on Holler Enterprises and the Holler estate.

Several months pass. Jack receives an unexpected call from the Santa Rosaria Sheriff’s Office that the Holler bust is about to go down and that Sheriff Lawson has authorized Jack to be deputized and participate. Jack and Deputy Tucker are embroiled in a chase of an escaping Holler. They commandeer a helicopter and confront Holler at a remote airstrip as he is about to board his private jet. Jack has his satisfaction as he watches Tucker handcuff Holler.