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October 15, 2018

Interesting Games Being Played in the Middle East

High on the list is Pastor Brunson has been freed from his sentence. But, here is what really happened behind the curtains.

Brunson was arrested for spying, and for organizing and helping the FETO cleric during the 2015 coup in Turkey. Brunson was also charged for helping the terrorist group PKK inside Turkey. The Turkish government has evidence of how Brunson spent his weekends flying from Izmir to Sanliurfa and back on Mondays.

If he is a legitimate pastor, wouldn’t he have duties and obligations to his congregation especially on Sundays? If he is a legitimate pastor, why, when he prayed in the Oval Office, did he need a piece of paper to read from? Wouldn’t he have been able to pray without referring to notes?

In actuality, Pastor Brunson is a US Special Forces officer and works for the CIA.

According to revelations from the Turkish court, the charges for aiding the PKK brought a sentence of three years and one month. Since he had already served over two years of his sentence, and had behaved properly, the court freed him with time served.

Done and over with!

But, let’s not forget the other charges, those of spying. Those charges carried a sentence of 35 years. According to the court, the testimony of the witnesses was thrown out. They flipped. They either lied or perjured themselves under oath.
So, the pastor was freed. Right? I don’t think so. President Trump put pressure on President Erdogan, and they worked it out so that President Erdogan could save face in the public eye.

An independent judicial system in Turkey? Hardly. Erdogan had the judges handpicked. In addition, there were hundreds of Republic judges with a proven record for being impartial, but they had not been appointed.

Erdogan was hoping that he would get the FETO cleric in exchange for freeing Brunson. But, he never expected that both the FETO cleric and Pastor Brunson have high positions in the CIA. Trump would never, under any circumstances, exchange pastor Brunson for the FETO cleric.

Another interesting game being played out in the Middle East is the fact that the Israelis have been very quiet about Russia supplying S-300 missiles to Baser Assad. Otherwise, the powerful Jewish lobby, the most powerful lobby in the world, would have let all hell break loose.

Think about it! It is all about the money. Just follow the money.

Israel is free to do business with Russia. But, all the other nations are restricted. Why? Because Trump put sanctions on all nations who do business with Russia, including NATO ally Turkey. Especially Turkey. This is business.

How? Let’s go behind the curtains again. In this game, everybody wins. By that I mean all the weapon developing firms, including the Russians.

Greece and Israel are allies. Since Greece has the S-300 missiles, they have been conducting military drills in the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. Israel already has the F-35s, and is the only country allowed to do the maintenance on them, as well as improve them.

Think about it. Israel has figured out S-300 missile system and how to knock them down and out. And of course this will give the F-35s a sales boost. Soon all the Gulf countries will want to have the F-35s.

It is interesting to note that Turkey is the only other country to service F-35s. However, America’s holding out and not selling the F-35s to Turkey removes Turkey’s partnership in the Joint Strike Force agreement.

Turkey has already made a deal with the Russians for the purchase of an S-400 missile system. And after Turkey and India purchase the S-400 system, many other NATO countries will be purchasing the S-400s.

So, to wrap it up - follow the money! Russians will be in business. America’s Lockheed Martin, and the Israelis will be the money makers.