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December 31, 2018

US Troop Withdrawal from Syria

President Trump will go down in history as the only US president with the guts to put Israel in its place. All this despite the fact that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is an influential Jew, and despite the fact that the pathetic liberals are threatening to impeach him.

Trump is both a very smart deal maker and a very smart president. After talking with Turkish President Erdogan, Trump made the decision to pull the US military out of Syria. Trump understood his mistake and made the right decision to pull the troops.

Here’s why.

Trump understands the power of Turkey. The Turkish Armed Forces demonstrated that power with both the Euphrates Shield and the Olive Branch operations in Syria. Turkey was not just fighting the PKK in Syria, it was fighting France, Germany, England, the US (who trained and armed the PKK), and Israel all at the same time.

After going through the 2015 CIA orchestrated coup in Turkey, TSK successfully showed its power to the world once again, just as it showed its power during WWI.

Ahhh. Here come the crybabies!

First - Dorothée Schmid, head of the Turkey/Middle East program at the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri), whose concern is that with the US pullout, Turkey accomplishes a major win and leaves our PKK allies to the mercy of the Turks.

Second – the leader of SDG (PKK) who proclaims they are ready to join the Syrian military. In other words, they want to be with Syria. The Kurds must come to understand that they have become the scapegoat of the West.

Third – Israel. Mossad proclaims that the PKK are allies of Israel and say they are the ones who are helping care for both the Daesh and the PKK wounded soldiers.

Fourth - Retired US General John Allen who is hoping that Erdogan will go easy on PKK. In other words, the PKK fought against Daesh which was created by the US, and now by pulling out we are betraying them.

The list goes on and on, including British Times, Guardian, German Papers, and French Papers. All are crying.

It must be understood by the Kurdish brothers that they have been used by Israel, the US, France, Germany and England. These western countries are all leaving, while the Turks stayed on like brothers.

Back to Trump having the guts to finally tell Israel that the US isn’t going to fight for them any longer. After years of the American taxpayers shelling out 4.5 billion dollars per year, Israel must now defend itself.

But is it possible for Israel to defend itself without the US? I'll leave that for the time being.

Think about the fact that Israel and the Pentagon have been fighting for years over the Eastern Mediterranean gas fields. Think about the fact that Israel has been using the US and that’s finally becoming very obvious to Americans. Trump was very clear to the Israelis and he wouldn’t have been that decisive without the support of the Pentagon.

Remember Trump’s son-in-law, Jared, and Ivanka were the ones to persuade Trump to finally move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Not all the stones have fallen into place yet. The real reason for that is a fight between the Pentagon and the Jews, which in reality is a fight between the Pentagon and the Rothschild family. The Rothschild’s have firm control over the Golan Heights oil and gas fields and the Pentagon doesn’t want that to continue.

Now let’s get one fact clear. The US has NOT left the Middle East. Remember the US has fought two wars with Iraq to come to the Middle East. In my opinion, the US is going to escalate the war.

The message the US is giving is that WE aren’t going anywhere. We can strike Syria, Iran, even Saudi Arabia from where we are. The US is also giving a message to Turkey to go ahead and occupy Northern Syria and that the US is their ally.

Also, the US doesn’t want Iran and China to do business. Nor does the US want China to continue giving money to all African countries. What they want in return is to have ports and/or military bases in each of those countries because they know that the African countries can’t pay back the money owed to them.

The US is very disturbed by China’s current actions in Africa. In addition, the US doesn’t want to make another mistake. In order to stop China from expanding its ‘silk road,’ the US must be allies with Turkey. The US has also realized that the 70,000 PKK members which it trained and weaponized are not getting the US anywhere. The Pentagon realized this and Trump realized this as well.

When it comes to American interests, America First and YES, Make America Great Again!