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January 11, 2019

Bolton's Recent Visit to Israel and Turkey

The following article was authored by columnist Ergun Diler and translated by Behcet Kaya.

American National Security Advisor John Bolton recently visited Israel then came to Turkey. Once in Turkey, a heated and heavy discussion between Bolton and his Turkish counterpart, Ibrahim Kalin, began.

Note that Bolton wanted to meet president Erdogan and Erdogan did not grant the meeting. Erdogan argued that Bolton should meet his counterpart, Kalin. Bolton’s arrogance in trying to pass up his counterpart and his attempt to go directly to President Erdogan was put down. Bolton did not get the attention he was expecting from the Turks.

In looking at both the American and Turkish media and what was written about the meeting of Bolton with the Turks, the American media, as always, presented a different view of the talks.

I would like to bypass the media accounts and go behind the scenes as to what really transpired and perhaps we will have a much better understanding of the meeting.

I have been writing about the US/Syria relationship for quite a while. I will say it again - the US will never leave Syria. Why? Because the aim of the US is still the Greater Middle East Project to create a hybrid Kurdish nation and later to expand Israeli borders.

Let us assume for a moment that the US were to pull its military from Syria. Okay. Let’s examine the Syrian borders. On the north is Turkey. Does the US have military bases in Turkey? Of course it does. Several in fact. And one of them is the largest in the Middle East. On Syria’s southern border is Israel and the US controls the entire Israeli military.

In Lebanon the US has two secret military bases that are strategically important. Jordan and Iraq both have US military bases and are easily within striking distance.

So in truth, if the US military departed from Syria it would have no meaning or importance. The power of the US military bases already surround Syria.

Getting back to Bolton’s trip. In his visit to Israel he held discussions with US base commanders, including Incirlik, and advised they protect the YPG, once again pointing out the importance of the YPG to the US.

On a side note, to Bolton it is as important to protect the YPG as it was to Michael Flynn to work with the Turks. But Flynn was accused of being a traitor for working with the Turks and did not pay attention to the (Deep State) Pentagon’s red line. As a result, he lost his position in the Trump administration and was indicted by Robert Mueller. Not only that, but Flynn is now fighting for his life and waiting to be sentenced.

General Flynn learned the hard way about the power of the (Deep State) Pentagon. One of the reasons he was fired was because he did not look favorably at the YPG/YPD. In fact he was against the US allying itself with the PKK Syrian equivalent of YPG/YPD which the US has openly declared as a terrorist organization.

General Flynn saw the danger in the US losing its important allies such as Turkey due to its entanglement with the YPG/YPD. General Flynn has always considered Turkey as a stable ally of US. That is why, although Trump liked Flynn, he did not last long in the Trump administration due to the pressure from the Pentagon.

On the other hand Bolton is known to be an enemy of Turkey. Bolton has never wanted the US to partner with the Turks and that is why the (Deep State) Pentagon supports Bolton.

President Trump has always been in agreement with General Flynn. As to Bolton, Trump has never liked him. If Trump had the power, Bolton would never have been picked for the National Security post.

It is funny to notice that in the national security meetings Trump address Bolton as Mike rather than John. In other words Trump makes it clear and gives the signal that even though his former advisor (Flynn) is not at the meetings, he is still his advisor in the background.

There seems to be a lot of activity recently on the bases close to both the Jordan and Iraqi borders. Bolton is giving the bases his utmost attention in advising them to protect the YPG/YPD and there will be ongoing troop supplies to these bases. This is Bolton’s plan because both the Jordan base and Iraqi base can support the Etrah base inside Syria. Of course the Pentagon agrees with Bolton’s plan.

Now Trump is having a power struggle here with both Bolton’s ideas and with the Pentagon. This is clearly demonstrated by Trump’s U-turn in stating that the troops will be withdrawn slowly. Whenever Trump makes a U-turn that is a clear indication of the Pentagon’s power.

The Pentagon does not want to make Trump appear to have less power. After all, an American president is still the most powerful leader in the free world. Together with the Pentagon, the Deep State will be powerful. That is why Bolton was appointed by Pentagon to control Trump.

But President Trump, although not a politician, is a very smart president. We have already noticed that Trump has fired 68 of his appointees. It would not be surprising if he fires Bolton while in dire crisis such as a state of war. If that happens, it would tremendously affect Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Did Bolton speak about the Mediterranean Sea during his Israeli meetings? Yes he did. Bolton views the Mediterranean Sea as American property. That is what the Pentagon has told Bolton.

When Trump announced pulling the troops from Syria, Bolton visited Russia without diplomatic purpose. In other words, he visited Russia outside of the government schedule. Bolton’s meeting with President Putin was very important.

Although Turkey and Russia have come closer in many areas, Turkey is still an obstacle to the national interest of both Russia and the US in Syria. This is due to Turkey proceeding on its own national interest line. Ankara is making its foreign policy totally felt by Russia and US in Syria. This is where Washington and Moscow come together and bring the two arch enemies (US/Russia) closer.

Bolton wants to find a way and try and control Turkey. If the US leaves Syria to the Russians then the YPG will have a new boss and that is Russia. I have written about this before because there are signs of this happening.

In this scenario Turkey must re-evaluate its relations with Russia. This in turn strengthens Washington’s hand. That is why the Syrian crisis will escalate due to Bolton’s unscheduled visit to Russia.

Bolton did not travel to Middle East for nothing. His intent was to escalate the war. For Turkey, it must consider every step very carefully. The year 2019 is not going to be a peaceful year for Syria and the Middle East. Ankara was firm in its treatment of Bolton because Ankara knew what Bolton discussed and with whom he discussed it. Washington understands this.

I only hope that Washington understands its mistakes and proceeds accordingly.