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April 23, 2019

Recent Attack on Kemal Kilicdaroglu

I am proud to be a Turk and I am very proud to be a Turkish-American. But like so many other Turks I have many problems with US foreign policies, particularly where Turkey is concerned.

The most recent example came just days ago when the Turkish opposition party leader (opposition to the current president Erdogan), Kemal Kilictaroglu, was shamelessly attacked while attending the funeral of a Turkish soldier. Kilictaroglu represents the party that our founding father, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, began.

Why did this attack happen? I will try to explain.

Turkey is a democratic country and has been a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization since 1952. Turkey was allowed to join NATO because it sent 5000 troops to fight in the Korean War as part of the containment program.

Currently Turkey is in between two major powers - the West which is comprised of the US and Europe and the East which is comprised of Russia and China. Whichever power wins Turkey will be the world leader of the 21st Century.

I mean that literally.

Turkey has supposedly been an ally to the US and Europe for over six decades. However, this is on the surface only. In actuality the West and its allies see Turkey as its number one enemy. Oddly enough the Turks feel the same way- the US and its European allies are the number one enemy of Turkey.

Turkey’s Western allies don’t really want Turkey to be a secular democratic country. They want Turkey to be a light Islamic country ruled by one man so that he can easily be manipulated, just as Saudi Arabia and Egypt are.

The fact that the US is the number one enemy of Turkey is no longer being hidden. The foreign policy makers of the US are now saying it openly.

Here is the mistake that the US is making. They are mistaking the Turks as Arabs. Whenever they have a chance they try and work to the detriment of Turkey and at the same time humiliate the Turks. Here is a partial list since Turkey joined NATO.

1-When the Turkish Prime Minister wanted to develop Turkey’s infrastructure and asked the US for a loan to do so, the US refused. In contrast the Soviets agreed to loan 500 million dollars to Turkey. What followed was the 1960 coup financed and executed by the CIA.

2- In 1964 the Greeks killed all the minority groups in Cyprus. In response Turkey took action and bombed Cypruss. President Johnson sent a nasty letter to Turkish Prime Minister threatening that if Turkey used NATO weapons the US would not protect Turkey from a Soviet threat.

3- In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus and sliced the island protecting Cypriot Turks. The US imposed an arms embargo.

4- In 1980 another coup was organized by the CIA and in response the Turkish military took over.

5- In 1990 America invaded Iraq. Turkey was reluctant but could not stop the US aggression or the invasion.

6- In 1992 during NATO drills in the Aegean Sea, US naval forces deliberately shot and sunk a Turkish naval ship with five high ranking officers lost. US leaders apologized, but the fact remains it was done deliberately. After twenty years in court US politicians finally accepted the wrong-doing and compensated for the damage. A true example of how on the surface the US appears to be a friend, but in reality is a deadly enemy of Turkey.

7- The second Iraq invasion took place in 2001. Turkey refused to allow 80,000 US troops to pass through its land to reach Iraq. What followed was the deliberate humiliation of Turkish Special Forces who were taken in Rambo style on July 4, 2004.

8- In 2015 came another attempted coup financed and orchestrated by the CIA.

9- For the past sixty years the US has never opened its commercial market to Turkey. In contrast Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan all have benefited from US open markets.

In the meantime it is a well-known fact that if Russia, Turkey, and China become allies, it will be the new power structure of the world. Is it any wonder that Turkey has better relations with Russia? The Russians built a steel factory in Turkey. The Russians are now building a nuclear power plant in Turkey. Furthermore Turkey purchased the Russian S-400 air defense system when the US refused.

And now the US is threatening to refuse delivery of the F-35s to Turkey despite the fact that Turkey is not only a customer but a partner. Turkey has alternatives. If the F-35s are not delivered Turkey plans to take it to the international court. Whether it gets the desired results or not it will damage the US credibility in the world.

Finally, all the disturbances in Turkey right now are a direct result of its internal enemies who are being directed by the CIA and Mossad to destabilize Turkey. This includes the attack on Kemal Kilictaroglu.

It is just a shame that the US Deep State has mistaken the Turks for just another nation they can manipulate to their liking. They have forgotten that the Turks have more than 1000 years of civilization. They have formed sixteen empires in their history and the last one, the Ottoman Empire lasted 622 years.

How long will the US last?