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May 28, 2019

I despise the current state of politics in Turkey

I despise the current state of politics in Turkey.

The leaders of all the parties should resign. For that matter I think Recep Tayyup Erdogan should resign as well.

Why aren’t Turkish leaders grooming the younger up and coming politicians to become the future leaders? The ones who have potential, intelligence, and deserve to lead?

What is with this mentality that they should remain in their leadership seats forever?  

For instance, the leader of MHP is occupying the leadership role as if he had been assigned to be the leader of MHP for life. Or, Erdogan? He is terrified of losing his seat and his power. Or, the CHP leader Kemal Kilictaroglu? Please step aside and give the up and coming politicians a chance.

Let Turkey have an opportunity to be managed by younger blood.
Perhaps a law needs to be added to the Turkish Constitution that a leader should not serve more than two terms or a total of 8 years. Term limits for all.

I have never voted for AKP and do not agree with Erdogan. However when it comes to Turkey’s foreign policy matters everyone should support whoever is the leader.

What I want to emphasize is that the opposition parties are silent when it comes to foreign policy matters. I want to know where the CHP and IYI parties stand regarding the purchase of the S-400 missile defense system. S-400s is an important defense system for Turkey. Why aren’t you standing with the ruling party? I despise the way the leftist party leaders are silent.

This is not Erdogan’s agenda. It is Turkey’s agenda. This clearly Turkey’s foreign policy issue and an extremely important one.

I am also writing this article regarding my disgust over the activities during the recent anniversary of Ataturk’s Samsun visit. Ataturk’s speech in Samsun, along with his expelling the British forces from Anatolia, symbolized Turkey’s freedom from imperialism. It means that Turkey is an independent country and is now a member of NATO.

But even though Turkey is independent it cannot make its own decisions to defend its 82 million people? It has to bow to the other side of Atlantic?

Visiting Anitkabir, Ataturk’s Mausoleum, chanting heroic songs, and wearing Ataturk’s emblem are easy, but it does not make you a true follower of Ataturk’s light. It does not mean you understand what Ataturk stands for. It does not mean you understand what Ataturk’s Samsun speech meant.

It meant for Turkey not to bow to foreign powers.

It is time to speak up. If not then Turkey becomes weak and will have to bow down to US. Just as it did when the Pentagon pressured Turkey not to produce a missile defense system with China. Just as it did when the US refused to sell Turkey the Patriot missile system.

The opposition leaders need to learn to LEAD and support the government’s foreign policies.

LEAD, FOLLOW, or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY. (Iacocca, CEO of Chrysler)