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August 20, 2019

Erdogan Preparing to Resign from AKP Party Leadership

Erdogan Preparing to Resign from AKP Party Leadership

Translated by Behcet Kaya
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Those who are considered to be up for the AKP leadership role are the following:
Suleyman Soylu
Bilal Erdogan (Erdogan’s son)
Barat Albayrak (Erdogan’s son-in-law)

But it is not that simple. AKP is divided into different power factions. What I am going to explain will probably anger certain members of the AKP, but I advise them to quietly and carefully listen. As of now AKP is divided and certain members have defected to form another Party. Here the members are questioning what transpired in AKP, i.e. the loss of the recent mayoral elections in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and other major densely populated cities.

We need to analyze what took place and when and why this happened. Let’s put this into a time tunnel:

We start with 2002. How did the new AKP Party win the majority of the elections? This was the subject of which many people talked about. AKP in 2002 was the hope of the masses because it represented the underdog and AKP presented an image of being everyone’s party. The people of Turkey were fed up with corruption in the government, the other coalition, and other failed parties. AKP was following the European Union’s criteria to take Turkey in to be a member of the union. This was the right path for Turkey and that is what the people wanted. In short, people voted for AKP and for the good reason.

Now in the second time tunnel it is 2017 and there is the referendum. Here you might criticize the logic. In the referendum AKP again won the majority to change the country’s democratic system to a presidential system. The reason Erdogan wanted a referendum was to take more power. Here I make the call that AKP is poisoned with power. In the referendum of 2017 AKP chose the autocratic regime rather than a parliamentary system. The autocratic regime is the power system; taking over all the powers in the constitution.

I say this because we have seen this poisoning many times in history. For example, consider Germany’s Hitler, Italy’s Mussolini, and Russia’s Stalin.

AKP came to power by the majority. It had a majority in the parliament. It passed every bill AKP wanted. The only difference was that the bills were debated in the parliament. In the parliamentary system AKP was winning and time after time it was securing a majority in the elections.

What happened was that AKP wanted an autocratic dream. They wanted more power. But for what?

Having won the referendum, i.e. the presidential system, AKP did away with the parliament. Members are now appointed not elected. In other words- nepotism. Qualified members are not appointed to the correct posts. Instead cronies who are not qualified are appointed to the important posts: Ministry of Defense, Interior Ministry, Gendarme and polis law enforcement leadership, Supreme Court judges, and education posts.

The only elected official is the president. Even the vice-president and advisors are not elected. In other words if something happens to the president or if the president is away overseas who decides or takes over and governs?

It should be elected people not un-elected appointed people. Where is the sovereignty of the country? Not only that, the president can also be the leader of his own party. Nowhere in the world in a presidential system is a president the leader of the party he was elected from.

Since the referendum the economy has started to sink. The military system has worsened. In other words, people with money can pay their military service and the poor sons of this country who cannot afford to pay to get out of their military service are killed in the line of duty.

The promised words of the president to send the Syrian refugees back to their homeland was not heeded. The refugee numbers have increased to six million. On top of that the refugees go to Syria for vacation.

Where in the world does a refugee go back to where he came from for his vacation?

To meet the European criteria for entrance into the EU, law were to be changed. But the laws have been held as is and the relationship with Europe has worsened. More and more the Republic of Turkey is headed towards becoming a third world country. The trust in the justice system is totally gone and therefore the badly needed foreign investment has stopped.

The supposedly independent leader of the central bank was fired by the president. In other words the country is being ruled by one man- the Sultan. In order to save the economy the judicial system must be trusted. But there is no justice and therefore there is no trust for foreigners to invest. In any country or any party if there is no strong justice system there is no way to save the economy.

Now AKP is selling all the government owned industries to save the economy. Not only that, it is selling them cheaply and to its cronies. It is total mismanagement.

Let’s consider the economy as a building. There are strong buildings that can withstand any kind of stress such as earthquakes. Then there are buildings with weak foundations. In the event of an earthquake, in the buildings with weak foundations, the walls will crack and in some cases the buildings will be destroyed. But the well-built structures with strong foundations will stand any such unexpected disasters. The foundations of an economy are the strong judicial systems and the democracy.

Why did we come to this point?

Why was an independent central bank CEO easily fired by an autocratic president? Why are the people who run the country not elected people?
What we see here is that this referendum did not help the country or AKP. Both have been damaged because of the presidential system and the mismanagement of AKP.

Turkey’s international image has been degraded.

There is no need to repeat the above paragraphs. AKP party members already know that there is no way to get re-elected even by the small 50-plus-one rule. The people who build themselves a castle actually build their own graves. Erdogan dug his own grave and the country is in a grave situation.

Who do we blame?

Erdogan. He is the one who has ruled for the last 17 years. If any leader does not realize when to stop his term, then he will go further and can’t save himself from destruction. That is why in the U.S. there are term limits for the president - no more than two terms.

A good example of Erdogan’s mistakes became quite clear with the recent mayoral elections in Istanbul. The opposition party won with thirteen- thousand votes but Erdogan did not accept the results and claimed it was a fraud. His party’s mayor was accepted as the winner.

In the second election the opposition party leader won with an eighty-thousand vote majority. Even Erdogan’s mouth piece media warned him not to challenge the winning of the opposition. In response, the people who warned Erdogan not to challenge the winning party were fired.

Nobody urged AKP to allow in six million Syrian refugees, but AKP wanted their votes in the election. Isn’t it ironic how similar it is here in the U.S.? The leftists are doing the same thing by protecting the illegals entering from the Southern border.

So those who are poisoned with power make all the wrong choices for themselves. People did not ask AKP for a referendum to change the system. Erdogan’s autocratic ambition has destroyed his party and the country.
There is no turning back. Erdogan and his AKP party have been in power for the last 17 years and all the problems have been created by then. Not only won’t they accept the mistakes they have made, but Erdogan tries to blame western powers.

Ultimately Erdogan is no longer. The sooner the power changes the better for Turkey.