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September 15, 2020

An Audio Article by Ibrahim Karagul Translated by Behcet Kaya


An Audio Article by Ibrahim Karagul Translated by Behcet Kaya

Nations of Arab and Arabic people- you must stop Muhammed bin Zayet and Muhammed bin Salman; two puppets of the U.S. and Israel who are declaring war with Turkey.

Nations of Arab and Arabic people- will your conscience allow your geography and Arab futures to be offered for the advantage of Israel and the U.S. by Muhammed Bin Zayet and Muhammed Bin Salman?

Nations of Arab and Arabic people- are you ready to surrender your freedom, be colonized by, and be under Israel and U.S. rules?

The puppet governments of the UAE and Saudi Arabia are working toward a scheme and setting a trap to execute a plan for the U.S. and Israel’s colonialism over Arab geography and the 21st century New World Order. Are you ready for that?

Arab Nations and Arabic people- are you going to digest the plans of the U.S. and Israel to divide, control, and create new civil wars in Arab nations from Persia to Morocco?

Arab Nations and Arabic people- are you going to allow yourselves to be belittled, played by your Arab sense of self-respect, honor, and welcome, in order to sell Jerusalem to Israel and to make deals to sell Mecca?

Arab Nations and Arabic people - are you going to allow the looting and plundering of the wealth of Arab natural resources to the U.S., Israel, and the EU?

Are you going to allow western oil companies to loot and plunder Arab oil and natural gas? Are you going to allow your leaders to sell this wealth to the West in order to stay in power and continue to rule? Are your self-respect, honor and conscience going to allow that to happen?

Arab Nations and Arabic people- are you going to tolerate and endure the secretive selling of Jerusalem to Israel and the making of Jerusalem Israel’s capital? Are you going to tolerate and endure the annihilation of Palestine? Are you going to tolerate Israel’s to plan to have the leaders of Palestine assassinated by the UAE?

Arab Nations and Arab people- are you going to finally realize the secret plans and deals of Mecca and Medina? Are you going to finally realize that Islamic religious secrets are made toys and traps by Westerners put together by Muhammed Bin Zayet?

Do the Arab people realize that a hundred years ago Jerusalem was sold to the UK by traitors? Do the Arab people realize that today Jerusalem was given to Israel and Arabs will not be able to protect Mecca and Medina? 

Why is it that civil wars always happen in Arab nations? Who wants the sectarian wars between the Sunni and the Shia sects?

Arab Nations and Arabic people- why has war taken place on Arab lands since 1991? Why are Arab countries divided? Why do Arab countries lose wars? Why are Arab nations looted?

From the Iraq/Iran border all the way to Libya Arab nations are divided and having continuous civil wars. Why don’t Arab people see that this is due to Arab leaders’ wrong policies? Policies designed by Muhammed Bin Zayet?

Arab people- under the guidance of the UAE the plans are to control Arab nations and people, create Sunni/Shia wars, and support PKK/YPG Deash terror organizations for the benefit of the U.S. and Israel. Why can’t you see that?

Arab people- under the guidance of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the two puppets of Israel, the U.S. and the EU intend to redesign the future of Arab peoples by controlling, dividing, and managing Arab nations for the benefit of Western nations and Israel for the 21st century. Why can’t you see that?

Arab people- open your eyes and protect your Arab self-respect and honor. The UAE’s design is to control and stop Arabs from waking to the 21st Century. Don’t you see what is happening? 

Muhammed Bin Zayet declared war on Turkey and the UAE intends to silence Arab people, to subdue Arab people, and to have them kneel down. There will be no Arab advancement. Arab people, do you not see what is happening in the world?

Muhammed Bin Zayet partners with the enemies of Turkey and supplies them with finance and weapons. Arab people, stop this man. 

Whoever Turkey has issues with the UAE takes the opposite side of Turkey. Armenia attacked Azerbaijan and the UAE sided with Armenia. Greece is have problems with Turkey and the UAE sides with Greece. The UAE becomes President Macron’s spokesperson. 

UAE is conducting ugly attacks on Turkey in the Middle Eastern geography. The UAE leads all Arab nations in war against Turkey.

The UAE provokes the Western world to attack Turkey. The UAE spends billions on provoking news and provoking publicity against Turkey. Are Arab people agreeing with Muhammed Bin Zayet? Are you going to stop this traitor of Arab people?

The UAE is attempting to start a crusader war with Turkey. Turkey has been in a political war with the Western world for almost 700 years. Turkey will continue to be at war with the Western world. Arab nations, why are you so silent against your traitor Muhammed Bin Zayet?

Arab Nations- understand this. Turks are your friend and Turkey is waiting patiently for Arab people to wake up and stand on their own two feet and not submit to the Western world and Israel. 

Although there are wars planned against Turkey, the real destruction is for the Arab nations. The Western world plans to annihilate Arab nations. From now on the Western world and Israel plan to escalate wars in Arab lands to divide and control for the Jews Promised Land.

These plans include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, and Algeria. The king of the UAE, Muhammed Bin Zayet, invites the war on Arab lands and is preparing the geography for this war and to destroy all Arab people. Are you going to let this happen? 

When Israel attacks Palestine and the UAE stands with Israel, are you the Arab people standing with Muhammed Bin Zayet? What is the purpose of Arab people to destroy their own people?


September 10, 2020

The Danger of War in the Eastern Mediterranean is Escalating Between Turkey and Greece



Why are these two NATO allies at each other’s throat?

The answer is simple- hydrocarbon reserves underneath the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The answer is complicated – a few months ago during Pentagon discussions it was decided to have these two NATO members go to war. For reasons not known to the public, the U.S. would benefit from a conflict between two NATO members.

For Turkey it is simple. They are trying to explore natural gas and petroleum reserves in the internationally and lawfully recognized waters on its seashore. This is the same area that Greece claims is theirs.

How can Greece claim it belongs to them? Here is how.

There is an island off the coast of Turkey called Meis Island. Its distance from the Turkish coastline is 2.4 kilometers (1.49 miles). Meis Island is 578 miles from Greece’s coast line. The island is about 10 square kilometers and Greece is claiming 40,000 square kilometers of maritime jurisdiction for just a 10 kilometer square island.

There are many examples of international court rulings in similar matters. One of which involved the channel islands of the coast of France that belongs to the UK. The international court ruled that islands have some maritime area surrounding them but any mainland has 200 miles of offshore maritime jurisdiction.

Turkey is currently doing seismic exploration in the hotly contested area. Greece is harassing their ships. Why? Greece knows that if it takes Turkey to international court it will lose.

So what happened? France showed up to support Greece which escalated tensions in the area. Their hope was that Turkish warships would shoot at one of the Greek ships or war planes which would get the UN involved bringing Turkey into negotiations.

Who else is behind all of this? The U.S., France, EU, UAE, Israel, and Southern Cyprus. We can include Egypt as well.

Greece has no business in the Eastern Mediterranean because it has no coastline. The problem started when Israel, Southern Cyprus, Greece, and Egypt decided they are going to take all of the hydrocarbon out of the Mediterranean and completely exclude Turkey who has a longer shoreline than any of these countries.

Turkey counter-acts by making a deal with Libya which combines both Turkey’s maritime jurisdiction with Libya’s maritime jurisdiction effectively excluding everyone else from that area.

Here are the violations Greece has committed to date-

1- Greece has six miles of maritime jurisdiction in the Aegean Sea but it claims ten miles of air space. This is a ridiculous claim as there is no international law to support this.

2- Greece claims the entire Aegean Sea is theirs. Again a ridiculous claim.

3- Greece has committed human rights violations with its treatment of Turkish Muslim minorities in Western Thrace.

4- Greece is responsible for the deaths of many migrants who have attempted to cross the Aegean Sea. How? Greeks simply shoot the migrants trying to cross their territory.

5- Greece allows the PKK and FETO terrorists to reside in Greece.

6- Greece has enormous economic problems such that they cannot repay their debt to Germany until 2060. It’s no wonder that the EU is tired of Greece’s burden on Europe.

Interestingly when Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State he said whenever he went to Athens the Greeks were always complaining to him about the Turks. When he went to Ankara the Turks never mentioned any complaints against the Greeks.

So what do the Greeks continue to do even today? They go around the world and complain and tell tall lies about Turkey. Frankly Americans are tired of the Greeks and the Europeans are tired of the Greeks. But the EU and the U.S. use the Greeks whenever they have issues with Turkey.

Neither the EU nor the U.S. want Turkey to become more economically powerful. Why? Because if Turkey finds natural gas and petroleum in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea it will pay all its foreign debts and become both economically independent and an economic powerhouse.

Behcet Kaya