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October 24, 2020

Update on Nagorno Karabag


Today’s war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is unfortunately the result of global powers. When we look into Nagorno Karabag we must include other areas. Yes! Armenia has occupied Azerbaijani lands for 27 years and Azerbaijan is just trying to free its occupied lands.

But this is how it looks. Behind the curtains is this. This conflict is orchestrated by Russia but the game the Russians played has turned against Russia. Russia wants both Armenia and Azerbaijan to be in conflict so that it can manage both sides. What Armenia and Russia did not calculate is that Azerbaijan’s military has been modernized and taught by Turkey for the last 25 years. Therefore the Azerbaijan military along with Turkish drones has made it a superior military force. On the other hand, the Armenian military is still using the old Soviet Union mentality and Russian upgraded Soviet military hardware.

Let’s talk about the U.S. Just where does the U.S. fit in? First of all, the U.S. no longer considers Turkey a U.S. strategic partner. The U.S. has started partnering with Eastern European nations through NATO; including Bulgaria, Romania, and Czechoslovakia, which are all members of NATO.

So what does the U.S. want? To bring conflict in the Black Sea region. Because the Black Sea region was settled during Soviet times, there is no conflict between the Black Sea consortiums. The maritime border between Russia and Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and Georgia in Black Sea was settled.

Why is the U.S. angry with Turkey? Because the U.S. needs Turkey, but also wants to control Turkey and is not managing either. The U.S. does not want Turkey to partner with Russia, China, and Iran. So the U.S. already bought ports in Greece including the one in DEDE Agac on the Turkish-Greek border.

The purpose is to control Turkey and Russia. However, the problem is that Turkey bought Russian-made S-400 and that is a problem for the U.S. Ironically, Turkey tested their S-400 last week at the same time Greece tested their Russian-made S-300 system.

How is it then the U.S. looks the other way when Greece tests its S-300 system but is uncomfortable with Turkey testing its Russian-made system? Double standard. The U.S. does not want Turkey be strong and prosperous; it wants Turkey to be just like the Arab Nations so that it controls and secures Israel.

Back to Armenia. Pashinyon is supported by SOROS and the Armenian Diaspora in the U.S. Now Armenia is losing and its armed forces chain of command is broken. Its solders are in retreat. Even the Armenian defense minister in his press conference admitted he does not know the number of soldiers who have died or been captured by the Azerbaijan military.

Pashinyon tries hard to spread conflicts to Turkey and Russia by firing ballistic missiles into Azerbaijan’s populated cities including one in the Nahcivan area. Nahcivan is an Ozark province where Turkey and Russia hold security guarantees.

Putin and even the Armenians want Pashinyon to go. Pashinyon is supported by the nationalists and Armenian Diaspora both in the U.S. and in France. There is also a strong Armenian Diaspora in Russia as well. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is an Armenian as well as high-ranking official in Russia.

Pashinyon continues to blame Turkey and frequently fires ballistic missiles into Nahcivan and into the Azerbaijan civilian population. Mind you, this is a war crime and he will be brought to justice by the International War Crimes committee just like the Serbian leader was. If Pashinyon succeeds in bringing Russia and Turkey into this war then stakes are much higher.