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November 27, 2020

Confrontation in the Mediterranean by Behcet Kaya


Last Sunday a German frigate warship stopped a Turkish cargo ship in the Eastern Mediterranean and searched the ship suspecting it was carrying weapons to Libya. That was the excuse. What they found was the cargo ship was carrying paint and food to Libya.

The German warship was commanded by a Greek Colonel, four American officers, one French officer, and German personal. The Greek commander ordered the commandos to search the ship without obeying the Maritime laws. They pushed the cargo ship personnel, handcuffed the captain, and conducted their search. They held the ship for sixteen hours and they did not find any weapons. Then, as if nothing had happened, they left the ship.

This was similar to the way U.S. commandos put hoods on Turkish Special Forces in Suleymania, Iraq back in 2003. Turkey will answer to this injustice done to its Turkish cargo carrying ship, but I want to talk about what the message is that they were trying to pass on. 

We start a week ago when Secretary of State Pompeo visited seven countries including Turkey. Pompeo first visited France and Germany, then visited Istanbul, Turkey, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Pompeo did not bother to contact any Turkish government officials. Instead he met with Bartelome, a religious leader in Istanbul.

Pompeo is the U.S. shadow leader; just as Cheney ran U.S. foreign policy under George W. Bush. Pompeo openly said that he was uncomfortable with Turkey’s military strength since Turkish Armed Forces successes in Libya, Suriye, Iraq and lastly in Nagorno Karabakh, Azerbaijan. 

So what was the message Pompeo and Germany were passing out? It has to do with the U.S. elections. Markel and many European leaders congratulated Biden in his winning the elections. Markel is happy that Biden has been elected president of the U.S. Many Europeans, especially Markel, were unhappy with Trump.

It is important to mention here that when Pompeo was traveling to the Middle East, Biden’s men were there with him. The message was that from now on Turkey has to deal with Europe meaning Germany. This is the message.

Why? Because Biden’s leadership is not going to follow Trump’s foreign policy. And when it comes to the Middle East, Biden’s foreign policy will be harsher than Trump’s. 

The U.S. has serious problems with China. How Biden handles China will be different than Trump. In order to handle China, the U.S. needs the EU and therefore gave the problem of Turkey to Germany.

Biden already said while campaigning that he wants to overthrow Erdogan. The way he wants to do that is by helping the opposition party leaders in Turkey. Erdogan is a problem to the U.S. and the EU. Biden wants to not only overthrow Erdogan, but to change Turkey to parliamentary system which is what the opposition leaders want in Turkey.

So whether or not a Greek Colonel ordered the search of the Turkish cargo ship is not important. This was out-right harassment to Turkey since the German ship had French, American, Italian, and Greek officers onboard.

The message was clear that under Biden’s leadership the EU and the U.S. together will stop Turkish advancement in Libya and Middle East, and prevent making the Mediterranean a Turkish lake. It may also indicate a test on how Turkey is going to respond, because the German frigate and the officers knew they were violating maritime laws.