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February 23, 2021

Biden Administration Pressure on Turkey- An opinion by Behcet Kaya


Now comes the latest tragedy- the slaughter of sixteen Turkish Nationals civilians and military personnel the by PKK in the province of GARA in Iraq. These sixteen individuals were captured by the PKK six years ago and kept prisoner in the caves of GARA Mountains. They were occasionally moved by PKK as the Turkish military squeezed the PKK in the northern Iraq operations.

This is a lesson for Turkey and sends a clear message from the Biden Administration.

How did the Biden Administration do it?

By giving false information to the Turks and setting a trap for the Turkish military. The Americans managed to guide the Turkish operation against the PKK in GARA Iraq, where the PKK considered themselves safe. Once the Turkish military cornered the PKK, they had no alternative but to slaughter all sixteen prisoners.

The PKK and YPG/DYP (latest name change of YPG) are all supported by the U.S. and some EU countries.

The Biden Administration considers Turkey the enemy of the U.S. and has just put Turkey in the same basket as China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. The U.S. openly declared these countries (China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea) must be dealt with through CATSA regulations, a bill passed by both houses and signed by the Trump Administration. CATSA severely punishes these countries by economic means. Now Turkey is a part of that punishment.

What does the U.S. want from Turkey?

It wants Turkey to stay in line with all the other NATO countries. In other words, do what I tell you or else I will hurt you badly. Already the U.S. has started surrounding Turkey with cowboy style tactics.

For example, recently a U.S. frigate passed through the Bosporus to the Black Sea on its way to conduct naval drills with Ukraine did not respect the red lights, essentially insulting the Turks.

These insults are multiplying. Another example is the U.S establishing a naval base in DEDE AGAC in northern Greece and conducting military drills with Greeks in Western Thrace, and in Cyprus with Cypriots. Another is the supplying of military weapons to the PKK in Norther Syria. And still another is establishing another military base north of the Euphrates River in Syria.

What the U.S. is saying to Turkey is I want you to do what I tell you to do or I will strangle you economically and militarily. I want you to accept the PKK and YPG. I want you to accept the fact that I will form a Kangaroo Kurdish country in northern Syria which will eventually become a Jewish State in order to realize the promised lands of Jews. A secret and powerful Jewish lobby in the U.S. is pushing the Biden Administration to do just that.

Furthermore, the latest Bosporus University student uprising as well as giving signals to the opposition parties to overthrow Erdogan are all part of the plan to divide Turkey and shape it according to the new Middle Eastern Project.

The earlier plan of the U.S. failed because of the Turkish interventions in Northern Syria. But the U.S. will not abandon its original plan to divide Turkey. It simply has gone on to the next plan. This will continue for a while until we see whether U.S. puppet government acting on behalf of Jews will be realized or not.

All of this political maneuvering by US and its EU allies does one thing. It is resulting in the Turks forming one opinion and uniting the Turks around growing anti-American feelings. So now what the U.S. is doing is exactly what the Brits did over one hundred years ago- divide Turkey by forcing Turks to become a federation with different ethnic groups; actually wanting to send the Turks back to where they came from in Central Asia.

I have one thing to suggest to the Turks- consider looking back into history during the 1912 to 1923 period. Today history is repeating itself so much so that what is happening is exactly what happened over one hundred years ago. The only difference is hundred years ago it was the British who were enemy number one for Turks. Now it is the U.S.

There are unbelievable similarities. For example, in 1909 the Ottoman government bought two warships from England and paid for them. But after completing the project, England refused to turn over the warships to the Ottoman Turks. It is the exact same scenario today with the F-35 fighter planes for which Turkey paid billions to the U.S. and now the U.S. refuses not only turn over the planes but also refuses to give back the already paid billions of dollars.

The excuse the British gave a hundred years ago was that the Ottoman Turks were allied with Germany. The excuse the U.S. is giving today is that Turkey bought the S-400 defense system from Russia.

Because the U.S. continues its plans to divide Turkey into little pieces, the S-400 would become a dangerous weapon for America when the time comes to invade Turkey. And invade it will…