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February 10, 2021

Uighur Turks- An opinion by Behcet Kaya

As I visit my homeland Turkey, I am encountering strong opinions about the current Erdogan government’s political view of Eastern Turkistan (homelands of Uighur Turks). According to Turkish public opinion, including my fiercely opinionated sister, the Erdogan government is silent about our Turkish ancestral brothers, the Uighur Turks.


Because Turkey trades with China and therefore Erdogan keeps quiet.

The West i.e, the U.S. and most of Europe are together on this, although not all Europeans agree with the U.S. trying to recognize what China is doing to Uighur Turks as genocide. In addition, Prime Minister Boris Yeltsin disagrees with rest of the Europeans saying genocide is an international court issue.

I am going to first analyze the Uighur Turks situation and then I will give my opinion.

What the West has put out about the Uighur Turks is mostly correct. China has been assimilating Uighur Turks for a while now. What China is doing is this- China is slowly converting Uighur Turks to the Chinese race.

How do they doing it?

China, with the Globalists urging, is becoming a digitalized nation. Along with this, China’s policy is to declare Uighur Turks as rebellious Turks and designate them as terrorists. They have been successful with the thousands of Uighur Turks living in Idlip, Syria. They can’t go back to their Uighur homeland and no nation, including Turkey, will accept them because they were part of the fighting group Daesh involved in the Syrian conflict. 

This is China’s long term policy. Those who rebel against the Chinese government are expelled from tightly controlled Eastern Turkistan. In addition, Uighur Turk men are being taken to Chinese labor camps. They are being replaced by Chinese nationals with the goal of fathering more Chinese children.

What about the Chinese law, the one child program?

It does not apply to the Uighur Turks. In fact the population in Eastern Turkistan has increased by 20 percent to about 45 million Uighurs. Because they are Muslim, the CCP is forcing these Turks to convert to Chinese Deism, Buddhism.

There is actual proof of this. Those who have managed to escape tell their stories.

In addition, the Chinese are destroying the family structure in East Turkistan by announcing to the world that they, the CCP, intend to take the children with promises of higher education and positions in the military and judicial systems.

Now the U.S. and Europe want to do declare in the UN that China is committing genocide on Uighur Turks. Although the Wests intends to make the claim, many Europeans main aim is not to protect the Uighur people, but to stop Chinese Silk Road project. Eastern Turkistan is China’s western gate to the world; the other gate is through Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Can Erdogan continue to be silent about our Uighur brothers?

No. There are now many demonstrations in Turkey about the Uighur situation which, by the way, are being provoked by the CIA and Turkish nationals.

So, what should Erdogan do?

In my opinion, Erdogan should declare the third bridge over the Bosporus in Istanbul as not profitable and declare that he is going to dismantle it. He should not actually do it, but declare to do. Mind you, this bridge is too expensive with the toll charges to use it. And it is being financed by the Globalists for China’s Silk Road. Without the bridge there will be no crossing to Europe.

Although there are rumors circulating on the internet that the Silk Road can go through Russia bypassing the Bosporus Bridge, if that is done the Silk Road loses a number of Middle Eastern countries. If they use the bridge they can also include Russian trade. The Chinese Silk Road is a trade tool to the world.

China will never abandon its expansionist plans if it sees it can do it. Already China and neighboring countries along with the U.S. are in conflict in the South China Sea. In addition, China does not recognize Thailand as independent, but claims Thailand is a part of China.

Now, if Erdogan declares to the world he is going to dismantle the Bosporus Bridge, he will have the ace card in his hand to negotiate with China. He can say to China that they must leave the Uighur Turks alone. That makes it a win-win situation to both sides.

That is the only way to deal with China.