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March 28, 2021

An Opinion on the Fraudulent President Currently in Office by Nancy Webster Kaya

  • How long has beijjing biden been in office (albeit fraudulently)? Nine weeks? It seems more like an eternity. But the damage he’s done so far in that short time is mind boggling. The damage yet to come will surely finish destroying us as a nation, the greatest nation ever in existence.

    The “Great Reset’ has already begun.

    Is this really what any of you that voted for him thought you’d get? Or, did you vote merely because you believed the endless lies of the MSM, ‘orange man’ bad...the endless montage, ‘anyone is better than President Trump?’ Anything is better than ‘mean tweets.’

    Didn’t you realize last year that pedo joe has dementia and his mental acuity is in steep decline? Why else was he kept hidden and rarely had any campaign events?

    Didn’t you realize he was set up to run for obummer’s third term? Didn’t you realize that for eight long years obummer was dividing and destroying our country? And that killery was ‘guaranteed’ to win and finish off what obummer had started?

    Thank God Trump won. For four years we had a reprieve from the globalists takeover and the ‘Great Reset.’ A chance to see how great our country could be. Roaring economy, highest sock market in our history, energy independence, record low unemployment, record new businesses started, secure borders, fair trade agreements, and respect from our adversaries.

    Then Covid...

    Don’t you know dementia joe is now merely a puppet for obummer, rice and the globalists? Don’t you realize all his EOs are written by obummer and rice at the direction of the globalists? How can you not see that when he speaks, gets all weepy sounding likes he cares about you, he is merely trying to read what obummer and the globalists have prepared for him?

    Why did it take over 60 days for joe’s first presser, which ended up being an embarrassment and disaster? And don’t forget, the entire world was watching that disaster.

    Don’t you know how dangerous it is to be seen as weak in the eyes of our enemies? China, North Korea, and Iran are standing in the wings, salivating, ready to pounce.

    Don’t you understand the gravity of the chaos at our southern border due to biden undoing every protection President Trump had put in place? Because if that undoing, child trafficking and drug trafficking are at dangerous highs, and illegals are being dumped in cities and towns across the country with no warning, many ill with Covid.

    I am heart sick as I write this. Along with me, half the country is against everything biden stands for. We don’t want what you want. We don’t want open borders, our Constitution desecrated, our rights being taken away, the US being dependent again on foreign oil, our conservative voices taken away, our children indoctrinated into hating their country, brainwashed into thinking they can change their sex on a whim, our taxes raised so high that many of us will not survive.

    I am just one person. But I will continue to watch, listen, evaluate, research and voice my thoughts until there is nothing left.