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April 4, 2021

Article from 'The American Way' on Biden/Kerry and China - posted by Nancy Webster Kaya

China Awaited For The Illegitimate Return of Biden & Kerry To Solidify Lucrative Sales of American Small Towns and Her Founding Principles

China Awaited For The Illegitimate Return of Biden & Kerry To Solidify Lucrative Sales of American Small Towns and Her Founding Principles.

The sale of America conducted in the backrooms of the Chinese Communist Party came at a high price for American workers. What was the price?

The secret, lucrative high-stake deals in the Chinese Government’s private rooms reaped billions of dollars for Joe Biden, John Kerry, and their families. From the beginning of Obama’s administration in 2009, Joe Biden and John Kerry were positioned to negotiate sensitive deals with foreign governments that would strip the American worker and their small town to generate billions of dollars for themselves and their families. Many of these transactions can be traced in world capital markets.

With the reception of Hunter Biden’s hard drive, American workers can begin to understand the betrayal of the US government. Within the first thirty days of Biden’s administration, he signed an unprecedented number of executive orders that stripped American jobs and small towns, yet again, handing energy and manufacturing sectors back to China’s Government.

Dirty backroom deals with the Communist Party, during the Obama administration, gave favorable policy to the Chinese Government, while both Biden’s family and Kerry’s family became increasingly very rich. Hunter Biden was alongside his father from the start, and his LLC’s formed with Kerry’s step-son, Chris Heinz, secured access to the highest levels of China’s governmental entities, ones that sought to invest trillions of dollars of capital for world power. The two most powerful decision makers, Biden and Kerry, used consequential diplomatic missions for lucrative family deals, while China’s aggressive territorial claims advanced across the world.

These sensitive, diplomatic meetings and negotiations took place behind closed doors and privately enriched the necessary people to sweep and dominate the US. The Chinese bribery plan can be witnessed by driving through Michigan and Pennsylvania during Obama’s administration or during present day with Big Tech and the press controlling the information on a mass level, psychologically influencing the country and its elections with soft warfare.  

In swing states, Biden’s abnormal vote counts in the 2020 election surpassed Democratic senators who ran in the same states by almost 100,000 votes, a surprising finding considering the sale of these small towns in closed door deals with China’s Government during Obama’s administration.

With a Communist controlled press that suppresses American values and rewrites history to shrink minds and shape the future of this country, they have opted to cover Obama’s administration with a communist blanket that echoes ideology which pleases and serves the Communist Party. 

Joe Biden’s son is still a paid partner with the Chinese Government; a free press would naturally expose this information to the public, and would do so wildly if the last name was Trump. Americans expect the government to investigate presidential families and politicians equally. Unequal justice is corrupt and disturbing for the American people; Hunter Biden’s hard drive is available for the FBI to investigate. So while the government and the Communist Party create illusions with the media for the FBI to chase, Hunter’s hard drive is released to the public by Rudy Giuliani, a brave hero in modern times. President Trump remains the American leader and the Conservative movement has God, the rule of law, and the country’s founding principles as the foundation for our path in preserving this great nation.

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