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April 4, 2021

Biden’s Foreign Policy on Turkey by Behcet Kaya

A Reuter’s article yesterday indicates that President Erdogan is putting pressure on Biden. But Biden openly put Turkey on the enemy list and Congress does the same.

Let’s take a look at things under a microscope. Turkey and the U.S. are strategic partners. Besides that, Turkey is second in NATO. So, why is Turkey enemy number one?

It is not just Biden. All previous presidents follow the same foreign policy. The U.S. system guides presidents and it doesn’t matter who is president.

With this in mind, Biden sees Erdogan as an unruly leader. The fact is, it is Turkey who is unruly according to Biden and Erdogan IS Turkey. The U.S. behaved similarly with the previous Turkish leaders. The U.S. expects Turkey to obey just like other countries. But Turkey’s foreign policy today is now INDEPENDENT of the U.S.

In Erdogan’s recent UN speech he stated the world is bigger than five. He is referring to the five permanent UN countries that rule the world to their liking. Erdogan was saying he does not accept the fact that these five have nuclear weapons and Turkey does not. Clearly this makes the permanent leaders uncomfortable.

But Erdogan has demonstrated that he can sit down and agree on mutual interests. I.e. Erdogan cooperates with President Putin but disagrees on many other issues with Russia.

The foreign policy Biden is following is to be silent and surround Turkey with military bases. In doing so, he expects Turkish leaders to become uncomfortable and afraid of what might happen when they go against U.S. policy.

Unfortunately that is not happening. Actually it is the exact opposite. Biden and U.S. leaders are uncomfortable because they can’t control Turkey to their liking. And Erdogan is saying that in the 21st century Turks have a say so in world affairs.

Erdogan is following Ataturk’s principle, “Peace at home, peace in the world.” Let’s live peacefully. Let’s help each other. A uni-polar world is no longer valid. Now multi-polar powers will take place. 

Biden’s foreign policy also supports the terrorist PKK and YPG in Syria, supplying them with heavy weapons and even training them with the goal of forming an Israeli/Kurdish country on Israelis’ ‘promised lands.’ This plan takes lands from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. So far Turkey has stopped the plan. One of the Rockefellers stated that Ataturk postponed their Middle East plan 100 years.

That is the problem for Biden.

To put a factual background on all this-

In the 1950s Turkey’s Prime Minister Adnan Menderes asked the U.S. for a 500 million dollar loan to develop the country. U.S. leaders turned him down. Prime Minister Menderes then turned to the Soviet Union and Russian leaders agreed to loan 500 million dollars to Turkey. What happened next? Menderes was scheduled to go to Moscow, but the CIA orchestrated a coup with the Turkish military and Prime Minister Menderes was executed on trumped up charges.

Next came the 1964 uprising in Cyprus. Cypriot Greeks were ethnic cleansing Cypriot Turks. Mass killings were committed by the Cypriot EOKA. In retaliation, Turkish jets bombed Cyprus. Lyndon Johnson sent a rude letter to Prime Minister Inonu, telling him, “If you use American made jets to bomb Cyprus, I will not protect you from Soviet aggression.”

In 1974 the U.S. was unable to stop Turkey from invading Cyprus. Turkey’s goal was to protect the Turkish minority in Cyprus. Then came the U.S. arms embargo to Turkey with lasted until 1978.

In the 1980s, after the U.S. lifted the embargo, there was another disagreement and the CIA conducted a second coup in Turkey.

In 1990 the U.S. invaded Iraq, taking along Turkey. Turkey reluctantly joined, but always stressed the territorial integrity of Iraq. 

During the second Iraq war, Turkey did not permit U.S. troops to pass through Turkey to get to Iraq.

In other words, Turkish leaders were going along with U.S. in Iraq, but followed independent policy. 

For the last hundred years the U.S. has tried and failed to form a Kurdish country in the Middle East. They have failed because of Turkey.

The latest Syrian war, instigated by CIA/Mossad, was another effort to create the Greater Israeli promised lands. This, too, failed because of Turkey.

The most recent insult to the U.S. is Turkey buying the Russian-made air defense system, S-400.

Turkey has thrown a ‘fence over its head’ and is following an independent policy. This greatly disturbs the U.S. At the same time, Germany is trying to free itself from under American power. In addition, India is trying to buy the Russian air defense systems.

Turkey has become an example to the world in breaking free from U.S. influence and domination. And that is what Biden and other U.S. leaders are worried about. They no long have control over Turkey.