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April 25, 2021

The Armenian Genocide Tall Tale

My opinion on the Armenian genocide tall tale:

On Saturday, April 24, 2021, Biden became the first U.S. president to officially recognize the so-called massacre of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire as a genocide.

First, let’s begin with the fact that Biden is an illegitimate president and a puppet of the globalists. His party, along with the help of China, Russia, and Iran rigged the elections resulting in his coming to power. Biden is not my president and never will be. Trump is my president. With the Arizona forensic audit now underway, we will see what the future brings.

As to the Armenian genocide claim:

Many in academic and historian circles do know there was no Armenian genocide, but rather chaos and famine. Along with Armenians many Turkish Muslims died in WWI. Russians urged the Armenians to rise up against Ottoman Empire with promises of carving out a country for them. What happened? Armenians started decimating Turkish villages. Mass graves of Turkish citizens have been found in Erzurum, Van, Tunceli, and many other provinces. The Armenians did this to lower the number of Turks to show the world they had the majority in that area.

From an article in the NewStateman, October 23, 2007:

Contrary to the Armenian allegations, in fact, there is no consensus among the historians and legal experts to qualify the events of 1915 as “genocide”.

There is a legitimate historical controversy concerning the interpretation of the events in question and most of the scholars who have propounded a contra genocide viewpoint are of the highest calibre and repute, including Bernard Lewis, Stanford Shaw, David Fromkin, Justin McCarthy, Guenther Lewy, Norman Stone, Kamuran Gürün, Michael Gunter, Gilles Veinstein, Andrew Mango, Roderic Davidson, J.C. Hurwitz, William Batkay, Edward J. Erickson and Steven Katz.

On the legal aspect, the elements of the genocide crime are strictly defined and codified by the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Genocide, adopted by the General Assembly on 9 December 1948. However, Armenians, claiming that “the evidence is so overwhelming”, so far have failed to submit even one credible evidence of genocide.

And to offer further proof, a statement from F. Ozonur/TASFO TURKISH DIASPORA:

- It was NOT Armenian Genocide, it was an Armenian Rebellion which was organized by the Russian, British and French governments.

- Our ancestors didn't commit genocide on Armenians. They defended our motherland against the occupier Russians and Armenian bands.

- The documents of the so-called Armenian Genocide are fabricated lies.

- According to the US historian Justin McCarthy's academic research, the number of losses of Armenians was 600,000, NOT 1.5 million; moreover, they lost their lives because of starvation, disease, and Kurdish tribes attacks for revenge during the relocation.

- There is NOT one single piece of evidence to prove the so-called Armenian Genocide in the U.S. archives, but U.S. Admiral Mark Lambert Bristol's 33,000 pieces of paperwork in the Washington DC Congressional Library prove the Armenian atrocities against Turks, Kurds, and Jews.

- If the genocide really occurred, why doesn't the Armenian government open its archives to prove its allegations?

- Why does the western world ignore our more than 500,000 victims who were massacred by the Armenian bands in 1915? Aren't they human beings?

- If genocide was carried out on Armenians why did 600,000 Armenian immigrants from Syria return to their homes in Ottoman territories after WW I? Would you do that?

In his speech Biden offered both a carrot and the stick to Turkey by saying he does not blame Turkey for the genocide but Ottoman Turks. Well Mr. Biden, we Turks reject your opinion and you do not represent all Americans. And the people you represent should look in the mirror and remember the American Indians. 

The question remains, why did Biden recognize the Armenian genocide lie?

First, the Pentagon is having a hard time controlling Turkey and its frustration showed by declaring Armenian agenda. The US policymakers are frustrated. They are not used to today’s Turkish foreign policy. Turkish leaders are following an independent foreign policy that is independent of the U.S. and that is a problem for the Pentagon.


Turkey went into Libya and succeeded in turning the war against the big powers; that is the proxy war between the U.S., Russia, and Europe.

Turkey adamantly supported Azerbaijan and won the Karabag war; again a proxy war between the U.S, France, and Russia, resulting in a devastating loss for Armenia.

Turkey, by devastating the PKK which is a terror group supported by the U.S., France, and Europe, did not allow the U.S. to reach its plans in Syria.

Let’s look at some history:

The U.S. invaded and occupied Iraq through the lie that Iraq had WMD. Millions of people died. It was understood internationally it was a lie.

The U.S. created a civil war in Syria with the hope of forming a kangaroo Kurdish state. It was presented that way, but the real reason was to enlarge Israeli territory. Millions of people either died or were displaced.

Yes, Turkey is a problem for the U.S. and because of that the Pentagon has tried everything to topple President Erdogan. But, it is not Erdogan; it is Turkey’s independent foreign policy.

As the Armenians, they were used by the Russians for their purposes during WWI, and the Armenians are still being used by the U.S. today.

The U.S. knowingly allowed an Armenian terrorist free from jail who assassinated Turkish diplomats in 1984. And what about the fifty Turkish diplomats and their families who were assassinated by the terror group Armenian Asala?

Turks are aware of what is coming and are trying to stand up to the U.S while remaining within international laws, but fully expect a war between Turkey and the U.S. After all, why does the U.S. have more than twenty military bases in Greece, Syria, Iraq, Cyprus, and the Eastern Mediterranean? How many more will die in these proxy wars?

One fact remains, Turks will defeat the enemy, just as they did 100 years ago.