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May 31, 2021


The world is curiously waiting to see the results of the June 14 meeting in Brussels between Biden and Erdogan. Also, the June 16 meeting in London between Biden and Putin. Personally, I don’t expect that any fruitful decisions will come out of these meetings.

Why? The Pentagon expects to restore its hegemonic image in the world and wishes to have NATO still be the dominant force as it was in the cold war era with the containment of the USSR. Unfortunately, the 21st century world is already heading towards a multi-power system with China and Russia the threatening powers for the U.S.

The Pentagon also realizes the protection of Eastern Europe is not possible without Turkey.

Why? On its border with Russia, Poland has purchased and stored 24 Turkish-made drones equipped with Turkish armor (MUM-LE and others). The U.S. could tell Poland not to buy the Turkish-made drones, but hasn’t.

The world is also closely watching the success of Turkish drones in Libya, Azerbaijan, Iraq, and Syria. Turkey has also sold drones to Ukraine and Qatar. Now Hungary, another NATO member, is planning to buy Turkish-made drones.

This is an indication of the importance of NATO’s defense with Turkish-made drones.

Russia is a major treat to Eastern Europe. Russia also has a major problem with Ukraine, and has taken over Crimea, as well 25% of Georgian land.

In order to protect NATO’s eastern front, which includes Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey, the U.S. needs Turkey desperately. But the U.S. and Turkey are still locked down in disagreement on the S-400 missile system.

As stated above, the U.S. hasn’t raised an issue with Poland for buying the Turkish drones, and there is also a softening of U.S. policy towards Turkey. This was evident when the Philippines wanted to buy the Turkish attack helicopter instead of the U.S. made Apache helicopter. The Pentagon did not raise issues for the Philippines either, because the Philippines are in major disagreements with China.

Russia is putting pressure on Turkey not to sell drones to the Ukraine and Poland. Well Mr. Putin, when you sold your S-300 system to Southern Cyprus, Turkey threatened to go to war with Greece. If the Russian-made missiles are put in Southern Cyprus, the Russian made S-300s will finally be diverted to Crete and unused. 

So now a man by the name of Mr. Henry Barkey thinks he has solved the Turkish/US conflict. He is proposing that Turkey sell the S-400 to Qatar. Since Turkey has a base in Qatar, it is Turkish soil, and the thinking is that the Turkish partnership for the F-35 s will be reinstated.

Wow! How stupid Mr. Henry Barkey is. For the past 40 years the Pentagon has supported the PKK/YPG, and Fatiullah Gulen. As a result, over 40,000 of our Kurdish origin Turkish citizens have been killed by the PKK, and 300 Turkish citizens died in the July 15, 2016 coup. The U.S. is finally realizing that supporting the PKK terror organization is a big U.S. failure. Losing Turkey would be an even greater failure in this unstable world.

But, just who is this Henry Barkey? He officially works for the U.S. State Department but his real job is CIA connected as a CIA operative. He was one of the organizers of the July 15, 2016 coup in Turkey.

He was on an island in the Marmara Sea on the night the coup took place. He escaped by a helicopter to Greece when the coup failed. If it had been successful, he would have helped Fatiullah Gulen succeed in forming the puppet government in Turkey. Both Henry Barkey and Graham Fuller will be immediately and officially arrested if they step foot on Turkish soil.

During that coup, Turkish F16 fighter jets, piloted by FETO members of the Turkish Air Force, bombed the Turkish Parliament. They used KC-135 cargo planes from the NATO Incirlik Base in Adana to re-fuel the F-16 fighters in mid-air. Now do you see why Turks do not trust NATO anymore?

That is the reason Turkey bought the Russian-made S-400 air defense systems, because the Pentagon and the Europeans refused to sell Patriot missiles to Turkey. Now, the S-400s are a problem for the Pentagon. The U.S. refused to sell the F-35, despite the fact Turkey was a partner and pre-paid in full 1.4 billion for the F-35s.

As for the protection of NATO’s eastern front, Turkey WILL help defend Eastern Europe. This year Turkey has the NATO command. With more than 4000 Turkish troops in Romania for the NATO drills, Turkey will help defend Eastern Europe because of its historical relations. The Gagauz Turks live in Romania. People of Turkish origin live in Moldova. Besides that, the relationship with Poland goes way back to 1600s. The Ottomans never let Poland be gobbled up by German and Austrian Empires.